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May 2016 update

Australian television program Four Corners looks at Chinese and other foreign investing into their country in The great wall of money and a related look at the state of real estate in their nation.

December 2015 update

Annual cost of firearm death & injury to the US economy: 235 billion dollars.

I'm really chuffed that the pride of London, Tottenham Hotspur, are enjoying one of the brightest spotlights on English football these days as that young, up-n-coming team that can be great to watch these days and may be able to take advantage of a very unpredictable Premier league season so far.

"My name is love" Thai movie with English subtitles by Vietnamese co., re-add Jan 2016

Meanwhile the Japanese TV show "Takeshi's castle" that's been deleted so many times somehow manages to survive with uploads of numerous episodes floating around including one of their greatest hits episodes according to UK viewer's requests.

Of course some of the new links on The Quake turn into dead ones as stuff gets erased, but that's why every few months The Quake gets updated.
Sixty two people now control as much wealth as half the rest of the world combined  
Oxfam International, Jan 2016

These two programs however have remained remarkably resilient [at least at time of writing]:

West London "10", Liverpool "1", but not necessarily a score that reflects the quality of the respective uk tv offerings.

And although the UK's "Only fools & horses" always gets erased before too long, it's great that uploaders keep returning with "The Bill" so I can catch more episodes whenever time allows, which isn't frankly often.


...or lack thereof

A rare glimpse into what really goes on behind the secretive walls at Apple's Cupertino HQ as talented developers imported from around the globe prepare to unleash their latest gee-whiz MacBook on their unsuspecting customers.

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"To be alive and to know you're alive is the greatest miracle of all. Present moment breathing in, wonderful moment breathing out." -- thich nhat hanh

"Meditation is the key that unlocks your mind, permeating post-meditation with awareness. Wisdom arises from the still mind." -- bhante henepola gunaratana

"Mindful one breathes in. Mindful one breathes out." -- buddha

"You are not the victim of your thoughts. You are the originator of your thoughts." -- ajahn sujato

"With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." -- dalai lama

In 2012 a study in Israel showed that meditators were less inhibited by 'cognitive rigidity': in other words, they were more open to completely new solutions to problems.

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"There are many bold adventurous spirits, whose bodies hardly ever left the cell or hermitage, who have been accustomed to roam at will over the boundless ocean of eternity." -- GC Rawlinson


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