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happy new year 2014 [2557 thailand]
Happy Lunar New Year. Year of the Horse.

Fracking hell, it's 2014. Happy new year. Not so happy to see how far the BBC has fallen from grace with informercials posing as documentaries. Update: looks like the Beeb was so embarrassed by this travesty of reportage that they ordered it deleted. Because surely they don't think anybody wants to actually buy a copy, do they? [It's baaa-aack and now you can learn Spanish while watching it.-- Ed.]

This woman's too long last name Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele caused problems. Reminded me of quantum jump's lone ranger.

The war on "the war on drugs"
Current guardian article

Ex-cop on why to legalize drugs. Big forward steps in that direction thanks to two US states so far. "In these two states, Colorado and Washington, the sale and possession of marijuana is legal for both medical and non-medical use." [source: wikipedia]. I'm surprised progressive states like Oregon and our very own California are still holding the baby.

But such a long way to go to stop the madness of the phony war on drugs in the USA, Britain, and most other nations.

Yet now an entire nation moves in that direction starting April 2014. Major props to Uruguay and its current leader. Consumption of marijuana has been legal there since the 70's, but this goes to the next step where it becomes legal to supply. Indeed, the government plans to be a major player and of course the country benefits from the tax revenues.

Uruguay shows the way forward [guardian link] to ending the senseless drug wars [arizona daily star article]. Uruguay, the unsung country of south america?


Great to get access to lots of british tv programs these days via the net, and to watch UK tv live. Just wish there was more time to watch.

Also, from the US, finally started viewing breaking bad and the first three episodes or so are among the most absorbing and well made tv of all time.

Even though it would have been impossible to maintain that opening burst of brilliance for what is now multi seasons of programming, I'm well into the 2nd series and still find it unbeatable watching.

Battlefield: world war two documentaries which also ran on US public tv way back when.


An orange county, california woman who killed, dismembered and cooked her husband, then ate his body parts, told a parole board: "I am not a monster." Local newspaper reader terri b responded: "maybe he told her to make him dinner and she took it literally?"

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that a man in Britain who was asked to leave an all you can eat restaurant for "unacceptable behaviour" after eating five bowls of stir-fry, said he was accused of having a feeding frenzy.

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