Winter Holiday greetings from The Quake

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Season of the Winter Solstice


Wednesday night, Oct 1st, at The Guitar Bar in Nottingham, England: Lynne Hanson. No-one can accuse me of being a country fan, but I cranked up this Canadian artiste when I heard her brand new album on community station KKUP Cupertino a few days ago.

Here's the story on "This American Life" of how a New York Fed agent was fired for trying to hold a financial institution accountable for ethical misconduct and conflict of interest, which was part of her job to protect the American public. CORRECT LINK NOW IN PLACE

Fall from grace of the American Dreamliner, a documentary link.

All is not what it seems in the The Town, and another murder needs solving A mother's son.

Grab of the month: from 'trigger happy'


An Orange county, California woman who killed, dismembered and cooked her husband, then ate his body parts, told a parole board: "I am not a monster." Local newspaper reader 'terri b' responded: "maybe he told her to make him dinner and she took it literally?"

Meanwhile, the BBC reported that a man in Britain who was asked to leave an all you can eat restaurant for "unacceptable behaviour" after eating five bowls of stir-fry, said he was accused of having a feeding frenzy.

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"To be alive and to know you're alive is the greatest miracle of all. Present moment breathing in, wonderful moment breathing out" -- thich nhat hanh

"Meditation is the key that unlocks your mind, permeating post-meditation with awareness. Wisdom arises from the still mind." -- bhante henepola gunaratana

"with realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." -- dalai lama

In 2012 a study in Israel showed that meditators were less inhibited by 'cognitive rigidity': in other words, they were more open to completely new solutions to problems.

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