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An amazingly enjoyable Women's World Cup and congratulations to the USA. Like England, it took a while for them to kick in, but when they did, the English coached Norteamericanas proved by far the best in the world.

Britain's imagination has finally been captured by the English women's team, who for the first time won a knockout stage match, but went further to the semi-finals and eventually picked up third spot by beating, also for the first time ever, Germany in a women's first XI national encounter.

It was the "Jills World Cup". USA women's world cup coach Jill Ellis, whose home town is Portsmouth in England, quelled any doubts that she had what it takes to lead the Americans to the top. And, arguably, England's most unsung hero was midfielder Jill Scott. She didn't score specatcular goals [or heart rending own goals for that matter!], but she impressed with her great vision, her tireless running, her distribution, and the sense of team spirit she helped imbue into the entire team.

Indeed, for both the USA and England, the most impressive aspect was the unity they showed. One for all, all for one: only these two squads really meant it. You rarely see that togetherness in the men's game.

So what's next? Well, it's time for the men to reappear in the form of the Gold Cup. Go USA! And also looming over the horizon, it's the pride of London, Tottenham Hotspur, taking on money bags Manchester United in the opening fixture of a brand new season of the English Premier league.

Congrats to Canada on hosting the WWC, and despite UEFA's insistence on fake turf, for reasons perhaps too sordid to contemplate, but bundled notes in brown paper bags may well have been involved, you hosted a great event.

Congrats also to Fox soccer2 go for showing both the WWC and the Gold Cup online.

West London "10", Liverpool "1", but not necessarily a score that reflects the quality of the respective uk tv films

"My name is love" thai movie featuring brainwashed student @ 58:48 right side

A murder needs solving: A mother's son.


...or lack thereof

A rare glimpse into what really goes on behind the secretive walls at Apple's Cupertino HQ as talented developers imported from around the globe prepare to unleash their latest gee-whiz MacBook on their unsuspecting customers.


...or lack thereof

Covered California has shelved its plans to offer dental insurance, apparently because they can't sync the dental plans with the rest of their web enrollment system. So people wanting to sign up will need to wait until 2016.

Here's an article about it.

The Quake's take on Covered California based on feedback by those who have enrolled has been positive overall, despite the highly publicized criticism of it's website enrollment teething problems [don't mention "teeth" -- Cov-Cal], and the difficulty finding providers in some areas of the state.

The fact that so many more people have coverage is a giant step forward. It's not single payer, and Americans are still being fleeced by the health insurance companies one way or another [as well as having their personal info compromised by poor security and marketing greed], but now that it's here it's already hard to believe that there was so much hatred towards it, and that some on the political right think they can still undo it, as they tried unsuccessfully with social security, unemployment, etc.

But it's a bit dodgy that Cov-Cal seemed to just forget to update their members on this subject. If you promote it before-hand, should you not mention, in the messages section of people's online account info page, that there is going to be a delay on dental?

Happy New Year for 2015


...or lack thereof

"The top 1% own 48% of global wealth, but even they aren't happy. A survey by Boston College of people with an average net worth of $78m found that they too were assailed by anxiety, dissatisfaction and loneliness. Many of them reported feeling financially insecure: to reach safe ground, they believed, they would need, on average, about 25% more money. (And if they got it? They'd doubtless need another 25%). One respondent said he wouldn't get there until he had $1bn in the bank.

"For this, we have ripped the natural world apart, degraded our conditions of life, surrendered our freedoms and prospects of contentment to a compulsive, atomising, joyless hedonism, in which, having consumed all else, we start to prey upon ourselves. For this, we have destroyed the essence of humanity: our connectedness."

George Monbiot, Guardian article

Dream or nightmare?

How dodgy is Boeing's Dreamliner, a documentary, new link, previous one blocked


An Orange county, California woman who killed, dismembered and cooked her husband, then ate his body parts, told a parole board: "I am not a monster." Local newspaper reader 'terri b' responded: "maybe he told her to make him dinner and she took it literally?"

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that a man in Britain who was asked to leave an all you can eat restaurant for "unacceptable behaviour" after eating five bowls of stir-fry, said he was accused of having a feeding frenzy.

San Jose Earthquakes' 18,000 capacity Avaya stadium opened
for the first time on Feb 28, 2015 with a season warm-up
game, beating LA 3:2.

This is the perfect new home for the Quakes and owned by
the team.

The club clearly listened and acted on the fans' wishes & input.

A brilliant achievement and props to all involved.

It's very exciting to be within relatively easy travel distance
to what is surely the best pro soccer stadium in the USA and
one that should be a model for up & coming clubs worldwide
to emulate.

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"To be alive and to know you're alive is the greatest miracle of all. Present moment breathing in, wonderful moment breathing out" -- thich nhat hanh

"Meditation is the key that unlocks your mind, permeating post-meditation with awareness. Wisdom arises from the still mind." -- bhante henepola gunaratana

"with realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." -- dalai lama

In 2012 a study in Israel showed that meditators were less inhibited by 'cognitive rigidity': in other words, they were more open to completely new solutions to problems.

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