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Spurs' smashing Stateside tour

The Spurs tour in the USA got good TV ratings says cartilage free captain Spurs site.
Mauricio and Cap'n America
chuffed by US tour's TV numbers

Chicago Dire 0:2 Tottenham Hotspur
[July 26, 2014 at 5pm Pacific, live online & TV]
A somewhat routine outing for Spurs who capitalized with venom on some Chicago errors to cruise to a fairly comfortable win and another chance for the new manager, and us, to see some of the talent working its way through the ranks and more familiar squad members shaping up for the impending campaign.

Feel sorry for the Chicago fans. Very welcoming, yet seemingly in a state of depression about their club. And when you compare the turnout at Seattle, which admittedly is stupendous support, and Toronto, where there is a vibrancy and optimism about FC that is infectious, professional futbol in the Windy City looks wan and pale.

This bloke, Spuracuse, made great observations on cartilage-free captain about the way Spurs are shaping up:

"To me with this years squad is that instead of pressing high, Winning the ball back, and then passing between full backs and central defenders aimlessly until giving the ball away, we seem to be attacking at great pace as soon as the ball is won. This will lead to more dangerous, risky passes which will obviously result in lost possession. It will also lead to devastating counter attacks, which we seem to already be converting much better than last year. Lamelas graceful enthusiasm and willingness to attack with purpose and attempt those passes that unlock a defense is just what the team needs, as opposed to a player like Townsend, who has potential but every time he had the ball in space yesterday he just dribbled aimlessly before losing possession. So excited to see the player Lamela blossoms into this season. Will there be bad giveaways? Of course. To dare is to do."

Pre-match: The final fixture of this absorbing three match Stateside series as we get to see, once again, a big bunch of the Spurs squad, from star players to up 'n coming potential future first team prospects, in action.

And it's another good 'un pitting us against the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois.

"It's a chance to play another game, to work more on our style and to improve again," said Spurs' Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino on the official THFC web-site.

Today's match features two teams with similar records.

The midwestern outfit takes a break from their MLS season this one. They have recently drawn with Kansas and Philadelphia, both ending 1:1. They beat Atlanta and New England. But their last match was a heavy loss at the Earthquakes in northern California. After today, Chicago take on the Whitecaps followed by Columbus and then New York.
Shameful Chicago offer cut price Fire v Spurs tix to Chelsea fans, then renege. Click badge for link

Spurs in turn have recently performed well in three club friendly games. They beat Toronto and drew with the Sounders. Before that, we ended our Premier League season reasonably well, beating Stoke City and Aston Villa but falling to West Ham.

Tottenham's opening game in the Premier League season kicks off mid August with a match against West Ham. Then we face QPR.

Toronto vs Tottenham Hotspur 2:3
Hardly squeaky bum time for either side as the super Spurs Norteamericano tour continues, but it's a lot more interesting than the usual run of the mill domestic or Euro based pre-season friendly warm ups.

And so to the Toronto match, which so far is turning out be an "Erik Lamela earns his spurs" story as he tucks a couple away, ably supported by Lennon and Eriksen, while Soldado, as usual, looking too peripheral as the nominal frontman.

Need to keep in mind that for Toronto this is a chore they'd rather have avoided at this moment in their busy July fixture list, and their manager, ex-Spur Ryan Nelsen, barely suppressed his frustration and concern that injuries could be sustained in a match that doesn't count competitively, albeit a sweet deal for MLS and the club's coffers from a marketing and financial perspective.

But no doubt his players played like their overriding concern is not getting injured, and not burning themselves out.

Spurs replaced the entire outfield side for the 2nd half with: Walker, Dawson, Fryers, Rose, Holtby, Carroll, Ceballos, Townsend, Falque, Kane, only to concede.

I had to bail in the 66th minute with Toronto having pulled one back. After I left for a meeting it seems the Canadians went on to equalize but Andros Townsend nabbed a winner.

I was not surprised to see it continued to be a game of two halves. The first Spurs line-up was in total control. The second version struggled but just about survived thanks to the first half's two goal lead.

It was another entertaining match and this has been a stand-out tour of North America so far, let's hope the remaining Chicago game lives up to the other two.

Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur 3:3
Fun match to watch. Keep 'em coming, Spurs.

Entertaining start to THFC's American tour with a string of Tottenham Hotspur players combining to eventually feed the ball to underrated 24 year old German midfielder Lewis Holtby who puts the visitors ahead with a superb early goal rivaling the best of the recent World Cup.

Great support from both the approximately 53,000 home fans and around 2,000 traveling or local Lilywhites, as Seattle, spearheaded by ex-Spur Clint Dempsey, responded quickly to going behind with constant pressure on the Londoners' goal, with Brad Friedel called into action numerous times.

The artificial turf tends to scare off prima-donna stars, which may partially explain why ThFC's galaxy of World Cup representatives were notably absent.

Spurs would have a hard time in the upcoming Prem by relinquishing possession way too often.

Michael Dawson, who gives away a lot of penalties, was punished for an infringement that would not, in a 'real' match, have merited such a harsh refereeing response, resulting in a successful Sounders spot-kick to equalize.

If Tottenham's opening goal was quality teamwork, the first Sounders goal from open play was a long range stunner from Osvaldo Alonso, the goal of the match.

Roberto Soldado makes it 2:2 from the penalty spot.

The third host goal came from a wide cross out of the reach of Spurs defenders but guided in by Seattle.

Spanish winger Iago Falque Silva, on as a sub, scored the game's third penalty to level at three apiece.

Spur of the Moment: Cristian Cebellos, attacking midfielder who came through the Barcelona youth system, looked like a potential gem.

Fun match, way better than the usual pre-season friendlies, and if the ones in Toronto and Chicago are as good, this North American tour will be a terrific springboard from which to leap into the main course: the upcoming 2014/5 Premier league campaign, now close enough to touch.

TOTTENHAM TURFIE RECKONS: Green light for the new big stadium - well chuffed. Now buy some top players like wot goons and blue meanies 'ave done.

Tottenham Hotspur: line-up


Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose

Paulinho Capoue Dembele

Townsend Chadli


Pride of London
as vs. Swansea [H] season 13/14

Glory days: Jurgen Klinsmann enjoyed two spells at Spurs in the 1990s

'Tottenham is a way of life and I didn't know that until I got there,' he said. 'I signed my first contract and thought, "It's cool to be in London". And then after two weeks I said to myself "Oh my gosh, what is this here?"

'The supporters are very special. They live and breathe for that club. You go to White Hart Lane and there are 36,000 people singing. It's not just one section. It's the whole stadium singing. You go there and think "Wow".'

The Beautiful Game: Remember when

"Yer havin' a laff......."

"if you get the chance to go to Arsenal, you go. But the deal fell through and Tottenham came in." -- Michael Carrick

Ah the good old days. From a 60's edition of the Daily Mail: "A police officer kicked a man so hard in the face that the sole of his boot came off, it was claimed in Leeds County Court. The man, Mr John Marshall, was accussed of criminal damage to a police boot."

"I don't think Manchester city is a big enough job for Sam Allardyce. There is no club in this area - other than United - who are on the same footing as Bolton." -- Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside

"When you're watching tv and your replacement scores three, that's Zamora!" -- CP, GMB, Fulham vs Wolves prem 2011/12 season.

Europa League:
Thurs, Nov 26:
FK Quarabag vs Tottenham Hotspur
10am Pacific
It's Thanksgiving Day in the USA,
with reactions right here in this very box!

The Spur's Premiership
Harry's a hot Spur
4:1 final. Emphatic and resounding for Spurs

Nov 22, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)
Tottenham Hotspur 4
West Ham Utd 1
White Hart Lane. RF reacting.

Harry Kane with a typical top shelf sharpshooter's brilliant turn and fire. No surprise that the on-fire Dembele and Alli were part of the build-up, but "one of our own" has truly rediscovered his amazing touch and deserves the major credit for this "goal of the THFC season" contender.

Although their style is very different, we have a modern day Jimmy Greaves playing for Tottenham Hotspur. Let's trust we can keep him from the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

And then Toby Alderweireld makes it two with a sensational flying header into the Park Lane goal from a pinpoint Eriksen corner.
We try

Even Harry's human, fluffing that one-on-one which would've sunk West Ham even before the break, but 'twas not to be. Also not to be: any talk of him being a one season wonder. So now we just wanna hear the chant ring out at the final whistle at the Lane: "Two nil and we didn't eff it up!"

Wow. This is the Spurs we've waited for for decades. It's here. We've arrived. The future is now, 'n all that. Tottenham fans have attained the Pure Land. OK, calm down. Minor issue of the second half.

Second half and 50th minute sees Harry nab his eighth league of the season, another nice finish and provided by Alli.
Total shambles and this could end up being embarrassing.  
noble man, KUMB mb

As I write with half an hour to go, Spurs three up, and this is party time for the Spurs players who look they're really having fun, and getting paid handsomely to do so. And when Kyle Walker put the boot in, literally, to put Spurs four up, he was clearly having a great time, even if he did lose his concentration moments later to allow the visitors a consolation goal. Great feed by Son, too.

All in all, an absolutely brilliant and stellar experience for everyone who follows the fortunes of THFC.

Pre-match: Absolutely brilliant stuff watching Albion beat Arsenal 2:1 after being a goal down and then bouncing back, only for the goons to have a chance of equalizing right near the end but fluffing the spot kick. It's the only result I know about because I want to watch Match of the Day 2 on Sunday, having had to work on Saturday.

So Sunday is quite the day: Spurs v Hammers in the morning Cali time and then all the other match highlights on, as I say, MOTD2, in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, back to the matter in hand, It's always been a big 'un because the two clubs traditionally vie for a large chunk of fan support from the overlapping territories of north-east London and adjacent suburban Essex county.

Yahoo UK: "Late goals from Danny Rose and Harry Kane salvaged a point the last time Tottenham hosted West Ham at White Hart Lane and the Hammers will be inspired by previous away wins against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City already this season."

"Erik Lamela's one-game suspension for Spurs will be offset by the expected return of Son Heung-min to the starting line-up."

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs held but ascendant
Harry puts hot Spurs ahead, but THFC loses aerial battle
Arsenal 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Nov 8, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)
DH filling in for RF

We couldn't defend in the air. That's the only thing that let us down. Where's Mike England when you need him?

Other than that, we showed that we've arrived, thanks to Poch and everyone who helped build this team, and we can not only give anyone a run for their money, but outplay them.

We did this after playing three stacked games with barely a breather between them. And it's the second consecutive time we've drawn 1:1 with them on their patch meaning: advantage Spurs.

RF back to update late tonight, meanwhile DH doing my best impersonation."Long ball over the top [from Danny Rose] and Kane keeps his composure," bellows the commentator as Kane gives THFC a 0:1 lead at Ars, with Spurs shading it over the impostors who only had one proper chance at a goal, but with them, that can all change on a dime. [This was the first half].

AFC started very lively and looked like it could be a siege, but gradually Spurs were thinking hang about, we can do this lot!

Back for the 2nd half. Watching on the run. Alternating between Cric visuals and T'sport audio.
Next: Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United
Sun, Nov 22 [8am pacific time]

The Spur

Pre-match: We drew one all there in the corresponding fixture last season in late September of last year, and The Spur's headline was "Point made, Poch".

It was a good way to start the day of sporting action the led on to the Ryder Cup. Surely most THFC supporters were chuffed with the away point.

The Spur said of that game: "our new manager really does seem to have the ability to gel this team and start to get the best out of the individual players, and not to shy away from mixing in new talent with the established ones, even in one of the biggest games of the campaign."

After the wobbly first phase of the first half, I thought we might get torn apart defensively and midfield after the break, but it was impressive how the likes of Eric Dier and Ryan Mason handled a big occasion like this. It didn't phase them. They not only coped, but played like they deserved to be there.

Chadli scored for Spurs, followed by a stellar save from Lloris foiling Mertesacker's shot. Arsenal equalize via Chamberlain. Lamela involved in both goals.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Hugo Lloris was MOM in last season's corresponding fixture. Towering aerial confidence, single-minded bravery, a superb shot stop, all frustrated the home side no end.

Thurs, Nov 5, 2015
wot, their happy
faces again?
Dembele is the winning strike
Tottenham Hotspur vs Anderlecht 2:1 [Europa]
USA online various

It was on its way to being one of those "why are we in this?" moods when the Moose not only changed the outcome but served up a bloody brilliant strike.

Turned a bit of a flop of of a game into a celebration, and a high note on which to play the game that really matters: at Arsenal on Sunday.

Pre-match: Crazy crazy schedule with Arsenal coming up just a few days later. This is insane.

Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon. Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon.

Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon. Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon.
Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur pre-match coming up. Match kicks off Sunday, Nov 8, 8am Pacific Time  
The Spur

Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon. Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon.

Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon. Please check back for reactions of Anderlecht at home, and then build up to Arsenal away, all coming soon.

The Spur's Premiership
Lamela and Kane foil Villa comeback
Spurs suddenly getting "bigged up" from media, but two shaky opponents
November 02, 2015 (Ssn 2014/15)
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Aston Villa 1
WHL, London N17
By Dremo Hurdle

A seeming walkover 2:0 lead to the Tottenham could so easily have, all of a sudden, gone pear shaped when Villa finally rallied, got a soft one back, and started laying siege. It was, shall we say, uncomfortable for the home side who had been cruising until then.

But then a beautiful combination in the form of Erik Lamela playing into an unmarked Harry Kane who made his goal look so easy, when in reality it was an awkward feed from the Argentine, played too far behind the Spurs striker, who nonetheless dispatched with authority into the Paxton goal to the huge relief of the faithful, and to the utter glee of the duo of themselves.

Indeed, the whole team celebrated as one -- you can see these lads are now playing for each other, and for the gaffer, with an almost "us against the world" sense of defiant camaraderie.

Maybe that description is a bit over the top considering we only beat the bottom team at home, and we've had a couple of accommodating opponents in the last two league games. Few other sides will let us romp with such joyous abandon.

Are the misfits fitting together? Is the emphasis on youth and giving younger or fringe players the chance to prove themselves on the big stage, an idea spawned by, yes, Tim Sherwood, paying dividends?

We've certainly unearthed a bargain-priced gem in Dele Alli, and that goal of his, THFC's second of the game, was very cooly taken. Rather brilliant.

Pre-match: Won't be updating during or immediately after the match owing to work commitments but check back soon for all the reactions fit to print.

In the corresponding match two seasons ago, one which ensured Tottenham Hotspur's re-entry into the Europa league, Tim Sherwood ended his reign as club gaffer on a solidly high note, showing humour and passion in equal measure, and above all a more relaxed bloke than when he took over.

He had done what he could under the circumstances and, for all the gasping for air inevitable when someone jumps into the managerial deep end from the end of a pirate's plank, with no-one on board willing to lend a hand, he earned his honorary Spurs, plus the doff of a Tottenham beanie hat.

With the ship righted Spurs continued to progress after his [as it turned out] temporary tenure phased out with season's end, soon to herald the era of the Poch.

Since then of course Sherwood came to and got bumped from Villa. For what it's worth, I don't think he can be held responsible for Villa's awful situation at the bottom of the league -- seems like good players were sold from under him, and the club is in a mess from top down.

But that's for the grand ol' brummie club to sort out -- we've been there and done that, and somehow survived.

It's obviously a match we should win and that I don't have to hide behind the couch to watch, which is good because the movers just took it out to the van.

Should be interesting. Check back for more build-up.

The Spur's Premiership 2015/16
Five-one to Spurs, Full time
Borm'f in disarray as Harry nabs hattrick
"AFCB's South End
blog predicts
a 1-1 draw"
Sun, Oct 25, 2015 (Ssn 20015/16)
AFC Bournemouth 1
Tottenham Hotspur 5
South coast of Inglaterra
US TV & online: Live.

Well we won't get more a more generous opposition this season, I doubt. Matt Richie put the home-side ahead in the first minute and the Euro-skeptics brandished their fountain pens in glee with tales of how burned out we looked, but the Cherries effectively gifted us three goals back, appreciatively accepted by Kane, Dembele, and Lamela.

Second half and the feed goes kaput, so watching United vs City's nil-niller. Beeb describes goal #4: "Christian Eriksen floats over a delicious cross into the box and Kane shows his predatory instincts to slide the ball home from close range."

BBC tracker again [feed still AWOL]: "Artur Boruc can't hold a header at goal by Toby Alderweireld and he drops it at the feet of Kane, who gobbles up the chance to complete his treble."

"Just when you expect Spurs to let you down they WOW you out," gushes Dragonfish.

Got the feed back, but on 23 minute delay. Seriously. Still, with the tracker and the delayed stream, not too bad, coz the United-City stalemate was getting a bit naff.

"Down with the Chelsea, yer goin' down with the Chelsea, down with the Chelsea," crowed the Spurs fans followed by the Eriksen -sen -sen chant.

Pre-match: Michael Owen: "The Cherries have found the back of the net in their last seven PL games but I expect Spurs to have too much for Eddie Howe's side who have had more than their share of injuries." [courtesy Beeb c/o AFCB South End blog].

The Prem is back after the boring Euro finals qualifier internationals and the lame ass Euro thingy. The Prem - as real is it gets!

AFCB are an unknown quantity but they have done better than expected. They seemed certs to get pummeled from day one, but turns out got off to a right ol' rama-lama-ding-dong dawn to their day in "the only league that mattersTM". Only recently has the reality of what they've got themselves into begun to sink in and, although only 6 pts behind Spurs, are fourth from bottom. Being thrashed by Manchester City in their previous league game was the reality check that ended their honeymoon.

Our goal is to make that early dawn even more false! Much respect to them, but we desperately need a win down on the retirement coast.

"Vincent Tan, Vincent Tan, loves his red and eats his spam, ooh ah ooh ah aye...."

OK, the above Cardiff City song has nowt to do with this match but I couldn't help a quick burst of that Welsh "near classic".

The hope for the home side is that injuries and a chronic failure to ignite in the goalscoring department, including Kane being so off-form, have raised question marks about the north London visitors, who have gone a bit stale recently.

Tottenham's defeat at Anderlecht also indicated a side that's overstretched and lacking freshness or inspiration.

BBC's Lawro: "Tottenham are well-organised defensively and they should have too much for Bournemouth."

Hotspurhq webzine reminds us that Pochettino won manager of last month and that's a sure kiss of death for the following. Funny how that happens so often.

Thurs, Oct 22, 2015
nicht slecht
Europa league: love it or leave it?
Anderlecht vs Tottenham Hotspur 2:1 [Europa]
USA online various

Maybe The Spur's mention of striker Stefano Okaka as Anderlecht star watch, adding that he was useless in The Europa, tempted Fate to bite back.

Poch is a great actor and looked like he really was furious. Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. Down to third and maybe we can bow out of this making it look like we really tried.

The days of the second tier European club competition being worthwhile are over. The world is moving on. And clubs like Spurs are getting left behind, overstretched and unable to stretch to the kind of multi-million roster to cover the myriad competitions that must be tackled every campaign.
Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur pre-match coming up. Match kicks off Sunday 6:05am Pacific Time  
The Spur

There will be some who disagree, but we are better off out of this. The League is now the only thing that matters in the modern English business of professional association football. Do well in the Prem, and the European Champions league will come a kockin' [Or even knockin' -- Ed.]. Do oh-kay, and you end up getting Quarabagged.

And that's as painful as it sounds.

Pre-match: It's very hard not to be cynical or negative about the Europa League. Mounting injuries and burn-out only add to the doubts about taking this thing seriously.

But I do watch it, only this time other commitments mean catching it when I get home after the fact, watching this on Foxsoccer online replay mode.

Anderlecht star watch? Striker Stefano Okaka. Good thing for us is that, so far anyway, he's bombed in the Europa league, despite knocking 'em in for fun in the league.

Bleacher Report: THFC "have the equal-best defence in England but their floundering attack has proven an Achilles heel.

Spurs sit atop Group J after two matches and can all but eliminate their Belgian rivals with a win. Alternatively, should Anderlecht find a way to win, the group could be gridlocked with three games to play."

BBC: "They take on an Anderlecht side who are without a win in their last five European matches, but secured a convincing 4-0 win at Waregem in the league last time out."

Sportsmole: "The Belgian club are still searching for their first three points of the group."

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs clip Klopp
Eriksen and Kane combine for great chance in otherwise stalemate
Sat, Oct 17, 2015 (Ssn 20015/16)
Tottenham H. 0
Liverpool 0
by Rob Francis
USA: various online and TV, 4:45am pacific

Klopp already tightened up the Liverpool defence and the first thing that jumped out was how quickly they closed Tottenham down, snuffing out almost everything the home side tried to conjure.

Very few chances in a result that suits both sides so it was almost inevitable. Spurs needed to stem the tide of a string of defeats to the Reds, and Pool needed to get Klopp's era off to a respectable and acceptable start.

So, no surprise, a 0:0 draw and a big anti-climax after all the hype. But a result that works for both regimes, although Poch will make a bigger showing of disappointment, with Juergen clearly enjoying his new job and looking tanned and relaxed. Cool for them, I suppose.

A decent result in the end for THFC but an expensive day out for the crowd to see a paucity of shots in a game big on hype, hustle, and closing down, but starved of stand-out quality.

It was a day to avoid a defeat, not to gain a glorious victory, and the motto seemed to be, for all of Klopp's talk about being free to make mistakes in the quest for glory: "Not to dare is to gain a point."

Pre-match: Gegenpressing, a Guardian look at the style we might see Klopp develop with Liverpool.

Guardian: "It will be fascinating to see how the German lines up his team against in-form opponents, with Thursday's loss of Danny Ings to a season-ending injury likely to have affected his plans late on. Regardless, expect a positive start from the men in red."

Back in August of last year Spurs lost at home to Liverpool in the league by three unanswered goals.

Spurs rarely had any kind of grip on the game, despite having far more possession. When they did try to come forward, there were few options against the visitors who had everything covered.

Livepool moved the ball around with speed, accuracy, and purpose, and every forward sweep contained a threat.

This was in sharp contrast to the rampant Lilywhite optimism that preceded the match.

Well, this time Liverpool have a new manager and the media are all over Jurgen Klopp's first time in charge which unfolds at the Lane.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs fight back to take a point
Eriksen bouncing back, now can Harry?
8am pacific time, online
October 4, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)
Swansea City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Rob Frantic reacted

First Spurs match I missed viewing "live" online this season, and according to the Guardian I missed "an absorbing spectacle, Tottenham probing away and Swansea generally content to wait their moment before countering."

I did see the goals and brief highlights on the online international sports news and it's great to see Eriksen regaining his skills, especially from dead balls, after his bout with injury. When Kane rediscovers his form, this dynamic duo could get dangerous especially with the likes of Son added to the mix.

Despite this slight anti-climax after beating Citeh to be honest I'm more upbeat about the beloved Lilywhites than I've been in ages. The chemistry is happening.

Tottenham had more possession, and we had 11 on target shots compared with a measly 2 for Swans, one which went in. They needed Harry Kane's own goal to make up the numbers, so you could argue they were very lucky lads on this occasion.

But many Spurs fans online have pointed out that Harry Kane looks burned out. Poch is getting obsessed with the Europa league, and since the Prem is also the world's most love glee jubbly everything at this point in history, Harry's getting seriously overworked.

Pre-match: To be honest, I can't remember much of last seasons's league visit to Swansea, a 1:2 win, I might have been working, but I did enjoy the season before last at the Swans, an excellent 1:3 win for Spurs as Tim Sherwood's reign went from strength to strength, with a brace from Adebayor.

But that was then and this is now. Tim single handedly revived Adebayor's Spurs career after he had been shunned by AVB, but after a truly impressive bounce-back during Tim's short tenure, Manny's star faded, along with Tim's own current woes as he now scratches his head for a way to avoid relegation bossing Aston Villa.

Well, one thing for me ain't changed -- I'm out and about missing this match live on the i/net and a work meeting is one of the culprits [the joys of being self-employed]. However, I think it's the first match of the season I won't be seeing real-time online, so not a bad life, eh.

So reactions will be witheringly late for this one, pop pickers. But do check back because react I surely will, and also include global reactions to boot.

Bleacher Report: "Heung-Min Son is out after suffering a foot injury against Manchester City."

Cartilage free captain: "The Swans currently sit in 12th place in the table with nine points, in the midst of an up and down season. Swansea have been led by their strong defense, which has only allowed one home goal in the league thus far this season. The centerback duo of Ashley Williams and Federico Fernandez have been strong in front of goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. In attack, the trio of Bafetimbi Gomis, Andre Ayew, and Gylfi Sigurdsson have led the Swans while Jonjo Shelvey has emerged the main distributor from midfield."

Planet Swans

Swansea blog pierre91 was a good read for previous encounters but seems it dried up many moons ago.

Please check back soon.

Thurs, Oct 1, 2015
Final: One apiece
AS Monaco 1:1 Tottenham Hotspur [Europa]
10 am pacific
Reactions soon

Our second foray of the campaign into the wacky world of this season's Europa League sees Spurs denied an away victory, thanks to a Lamela goal, denied by a relatively late Monaco equalizer.

"Fair result...poor second half from us...too many backwards passes. Considering it was our first team I hoped for a little better, but a draw away is good. If we can beat them at the Lane we should win the group." -- Justin, FC forum

"Pochettino is a peculiar brand of manager who on the one hand says Kane is tired and yet plays him from the start in this game. You can only ask so much of players." - whatathruball, shelfside spurs forum

Check back for more reactions.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs rampant as Kane kicks in
Dazzling goals from super Spurs including Lamela
September 26, 2015
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Manchester City 1
Various online 4:45am
White Hart Lane, London N17. Rob Frantic watched.

It just keeps getting better. Erik Lamela pays back a large chunk of his fee with some sublime vision and footwork culminating in Tottenham's fourth, yes fourth, goal as Spurs are now actually running riot over City. Not to forget Erik's chance to shine was created by superb build-up work from the lively Clinton N'Jie.

Very very impressive, albeit with the offside rule temporarily suspended when Spurs were in possession almost throughout the entirely of the game, although Lamela's crowning goal, and did I mention the fourth for THFC, proved to be onside as well as brilliant.

Well if Eric Dier impressed with a first timer into the net, Harry Kane came up with his own version, and after a 12 hrs 28 mins wait, the drought is over. Props to Eriksen for a terrific free kick, and it was the rebound that Kane so perfectly poached.

Finally a chance to put the kettle on 'coz it's still very early morning here on the west coast of N America. We've got a cushion against the table toppers and I can relax and enjoy the moment.

Gotta say that with so many of their stars injured, City are not their usual threatening selves despite controlling a lot of the first half and going a goal up.

Incredible. Spurs score from a corner as Toby rises to the occasion. From behind, the Lilywhites are in front. Amazing.

A dazzling Eric Dier low first time strike as the ball ricoched out to him near the edge of the box gave Spurs the vital equalizer seconds before the half-time whistle and setting us up nicely for a final 45 on even terms.

It's gonna be a tough second half to get a point out of this but the fact that we're giving them a game is itself refreshing and bodes well for the development of Poch's project.

Pre-match: Recent previous encounters against City revealed a difference in class, talent, and teamwork between the two sides that was wider than a sky blue mile of the Moon River.

BBC Football: "Tottenham defenders Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen will return after being rested for the League Cup defeat against Arsenal. Ryan Mason should be available again after a knee injury but Nabil Bentaleb remains on the sidelines."

They also rub in that "City have beaten Spurs eight times in the last nine meetings". Ouch.

Rantsport: "The best in the league versus the perennial strivers who are finally starting to wake up. Can Spurs be the next West Ham or are they just another footnote in the steady march to City's league dominance?"

The build-up never stops, in fact sometimes it never starts, here at The mighty Spur.

You know what? Let's ******* those *******. Give fitba back to the masses!

The Spur's League Cup
Flamini nabs the winner
Spurs fail to find 2nd equalizer
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Arsenal 2

Wed, Sept 23, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)

First half: Well I've got spoilt with good streams in the past but I'm on the move and right now the stream is buffering so much it's barely watchable. Anyway, half time.

All the results at half time pretty predictable so far, the bigger clubs beating the smaller with the predictable exception of Liverpool who suffered a Carlisle equalizer by Derek Asamoah. Remember that name? The dude specializes in giant-baiting. Good for him. [Later on it transpired that Newcastle got knocked out at home to Sheffield Wednesday].

Second half: Way better stream and way better looking for Spurs, who equalize around 57th min. Own goal. And now Kane's getting his old skills back with a great effort cleared off the line around the 66th minute.

Son, who scored the winner against Palace, comes on as a sub to strong applause.

Have to admit, that Flamini goal was amazing, latching onto a high arcing deflection into the area. Really disappointing though as Spurs were kicking into gear, but where was the hunger in defence to stop an opponent simply barreling in like that and owning the floating ball.

The Spur's Premiership 2015/6
Son shines at the Lane
Spurs pass Palace test on Super Son Day
Sept 20, 2015
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Crystal Palace 0
White Hart La. N17
Online: various

Well we asked if Heung-Min Son was going to be a Europa and League Cup kind of guy who would perhaps "do a Soldado" where the promise wouldn't translate to the all-important league grind: turns out us doubters were hugely relieved to witness his skills making the difference in a stiff test for Spurs against high-flying London neighbors and visitors, Crystal Palace.

Talking of local neighbors, it's Arsenal in the League Cup on Wednesday.

In this match THFC keeper Hugo Lloris had little to do, but when called, was on his game, especially the top shelf denial of Eagles midfielder Bakary Sako.

Along with Son himself, let's also mention that Lamela created the scoring move, feeding Eriksen who in turn supplied the rising Korean star.

PRE-MATCH: Are Palace really now better than Spurs, or will the prior pecking order be restored as early season anomalies sort themselves out? That's really one of the main strands that will thread through this mouth-watering capital city encounter.
Should an attacking trio of Eriksen-Son-Lamela be known as Erik ErikSon?"  
human being in croydon, not 606 forum

Tottenham Hotspur host Crystal Palace early doors Sunday morning pacific time. Check back for build-up and your reactions across the sites, forums, and chat rooms around the globe as this crucial north-east versus south-east London derby unfolds in all its glory.

Tottenham Hotspur host Crystal Palace early doors Sunday morning pacific time. Check back for build-up and your reactions across the sites, forums, and chat rooms around the globe as this crucial north-east versus south-east London derby unfolds in all its glory.

Poch is clearly taking the Europa seriously, fielding a strong team, which is baffling with all hands needed on deck for what is proving to be a grueling league campaign. So all the more embarrassing to go a goal down.

Luckily the Son arose this time and now the question is, will he "do a Soldado" and shine only in the minor competitions, proving a dud in the league, or is this a sign that he can indeed flourish on the biggest stage?

Meanwhile, great to see Kane and Lamela combining to score the third as the Lane breathed a mild sigh of relief, mostly grateful that Lamela's confidence should be further boosted. He had a good game at Sunderland but until this goal was ineffectual up until now.

The Spur's Premiership
A Mason Ace
"We are staying up, say we are staying up!"
Sun, Sept 13, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)
Sunderland 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Rob Francis reacts

Instant reaction
An absolutely top shelf build-up by a string of switched-on Spurs men created the much awaited moment when north London blue finally found a way to win a league fixture.

Ryan Mason accepted his teammates' terrific supply line and slotted in the only goal of a high energy encounter, as both sides, especially Sunderland it has to be said, with ex-spur Jermain Defoe a live spark hitting the post and creating lots of problems for Tottenham's defence, surged forward at every opportunity.

In the end, it was a case of who would make the conversion -- it always looked like one goal would do the trick -- and on this occasion, it was us.
Upcoming fixtures:

Thurs, Sept 17: Spurs v FK Quarabag 12n
Sun, Sept 20: Spurs v Palace 5:30am

Daily Mail: "The visitors pinned much of their hope on Heung-Min Son, the most expensive Asian player in history and someone Mauricio Pochettino no doubt believed would combine effectively with Harry Kane on his debut. But the Son did not shine at the Stadium of Light.

"The one moment of inspiration came in the form of an Erik Lamela pass that invited Mason to finish a move he started. It was a fine finish and courageous too, given how heavily he was caught by Costel Pantilimon after chipping the advancing Sunderland goalkeeper. He departed the game triumphant but on a stretcher, nursing what looked like a nasty ankle injury."

We usually do well against Sunderland and we really need a win to get this season out of the doldrums. They don't have a win either. It's too early for this, but it does have a bit of a relegation fight atmosphere about it.

It's a very early morning kick-off Pacific time but I'll be there, well here anyway, with me home made brekkers and pot of Trader Joe's Irish tea.

I'n mot exactly quaking in my boots over Fabio Borini's potential return debut for Sunderland, but since it's us, he could pick up a debutante hat trick.

Spurs created chances against Everton but aren't putting them away, nothing new there.

In our report from two seasons ago on this corresponding fixture, the visit to the Black Cats, Sunderland supporter 'oh vinoir' posted on the Guardian comments: "The Spurs away support was immense today. That's as loud and passionate an away team support I've seen in a while." Let's hope our fans have something to make a noise about.

Sky Football: "South Korean forward Heung-Min Son could make his Tottenham debut this weekend, according to manager Mauricio Pochettino." "At the Stadium of Light, the hosts are without a victory in their last five PL meetings with Spurs, (D2 L3)."

Spurs Odyssey: " We played this fixture on the same date last year. (Sunderland 2 Spurs 2) It was Saturday last year, but will be played on Sunday lunch-time this week. The referee last year was Craig Pawson, and he will be in charge this week. Two of his supporting officials will also be the same as last year.

That's as far as we want the deja vu to go, because Spurs frittered away two points. A year ago, Adebayor was first choice, and Harry Kane was on the bench."

The Spur's Premiership 2015/16
Lots of intent but Spurs & EFC inseperable
Next: Sunderland (a), Sun Sept 13, 5.30am pacific
August 29, 2015
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Everton 0
WHL, London N17
9am pacific time

Not a first half to warrant a pub yarn decades from now. Needs a moment of magic from someone to break what is set to be a lower mid-table stalemate between two competent but uninspiring journeymen outfits.

Picked up in the second half and props to the supporters who got behind the team, but no win in sight despite some encouraging signs.

Tim Howard in Everton's goal was by far the busiest keeper.

Spurs are building towards a team with shape and intent, but the finishing must be there to augment a solidifying defense and a midfield growing in purpose, especially when injured players return, and new ones slot in.


Daily Mail: "Spurs playmaker Christian Eriksen remains sidelined with a knee injury."

Sky Sports: "Mauricio Pochettino's side led at Leicester last week, only to be pegged back, leaving them with just two points from their first three games. Everton, meanwhile, will be hoping to recover from their 2-0 home defeat by league leaders Manchester City last Sunday."

Check back for more stuff as Spurs take on Everton with the home side looking for that elusive first win of the season.

Time to put the kettle on and witness, at the convenient pacific coast time of 9am, the blue half of north London take on the blue section of Merseyside.

Meanwhile Spurs hope Son Heung Min will sharpen up our cutting edge in what seems a Lamela replacement, and could form a titanic Tottenham trio combining with Harry Kane and Christian Ericksen. Four Four Two rated him Asia's #1 player last Spring.

The Spur's Premiership 2015/16
Foxes & Lilywhites battle out a score draw
Alli puts Spurs ahead for a few seconds
Sat, Aug 22, 2015 (Ssn 20015/16)
Leicester City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
King Power, Leicester. Full-time result.

The positive spin is that Spurs are the only club this season to pry a point out of Leicester, and we have a player who can score a goal, albeit at point blank range, in Dele Alli, but his positioning and reading of the move was just what we desperately needed. You could see the jubilation and relief of the entire team, even though the glee lasted but seconds before Leicester leveled.

And West Ham lost at home to Bor'muf, quite the thriller at 3:4.

The talk of the first half is about the penalty shout not given to the home side when Verts pulled the shirt of the Fox in the box.

Usual Spurs story, lots of possession but the opponents happy to let them pass away without creating anything.

Spurs need a playmaker as much as my lawn needs a Rainmaker.

Second half and Lamela's mispasses causing problems for his teammates, forcing Dier to take one for the team and receive a yellow card.

Leicester supporters are like Palace's core fans, singing non-stop from beginning to end. With several thousand travelling Lilywhites, the atmosphere is the best of the season so far.

A combination of Kane to Chadli to Alli who heads Spurs ahead, but seconds later City are level. Can we buy that Mahrez off Leicester? What a left footed power-golasso.

Pre-match: Prior to the season most people thought it screamingly funny that what seemed a ridiculous mismatch of Claudio Ranieri and Leicester had actually happened. I have to say I thought it a bit of an odd combination, too.

But though it's early days, the East Midland outfit are flying high. Will the cockerals' feathers be ruffled by the sharp teeth of the Foxes? Like little red riding hood, could we wind up potential chicken feed for the furry phenoms in royal blue?

Could it be 'king hell at the King Power on Saturday? 'Kin hope not!

Where there's Erik Lamela, there's a way. Aye?

The Spur's Premiership 20015/16
Spurs squander two-nil lead
Solidly superior Spurs school Stoke in 1st half, then fall apart
Aug 15, 2015 (Ssn 2015/16)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Stoke City 2
White Hart Lane, London N17
Full time result. 2:2.

Eric Dier nods Spurs ahead from a corner kick after a well worked THFC move that warms the cockerals of every Lilywhite watching around the world.

First half saw Spurs looking good overall, despite a lot of build-ups getting bogged down on the right hand side under the West Stand as the Londoners press towards the Park Lane goal. Somebody wide on the other side and a sweeping long range switch could create a world of problems for the visitors if only Spurs had that extra dynamism and creativity.

Stoke being kept mostly well under wraps so far.

Surprised to hear the boos apparently for a warming up Peter Crouch who served Spurs well during his time at Tottenham, but the commentators later said the stick was for Charlie Adam not the giraffe.

Walker on the yellow card looks like a problem brewing -- will Spurs let this win slip away as the Potters gradually starting to play together and realizing they've probably been overrating the opposition so far.

Or maybe not.... gooool as Kane and Davies combine brilliantly to feed Nacer Chadli for a second just in front of the half-time whistle.

What threw Stoke it seems is Kane dropping back to become a provider and Davies bombing forward. And using the left side for a change.

That's dynamic, Spurs. We wanted dynamic. Maybe Poch really is a genius, just didn't want people to know too soon.

What the **** happened in the second half? Kane being replaced by Lamela seemed to be part of the sea change. Mark Hughes made some good decisions too because Stoke were a different and much better side in the second half.

Full time. Man U. 1, Spurs 0
Not much in it, but for an own goal
Sat, Aug 8, 2015 (Ssn 20015/16), 4:45am pacific time
Manchester United 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Check back for more build up

Tottenham's timid approach to the transfer market leaves us looking just slightly second best to the hosts at the half-time break.

Not much in it between the two sides, but the Rags have the added few percentage points advantage in individual quality and midfield acumen.

It's unfortunate really because the United goalkeeper appears vulnerable and there for the beating.

There's still everything to play for in the second half. We've had spells of dominance in the opening forty-five and it could go either way second half.

In the end Walker's own goal is the difference. Full time.

Spurs end on a high at Goodison
Harry crowns superlative season with another stellar goal
Fighting Foxes finally felled, suspect Spurs still soft

Fitting that another quality goal from Harry Kane wins it for Spurs one-nil, who played well, at Everton's Goodison Park, while I must admit to being sucked in at half-time by the relegation struggle games as Newcastle [home to Hammers] and Hull [home to ManUre] vied to stay in the Premier league. In the end, as predicted by this site, Hull lost the fight. But Kane's headed winner from a breathtakingly well placed cross from Eric Dier is the kind of final goal of the season that you usually only dream of, and it's amazing how an away win and a sequence of play like that suddenly makes an often frustrating season seem peaches and cream, boding well, all of a sudden, for next season.

Meanwhile Liverpool remained hell-bent on avoiding the Europa League by capitulating 6:1 their match at Stoke, but they seem unaware that no matter how hard they try, they are doomed, like us, to play in that distracting contest, designed it seems to prevent any wanna-be clubs from challenging the top four.

Back to THFC, and poster Bergmattson on the Fighting Cock forum echoed many Lilywhites' sentiments: "5th and a cup final in his first year. With the youngest starting XI in the league." Boom. Boom. Thank-you and goodnight! See you on the promenade.

Amazingly, Spurs rallied impressively after a sluggish start to consign Hull to a 2:0 defeat leaving the visitors a need to win their final match against Man Utd to have a chance of avoiding relegation, which I reckon makes them the team most likely to join QPR and Burnley for the drop.

Liverpool "accidentally" lost home to Palace so the Europa league "battle" [whether to get in it, or whether battling to stay out of it, is a whole other story] whimpers on.

Either Spurs are deliberately trying to avoid the punishment of a Europa league spot, and I can't blame anyone for that course of action, or we really do have serious problems for next season, but the whimpering capitulation at Stoke pointed to one of those two scenarios.

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