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5: Everton (h) 3:2 won
18: Southampton (h) 2:1 won

1: Burnley (a) 0:2 won
4: Swansea City (a) 1:3 won
8: Watford (h) 4:0 won
15: Bournemouth (h) 4:0 won
22: Chelsea (Wembley, FA Cup semi)
26: Crystal Palace (a)
30: Arsenal (h)

5: West Ham (a)
14: Manchester Utd. (h)

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European Champions League
Top form Lloris saves penalty but Spurs slip out of CL
FC Monaco vs Tottenham H. 2:1 [Final Score]
11.45 am US pacific, Nov 22
USA various TV & online

Verdict: Poch made the right decision to keep the main focus on the Premier league including an away match with Chelscum on the weekend. All said, a club and a manager lives or dies by its performance in the domestic league, especially one as important as the #1 sporting league in the world. No professional would do it any other way. We don't have the squad or the player experience yet to do both with what we've got. Whether we like this or not, that's the reality.

Yes, Leicester are through to the KO stages but they suck in the Prem. Their fans won't mind, but the ownership and management of THFC wouldn't go for that priority. Lucrative though this year's CL is, it's better to do finish top four in the league and, ironically, qualify for next year's Champions league. Sounds bizarre, but that's modern fitba biz.

Now, it will be interesting to see how our 2nd XI does in trying to continue in what becomes the Europa league qualification showdown. Don't get too addicted to that "adventure", but at least a chance for squad players to keep honing their skills and working together, all on the big stage.

...and now back to the real world, the Prem. Can't flaff around with these cups all day.

Second-half: So I nip out at half time and b'time I get back three goals have been scored. I thought the commercials would still be on. Still, got to see a world class reaction save to tip a point blank Glik first-timer over the top. This is one of a series of top quality saves that make the French international man of the match, no doubt.

Meanwhile nothing changed and so its goodnight from him and goodbye from us as we return right after these brief but persuasive words from our sponsors, don't go away, more reactions soon.

First-half: Since the very wobbly start the 1st half has become a scrappy back and forth with only one other major event being a Monaco player tackling Harry Kane to the ground and then unceremoniously stamping on his backside, somehow not getting even a yellow when surely it was an immediate red.

Woh. Lloris saves a Falcao penalty in the opening minutes, then moments later called to maker another lifesaving save. Spurs in disarray at the back. Never a dull moment.

Commentators noting how much Spurs desperately missing Vertonghen / Alderweireld partnership.

Pre-match: BBC Football reminds us that "Spurs could be knocked out in the group stage if they fail to win" however they give us a boost by adding "Tottenham have yet to concede a goal in their two away games in the Champions League this season."

The problem is it looks like Monaco rarely concede goals at home in the Champions League.

Going into this, Monaco are second in the French top division so there's no question they are a good side, even ahead of Paris Saint Germain on goal difference.

Odds are on them winning or at least this being a draw. On our day we have the talent to pull off a surprise, but it would be a brave person to put a lot of $ on us for this one.

Thing is, many of us are still glowing from the amazing comeback to beat West Ham at home last Saturday, combined with our point at Arsenal, so that whichever way this goes it's hard to not to remain upbeat, even if our attention is turned exclusively to domestic encounters for the rest of this season.

It does seem that clubs that don't have European football seem to have an advantage by being fresher for the Prem, Chelsea and Liverpool being cases in point, so there's a big silver lining even if we get KO'd, unless we have to go into the dreaded Europa league.

That said, to get into the knockout stages of the CL is a big deal and it's where the competition really does start to grip the imagination, so let's enjoy the Tuesday football and see what happens.

European Champions League
Spurs and Wembley don't gel
Tottenham Hotspur 0:1 B. Leverkusen
12.45 pm pacific, November 02, 2016
Fee Perpetual reporting

Can't talk much right now due to huge workload. How much? Hyoooj. But the time has come to face up to it, THFC are in a lull. After the impressive victory over Man City on Oct 2 the side has gone six ******* games without a win, they look stale, disjointed, and toothless. Yes we're still tough to beat, we still have one of the best defences, but that's about it, and it won't be enough. What's most worrying is the chemistry is missing, something is out of whack. I can't come up with the technical reasons or the solutions so for now I'll leave that to more expert analysis, and get back to you when I sift thru the material offered.

But if we can't come up with something pretty pronto then the visit to Arsenal in a few days ain't gonna be pretty.

I think losing Toby to injury was obviously a blow, but I didn't realize how much. Harry's absence actually didn't hinder for us for a while, but nobody else now seems capable of replacing him.

And we should have the squad to overcome a few injuries that inevitably occur. If not, we out of our depth and not properly prepared for what we knew would be an intense, fixture saturated campaign.

Pre-match: BBC Football reminds us that, in the away fixture to Bayer, Spurs dominated possession but the home side had better chances in the goalless draw. They also note that Moussa Sissoko is avialable for selection because his ban only applies to domestic matches.

I tuned in late for that game but it seemed, especially after the break, Spurs looked to be hanging on for dear life. Bayer were not only closing down but taking it to the highest level by cutting off any passing options, and it was really getting to the visitors who didn't seem to know how to cope.

Bayer looked a good well-coached side, surprising to see them only solidly mid-table in the Bundesliga.

Hugo Lloris was a lifesaver in that game in Germany. At the other end, the Leverkusen goalie had very little to do.

Can Spurs find goals at home, and can they shake off the hoodoo of playing at Wembley that also negatively affected Arsenal in the same venue?

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European Champions League
Toby heads one back for Spurs just before halftime, but that's it, folks
Tottenham Hotspur 1:2 FC Monaco [Full time]
USA various 11.45a Pac. Sept 14
Mauricio Pochettino said it would be the same as playing Stoke, and I started worrying from that point on, it seemed a tad Trumpesque to be throwing down lines like that.

And it wasn't much like playing Stoke, other than one side started full steam ahead with pace and determination [Spurs this time instead of Stoke] but then fizzled after a goal against the run of play, and once a goal down became vulnerable to concede more.

Unlike Stoke, though, Tottenham did find a way back into the game, but couldn't progress further than a well taken set piece to equalize before the break.

Second half. "Obdurate" Monaco, to use the commentator's adjective, professionally shut out Tottenham Hotspur's unconvincing second half attempts to recover at least a point.

Still, it looked like a great, historic night and there were signs of good things to come from the squad that Poch has assembled. But right now they are just impressive names on a list, but with a combined effect that is less than the sum of their parts.

What a match so far at half time. Not the scoreline we wanted, but props to the lads for coming back from two down with a top shelf Toby Alderwiereld header from a Lamela corner close to half time to make it game on again for the 2nd half.

Bradley Allen on the BBC Football site: "What a fabulous 45 minutes of football! Spurs came out of the traps well but were cruelly punished for a couple of lapses in concentration. It looked tough but they showed spirit to get that goal at the end and they can go again now. The crowd will be lifted, we have some second half to look forward to."

Pre-match: Just a few hours until Spurs kick off their Champions League group E with a home match hosting Monaco.

And it's massively historical for the club to be playing Champs League fitba at [the new] Wembley Stadium in what will be a full house. Truly a night to remember and one of those milestones in the club's history.

Will be watching live and reacting right here at The Spur.

I normally find group stages of any event kinda tedious with the exception of the World Cup, but this is THFC, at Wembley, in the Champions league. Just gotta watch it, and will watch all the Spurs group stage matches this time, already planning ahead and making necessary changes in my midweek schedules.

Of course, sometimes stuff comes along but short of an emergency or business commitment that cannot be rescheduled, I'm well in and well up for it.

I really hope we can start with a victory, given the massiveness of this football game, and I can't deny I will be choked if we don't prevail.

It's well known how our local rivals disliked playing their matches at Wembley, citing the fact the visitors are way "up for it" on such a grand stage, but this is a different club, and a different era. At least for this first match, in such a unique set of circumstances, it will be one of those "must see" occasions for the Lilywhite faithful.

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Townsend Chadli


Pride of London
as vs. Swansea [H] season 13/14

Glory days: Jurgen Klinsmann enjoyed two spells at Spurs in the 1990s

'Tottenham is a way of life and I didn't know that until I got there,' he said. 'I signed my first contract and thought, "It's cool to be in London". And then after two weeks I said to myself "Oh my gosh, what is this here?"

'The supporters are very special. They live and breathe for that club. You go to White Hart Lane and there are 36,000 people singing. It's not just one section. It's the whole stadium singing. You go there and think "Wow".'

The Beautiful Game: Remember when

"Yer havin' a laff......."

Review of an England match by Shaun Custis of The Sun: "Rickie Lambert used to screw tops on beetroot jars for a living. And he could never have dreamed that one day he would put the lid on a fairytale England debut with a Wembley winner over the Auld Enemy." courtesy of WSC.

"If you get the chance to go to Arsenal, you go. But the deal fell through and Tottenham came in." -- Michael Carrick

Ah the good old days. From a 60's edition of the Daily Mail: "A police officer kicked a man so hard in the face that the sole of his boot came off, it was claimed in Leeds County Court. The man, Mr John Marshall, was accussed of criminal damage to a police boot."

"I don't think Manchester City is a big enough job for Sam Allardyce. There is no club in this area - other than United - who are on the same footing as Bolton." -- Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside

"When you're watching tv and your replacement scores three, that's Zamora!" -- CP, GMB, Fulham vs Wolves prem 2011/12 season.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs still stalking the title faves
Ericksen super strike breaks the Palace grip
April 26, 2017
Crystal Palace 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Selhurst Park
Full time result

A noisy, vociferous night in deepest south-east London, with both sets of fans giving non-stop support to their respective heroes, and with Palace keeping Spurs at a distance from their goal it needed one of those laser-guided scorchers for Christian Eriksen, taking even the commentator by surprise, to break the deadlock and keep the Lilywhite flag flying as both Chelsea and Spurs add full pointage to their runaway battle of London for the very Premier League crown itself.

As said many time before but worth repeating, THFC can only concentrate on winning as many as possible to stay in the title chase, albeit a long shot. If Chelsea keep winning too, which they mostly are, there's not much that can be done about that.

Whatever the outcome, the mood is sky high for north London's top club right now and this was such a great night: to both win and to bury the disappointment of losing to the Blue Racists over the weekend. Instant bounce back time.

Check back for more, plus build up for the north London derby, followed by a trip to tax dodgers West Ham. It's all happening.

Pre-match: Palace have been getting some great results recently to ease themselves out of relegation fears, including games I've watched online when they've beaten Chelsea and Liverpool away and Arsenal at home, with Christian Benteke at times unstoppable. On recent form they must be one of the top performing Prem sides and yet Spurs should be able to get the win here, but by no means guaranteed of course. But we need to bounce back after the FA Cup semi defeat.

In the corresponding fixture last season The Spur's headline was "Alli luyha!" as THFC bounced back with 3 great goals, 2 of 'em "worldies", after going down at Selhurst Park.

Here's the review [and meanwhile only moments from kick off, so back with the reactions of today's game coming up soon]:

Well again I had to take off from watching the game at 1:1 and, as usual, Spurs win when I'm not witnessing the action. That could make me a hated man, because I do want to watch "live" when I can. The good news, in that respect, is that I've had to leave during the last two matches, so if it becomes a regular thing, the future is bright for the 'Whites.

What I missed seemed to be, from watching MOTD, a phenomenal finale from a shining Spurs, with Dele Alli absolutely outstanding: including a flick, turn, and volley goal that within hours had the entire online soccer world raving about it. A bit later he hit the bar with a shaver that would have rivaled what's already surely the actual goal of the season. Glad MOTD let me catch both him, Chadli, Aldy, Son, and many others putting in a great display to win 1:3. Watching those highlights again on Match Highlights, just wow. And those goals, dude.... [and Christian's even been practicing corners].

Going back to the equalizer, it was so textbook and they made it look so easy, but you gotta credit Nacer Chadli for popping up the perfect ball for Harry "Hotspur" Kane to rise up and head it in.

If you like to see deep defending, Palace is your ticket, based on this. But they break out, "counter" is the word I was looking for, very effectively, with Zaha among others demanding either class saves from Lloris or stout, at times frantic, defending from Spurs.

But we won it and showed some great play. It's good to watch these days. Talented players performing as a team with high morale, strong sense of camaraderie [gotta credit Poch in great part for this], and clicking big time as a team, not just a collection of individual talents.

But I'm still seeing an unwillingness to challenge for aerial balls in front of our goalmouth. Since Palace also suffered from this, not willing to go up with Kane for example for the equalizing goal, and the fact we were in goal-scoring mode, it didn't cost us points this time. But it has in previous games.

The Spur's FA CUP Semifinal 20016/17
Chelsea draw from their bench to win
Two stunning Spurs goals not enough
Sat, April 22, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Chelsea 4
Rob Francis watching

Pity Vorm couldn't be fit to continue his FA Cup run as goalkeeper because Lloris, though a great professional, held partially responsible for the first CFC goal from a free kick.

"What a header from Harry Kane! He makes it look so easy. Christian Eriksen manipulates the ball really well, but to get down that low and guide the ball is a superb header," texts Danny Murphy on the BBC Football play by play. Yes, a rip roaring start to this semifinal when "one of our own" equalized. Hardly a moment to catch the breath in this amazing spectacle, albeit with a tragic score, so far.

Despite Spurs gaining the upper hand after the predictable and costly wobbly start, Hueng-min Son concedes the penalty and Willian gets his second in a colossal blow to the Lilywhites.

Son, like a lot of the Spurs players, is a young up 'n coming star but youth will tend to make poorer decisions under pressure and he looked a bit out of place in the role he's playing.

Second half starts it looks like some of the Spurs fans have remained in the bar to drown their sorrows, but those that made it back to their seats are still clearly desperate for their side to sock it to the, uh, much disliked Blues.

And sock it they did, with a pin-point pass of the season from Christian Eriksen as Deli Ali races forward to slam it into the back of the net. Incredible atmosphere as the fans sing Alli's praises but really the man of the moment is Eriksen, that assist will live forever in Spurs history, along with the goal itself. Indeed both Spurs goals sensational.

Confident Chelsea haven't even brought Eden Hazard on yet. He's on now, along with Diego Costa. Sickening how mafia money can buy a bench like that.

Son off for Walker, Tripper moving to the left.

Hazard coming on and it all went downhill after that, he's unmarked from a corner and buries it, and then a fourth one finishes it off.

Pre-match: Both the biggest contests in the domestic calendar are boiling down to a battle between London's two current strongest clubs, and the first of the showdowns will be in the FA Cup. Will it be Chelsea or Spurs who win the semi and then very possibly win the final itself?
"Harry Kane makes
it look so easy."

The other even bigger showdown is the battle to be Premier league champions but that option is of course an outside long shot for the good guys, Tottenham Hotspur, but either way Chelsea are the prime obstacle in the quest.

In any event, since the Prem hangs on a string of results means that no single game is likely, on its own, to have the importance of this, the Cup semifinal battle between the two clubs this weekend.

So for us this very arguably is the biggest game of the season. It's the likeliest route to a long awaited trophy, albeit still a gargantuan ask.

It's a tough game to predict but for the first time in a long while Tottenham are not going in as underdogs. At the same time, it's hard to argue with the job Conte has done at Chelsea in a very short time, they're the real deal and on their day they're unstoppable.

But with the flair, the flow, and the confidence that we're showing, throw in the rub of the green, and it could be a Glory day for us.

For sure it's not going to be for the faint hearted.

Phil McNulty, BBC Football: "Will Pochettino detail someone like Eric Dier to shadow Hazard? I will be really intrigued to see if Pochettino tailors his usual approach to copy Mourinho's winning formula [as United beat CFC last weekend in the Prem] because I think the influence of players such as Hazard and Alli could decide the outcome at Wembley. Hazard is a magnificent footballer, a match-winner, so last Sunday at Old Trafford may just have been informative for Spurs."

Check back for more build-up.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs 4:0 Bournemouth
Janssen's fourth raises the roof
"Both sides
like to go
for goals"
Sat, April 15, 2015 (Ssn 2016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur vs
AFC Bournemouth
White Hart Lane, N17

Watching the match on replay, still early on a California morning in paradise, but not as ridic as getting up at fohr ferty, kno wot i mean, guv? And Spurs don't disappoint, about sixteen minutes in a hotly disputed corner kick, deliberately run out by the away defender, awarded to the home side at the Park Lane end and Eriksen takes his usual frustrating near post corner except this time, shock horror, it actually works, flicked centrally either by a Spurs or B'm'f player, almost certainly accidentally, and it falls to the weaker right foot of Mousa Dembele but he buries it good 'n propa.

Dembers had scorched the hands of the visiting keeper moments earlier and like so many of our men in white, he was looking to make a mark.

About three minutes later a nice combo involving hard pressing THFC nicking the ball deep in enemy territory, Kane's super accurate flick sets up Heung-min Son, shining again, with a beautiful goal from a tight angle, leading to the complex "secret handshake" celebration between the two. If they can work out that handshake, footie tactics must seem like a piece of cake by comparison.

Seven wins a row for Spurs? Will it be, equalling Bill Nicholson's record? It's on.

Eddie Howe, a good manager, must be shell-shocked but truth is the Cherries play a style that gives Spurs license to kill. Admittedly, he drew the sting from us last time for a nil-nil draw, but we're way beyond that scenario right now.

'Arf time. Put another cuppa on and see ya on the uvver side.

Second half kicks off, when the buffering has completed. And it looks like more of the same to the delight of the Lane faithful as, three minutes in, Tottenham go three up, superb build up with Spurs in full flight and passing the ball in style, finally into Harry Kane who turns his man and buries it. Dynamite stuff.

But wait, there's a finale as Vincent Janssen gets his first premier league goal in open play and raises the roof at White Lane with a stoppage time score that seems like the perfect ending for a wonderful display by the lively Lilywhites at the Lane.

Ta'rah for now.

Pre-match: The amazing home run is still intact with a twelfth home win in a row up for grabs.

BBC Football confirms Harry Kane is back to start, he loves to score against the Cherries and is looking for his 20th goal of the season.

Also Victor Wanyama is fit for THFC, and with Son Heung-min on fire as an attacking left midfielder, and Dele Alli in fine form, the Londoners look formidable. Did I mention Christian Eriksen or Eric Dier? It's scary stuff for any visitor at the minute.

Opponents Bournemouth have some injury worries adding to the already daunting challenge of trying to get anything from this game.

Which all augurs well for the Lilywhites as we stand in solid second place, in practice too far behind Chelsea -- they have games in hand as well as a significant points advantage -- but equally we would be gutted now to let slip that second spot with points and games advantage over Liverpool, who travel to The Hawthorns to face West Bromwich.

One thing already being celebrated by Spurs fans, the stigma of being supposedly "forever in Arsenal's shadow" is obliterated for this campaign. For us, it's been nothing short of magnificent, but of course the run-in has only just begun.

Bournemouth haven't beaten Tottenham in the league but they did manage that 0-0 draw in their most recent league encounter with us. They have struggled for points this season but will remain in the top flight and are a team that likes to play football and try to score goals, not known as "bus parkers".

Two of their players are touted by the likes of The Guardian as eye catchers, namely Joshua King up front and Steve Cook, likely future England first teamer, in central defence.

The Spur's Premiership 20016/17
Top class goals impress the Lane
THFC getting better, no sign of slump on radar
April 08, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Watford 0
video highlights
Check back for ongoing reactions

"Alli's goal was beautiful.......", "All goals was beautiful" says most of what I was going to react with, see highlights link above, but then fell asleep after late tennis on Friday night and then getting up at some insanely early time to catch this live. The things I do for Spurs.

Compared with this time last season, it's interesting to see we're in the same league position, 2nd, but with seven additional points, eight more goals, two less goals conceded, and 20 wins over last season's 17 victories. Even the "least impressive" stat there, our second place position, looks good because at this point [and I'm going into territory Spurs fans traditionally fear to tread] we have great confidence that we're not going into a Spursy end of season nosedive. There, I've stated it. Now let the chips fall as a they may [and April, too].

An upbeat mood at the Lane with some terrific goals to enjoy, a joyous sense of camaraderie among the players, and yes, they've "gelled".

SPUR OF THE MOMENT: Son Heung-min. Scored two, assisted, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm as usual, he's becoming an icon, up there with Alli and Kane as the biggest Spurs superstars.

Pre-match: Prior to the weekend's results, Spurs are second in the table and Watford a surprisingly high tenth, equal actually with the Saints though with a far inferior goal difference.

In the corresponding fixture last year, Spurs edged a 1:0 victory with Kane, Dembele, Dele Alli and Trippier combining for the only goal.

Alli coming on allowed him to be the assist passer, culminating from a great THFC team build-up movement that finally pierced the Watford bus.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs soccer tsunami sinks savvy Swans
Stunning very late comeback by THFC
Rob Francis watched online
April 05, 2017 (Ssn 2016/17)
Swansea City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 3
FULL TIME. On target attempts 1:8

Ex-Spur Wayne Routlege put the Swans ahead early doors and it was down to the last minute in regulation time when Spurs, trying and testing but totally toothless thus far, exploded into goal scoring action.

A mesmerizing, mindblowingly impressive climax that turned this match on its head and it's with great excitement to announce Tottenham man of the match as Vincent Janssen, he was involved in several of the goals and made a brilliant sub's appearance. Utterly stupendous way to finish for the Lilywhites that makes me wanna move back to England and buy a season ticket for the new stadium. That's how good Spurs were at the very end of this.

Swansea had done a great job of keeping the visitors at bay. For all the skillful Spurs build-up play the Welsh side really didn't allow the Londoners to get much clear site of the goal. Until the end, and then, frankly, they were swept away, overwhelmed, drowned, by a Spurs soccer tsunami. It was devastating.

Pre-match: Earlier this season we clobbered Swansea at the Lane, and last season this corresponding fixture finished 2:2, apparently "an absorbing spectacle, Tottenham probing away and Swansea generally content to wait their moment before countering." Sounds credible, I didn't witness it, because unfortunately a crazy schedule got in the way for yours truly.

I did see the goals and brief highlights on the online international sports news and it was great to see Eriksen regaining his skills, especially from dead balls, after his bout with injury.

This site noted at the time that "the chemistry is happening" and it proved to be true on an ongoing basis as Spurs have flourished since then to even greater heights with a side that's gelling, in full swing, and no signs so far of an end o' season collapse.

In last year's corresponding fixture The Spur also remarked that "Tottenham had more possession, and we had 11 on target shots compared with a measly 2 for Swans, one which went in. They needed Harry Kane's own goal to make up the numbers, so you could argue they were very lucky lads on this occasion."

From the brief high speed skim I saw later, Harry Kane looks burned out, to be honest. He was getting seriously overworked at the time but survived to tell the tale.

The season before that, our league visit to Swansea was a 1:2 win, and before that an excellent 1:3 win for Spurs as Tim Sherwood's reign went from strength to strength, with a brace from Adebayor.

All in all, we've got a great record against these guys.

Planet Swans forum

Swansea blog pierre91 was a good read in it's day but dried up many moons ago.

The Spur's Premiership 2016/17
Spurs battle to subdue Burnley
Full time: win for Spurs as Chelsea lose
April 1, 2017. Rob Francis widja.
Burnley 0
Tottenham H. 2

It took a while with Spurs players falling in droves to injuries but in the end the Lilywhites found a way through with a cool finish from Dier and Spurs in full flow for a glorious second that ensured all the points as the one club above us, Chelsea, lost in a three goal thriller as they couldn't find a way back against Crystal Palace who win 1:2 at the Bridge.

Pre-match: Last time I saw Spurs at Burnley was in the 4:2 loss at Turf Moor. It was back in the day when I was watching matches on online, and I was moaning about how bad it seemed compared with Setanta. This is amazing to think about, because now I think fondly of compared with the rather sad cord-puller service known as

Sling is much more stable than was, but to give just one example of how their service is inferior to what's come before is that their repository of stored matches and programs consists of, seriously: Man Utd v Burnley from earlier in the season, and tucked away somewhere else in their confusing layout, Bournemouth v Swansea from weeks ago.

And you still can't you can't timeshift matches. Just wow. Insulting.

Back to the Burnley v Spurs game, and more recently, on April 5 two years ago, THFC's most recent visit to Burnley resulted in a 0:0 Prem draw.

Check back for more updates and reactions.

The Spur's Premiership 2016/17
1st half burst edges out Southampton
Eriksen & Alli a touch too much for stubborn Saints
March 19, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Southampton 1
White Hart Lane
Final score. Done & dusted.

Arsenal lost while City and 'Pool could only eke out a point apeice, but Chelsea and United delivered the goods for their fans. Meanwhile Spurs showed they can hang with the pack, going two goals up in the first half with a quality Ericksen strike and a highly disputable penalty given for an alleged foul on actor's guild award winner Dele Alli. Meanwhile Saints were denied their own far more legitimate penalty call, so it has to be said, even by a Spurs lifetimer, the Lilywhites really needed the rub of the green to put this to bed, mixed metaphors aside.

Top of the highlight picks has got to be the first goal with world class control and vision from both the provider Dembele and the sublime Ericksen finish. There is an understanding developing amongst players in this squad that sometimes dazzles and delights, as this moment of glorious brilliance demonstrated.
Preview for Burnley away match coming soon  
The Spur

As of now it's only glimpses of an even higher plane of excellence that could be attained with greater individual and team consistency. Both those above mentioned players are known for roller coaster fluctuations in form, but when they're "on", they really are "on".

So it's ten trumpeted league home wins in a row for the mighty Lilywhites and, though Chelscum are nailed on for top spot, second place is there for the north Londoners to bag by avoiding a Spursy run-in collapse, though it looks like City will be a fierce competitor for #2.

Preview for Burnley away match coming soon. Preview for Burnley away match coming soon. Preview for Burnley away match coming soon.

The Spur's FA Cup
Spurs demolish Millwall
Son hat trick ensures Dockers get hit for six
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 6
Millwall 0
Updates coming in

After this brutally clinical performance from the Lilywhites the big challenge is yet to come -- overcoming the psychological block of progressing beyond the semifinals to make the actual Cup Final, and facing one of three fellow heavyweight clubs in the draw.

Son Hueng-min does a Harry Kane and nabs a hat trick, whilst the star Spurs striker himself has the alarm bells ringing by sustaining an injury.

Guardian poster: "Clinical stuff, and in this form I don't see any reason we can't push on and win this now. Would any other team fancy themselves favourites against us? An FA cup after our recent drought would be very nice indeed."

Even Vincent Janssen got in on the act.

Check back for more reactions, and the FA Cup semifinals draw.

Pre-match: A fitting fixture as the last Cup match ever to be held at the old White Hart Lane and, given that the historic and legendary Tottenham Hotspur ground will shortly be demolished to make way for the shiny new stadium, what better vistors to have than those of Millwall.

Many of their supporters work in the building trade and and are particularly noted for their expertise in the demolition aspect of the profession. I would imagine some of them will drive their Caterpillar digger trucks straight over from their respective construction sites. Thoughtful and willing to get stuck in, as always.

There may even be some football thrown in and Spurs have to be favourites to win.

For some reason I thought the Lions were in the Championship [2nd tier] but in fact they are, at the time of writing, in the League One [3rd tier] play-off spots.

Millwall's song:
"We're the best team in London,
No, the best team of all,
Everybody knows us, we've done **** all!

The Spur's Premiership 2016/17
Spurs scramble across winning line
In-form Kane nabs brace, plus Alli supergoal
March 05, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Everton 2
WHL, London N17
[Full time].

A surprise ending to a match that Spurs should have seen out without any undue drama erupted when Everton suddenly and dramatically came to life and ended up taking this game to the wire.

As Spurs seemed to be cruising towards a comfortable and largely untroubled two goal victory, Everton turned into a threat as Lukaku pulled one back with one his speciality drives that left Lloris flapping.

Suddenly Tottenham's easy home win was threatened, and even a superb Alli goal fed from a free-kick didn't take the pressure off for long as the visitors pulled back a second.

Finally the clock called time on Everton's unlikely revival but for a while this low-key stroll in the park was turned on its head with a raucous, nervy, and thoroughly exciting finale to a match that eventually lived up to and even exceeded expectations.

Harry Kane showed once again why he just got moved into the hallowed category of "best strikers in the world". Sometimes he makes it look so easy but he has an intuitive understanding of the exact place to be, based on the surrounding play, to pick up the ball, shoot, or tap it in. It really helps now that the supporting cast knows exactly how to set him up.

But equally important is that against opponents that like to play their own game, like Everton, the squad as a whole are really working and providing for each other. What they still lack is a way to cope with the teams that aggressively close them down and concentrate on how to stop Spurs gaining their rhythm. To get to the next level, they have to deal with the sides that go for the latter approach.

Pre-match: Ronald Koeman is a great example of why it's a thankless task to be a manager of a top flight club these days. After the Toffees' stuttering start to the season he got all sorts of grief from supporters not previously known for their impatience. Now that they're one of the most successful sides of the new year, and the realization is that he actually seems to know what he's doing, all on a limited budget, expectations have risen as the squad itself has proved to be one of the best emerging sides in the league.

The renaissance of the blue portion of Merseyside sets up a strong Sunday early morning fixture at White Hart Lane, where in theory at least, Everton's impressive 2017 start could come up against its first disappointment. Despite being unbeaten in nine Prem games, impressively demolishing Manchester City in January [also having beaten Arsenal in December], and putting six past Bournemouth at Goodison Park, they have recently been tending to draw away from home, which hints at a win for Spurs who are indisputably a cut above Boro, Stoke, and Hull, or for that matter Palace, whom Everton beat 0:1 away.

Spurs have missed Danny Rose but most of the other regulars should be back.

Meanwhile Everton have established a consistent line-up in their last couple of games and look set to to do the same here.

With both teams firing on all cylinders the signs are there for an interesting clash. Everton typically don't do wins against the Lilywhites, but they're becoming draw specialists away from home and although they won't park the bus, a point is probably what they're realistically eyeing for this visit to London.

BBC Football: "Tottenham could win nine consecutive home games in the Premier League for the first time." BBC computer prediction is 1:0 to the Tottenham.

Guardian: "Tottenham look unbeatable at White Hart Lane and the division's form side in Everton."

At the time of writing ten man Bournemouth have held Man Utd to a 1:1 draw [full time] at Old Trafford so the star signs are promising as the weekend's earliest result rolls in.

The Spur's FA Cup
Hat trick for Harry
High Rd shutters readied for Millwall visit
Feb 19, 2017 (Ssn 20016/17)
Fulham 0
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Craven Cottage
FS, Sling and others online

The draw for the Quarterfinals:
Chelsea v Manchester Utd
Middlesbrough v Manchester City
SPURS v Millwall
Arsenal v Lincoln

to be played March 10-13th

Reaction of the day: "I also think that Vorm's distribution puts us under less pressure. It was immaculate. No dallying, just crisp fast and precise passing when under pressure. That's Lloris's biggest fault." -- Dee Gee, Fighting Cock forum

Second half: Dele Alli the provider for the third goal, setting up Kane with a one-on-one with the keeper -- in today's form Harry doesn't miss. Hat trick.

What a way to bounce back after a tepid time for Tottenham recently. Fulham were generous in allowing the visitors to play their game, something denied by recent THFC opponents, namely Gent and Liverpool.

The dynamic duo combines again as Eriksen for the second time feeds Kane a great delivery for well taken goal number two.

First half: Quick Spurs throw-in from a fluffed FFC defensive pass leads to Christian Eriksen's nicely weighted cross to the face of the Hammersmith end goal and Kane just able to poke in the opener about 16 mins in, sparking the "Spurs are on their way to Wembley" anthem along with some vocal backing for Arsene Wenger to remain at the helm of Arsenal following their delightful capitulation in the Champions league a few days ago.

Pre-match: Fulham vs Spurs in the FA Cup. What a match-up. It conjures up images of Spurs playing at Craven Cottage. Of two teams who normally wear white shirts but with the away side obliged to wear an away strip. Meanwhile the Thames babbles its timeless song as geese frolic above the murky ripples.
All aboard the
special to the Cottage

BBC Football: "Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino believes Jan Vertonghen could be fit enough to return after missing six games with ankle ligament damage.

"Harry Kane suffered a minor knee injury in Thursday's defeat at Gent and is unlikely to be involved."

The 5th Round: THFC's psychological barrier BBC: "Tottenham have reached the fifth round for the second successive season. They last fared better in 2012 when they were beaten semi-finalists."

Sporting Life writer: "I was in awe of Tottenham's back-to-back Premier League wins over Chelsea and West Brom at the start of the year but those heady displays are becoming an increasingly distant memory following a series of less-than-stellar efforts."

Dried up
A Fulham win likely to add to Tottenham's woes? BBC: "It's far from unthinkable [with] a Fulham team firing in goals galore just as they've dried up for Spurs."

Fulham eye promotion challenge next season
Fulham appear to be having a good league season. Though miles behind the top two automatic promotion clubs they are, at the time of writing, six points shy of the lowest playoff spot held by Sheffield Wednesday. But they have the third best goal differential in the second division [the EFL Championship] behind only the two top teams.

Eighth in the table, the general view seems to be that the clubs below them don't pose any serious rivalry for playoff spots, but even if they do muscle into the top six it's hard to see the Cottagers beating superior playoff opponents. Interviewed prior to the Spurs Cup match on Sunday, their player, captain, former England senior player and ex-Spur Scott Parker says this season is all about building for next year's planned assault on promotion.

The Spur's Europa League
Gent in there
Gent leave Spurs mucho work to do
February 16, 2017, 10am Pacific (Ssn 2016/17)
Gent 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
USA: live on tv and internet

This was about as welcome as a Stella lager with the all the fizz gone flat.

Spurs went Gent-ly into the night with people scratching their heads as to how this collection of talented young players can turn in two away performances so abjectly lacking anything resembling a supposedly top level side.

Poch has a huge reservoir of goodwill from supporters who have witnessed with impressed amazement what seemed to be a transformation in the club since his being manager, but suddenly it looks like it might have been a fluke.

Are the Emperor's clothes, so tattered from these away performances, unthreading as rapidly as Ivanka Trump's beleaguered fashion line?

We'll look into why things are starting to go wrong in the build-up to the Fulham cup game and Stoke City prem match.

Second half: Tottenham's mediocre modern day European record continues so far as they trail by a goal to nil. Will the introduction of Son Hueng-min spark some kind of cutting edge into another toothless away effort?

First half: Half time, nil nil. Spurs free of being ruthlessly closed down as they were at Liverpool, yet still unable to make much of an impression so far against a Gent side struggling in their Belgian league and missing some key players.

Disappointing so far from what should be the solid favourites THFC. Great away fan turnout with not much to crow about, while the Flemish fans provide plenty of chanting and in good mood - nothing to lose, all to gain attitude.

Gent apparently have leaked more goals in the Europa league that any other team left in the competition, yet Tottenham have made little impact on their goal with half an hour gone.

Still, for all the lameness, if it stays nil-nil the Londoners have the edge, but by no means guaranteed, for the second leg of this Round of 32.

Pre-match: Ladies, fish, and Gent-lemen, another glorious Europa day in which Spurs can keep the festivities of north London in full tilt, with the celebrations of Woolwich Arsenal's whimpering elimination, in effect, from the champion's league last night.

It needs to be better than the tactical fiasco at Liverpool that had untold millions questioning the very meaning of existence. "Tottenham were rubbish," was the nicest thing any commentator had said on that awful day last weekend.

It's actually a great chance to show we're not already into our "end of the season slump" way too early in the calendar.

League Match 2016-2017
Spurs have Mane Mane problems
THFC's attempted pressing game ripped apart, played into Klopp's hands
February 11, 2017 (Ssn 20016/17)
Liverpool 2
Tottenham H. 0
Anfield, Liverpool. 9.30am US Pacific time.
USA: Live online & TV

That was the most abject load of rubbish I've ever had to endure watching a football game in a long long time. I can never get that 75 minutes back [started watching later in the 1st half]. Though it cost me nothing to watch, I felt the price was far too high. The price to my psyche. To my sense of the cosmos. To my belief that humans are, essentially, er, whatever.

If I ever have to watch Hugo effing Lloris roll the ball out to a nearby Spurs player who has already been closed down before the ball even reaches him, and either loses the ball or it goes into touch for an opposition throw, or we get dangerously bogged down in front of our own goal, it could be the end of my mental stability.

I could have been playing glorious tennis instead on a rare sunny day between endless rainstorms that are doing little to end the Californian drought but are creating a mass epidemic of cabin fever in the promised land.

Did I mention that that tedious excuse of an event was a truly abysmal Spurs performance and a diabolically horrendous game of football?

Liverpool know we are obsessed with passing out from the back and that we cannot cope with being aggressively closed down. As a result we had no discernible supply line and consequently we created almost nothing. We never got going, and we never tried anything different when it was obvious we were in deep trouble and rendered impotent. For Spurs it was a non-event.

Our pressing game is too easy to unlock and the shirts in white appeared to be getting swept away by a much better organized red tide. It was embarrassing.

Klopp must have been surprised by how easily we played into his hands. Usually the other managers figure him out, but we gave him our pride on a silver platter.

Pre-match: Spurs fan on the Liverpool forum: "Despite your dodgy form of late, I can't say I'm looking forward to this one at all. We've really struggled against you in our recent matchups - home and away. Bizarrely we usually came off quite well when Redknapp was in charge!" Liverpool response: "That is indeed bizarre."

Liverpool beat Spurs at Anfield earlier this season in the League Cup and it seemed a fairly easy encounter for the home side.

But Poch is a priorities man who knows the score and he will be taking the Prem a lot more seriously than the far lesser of the two domestic knockout competitions, so that loss doesn't really tell us much.

In that cup game it was, more or less, a Spurs 2nd XI who didn't have the guile or the wherewithal to make any real dent in Liverpool's shape and intention.

This match should prove vastly more entertaining because both clubs know this is a Prem with big implications.

Spurs may be too far behind CFC to win the title but a stunning second place finish would be simply phenomenal for the club, whilst the jittery hosts simply need to start succeeding again, especially at home, as they battle to get back into the coveted top four, with both their own fans and resurgent Manchester United suddenly breathing down their necks.

With six clubs looking for those four CL places, much of the media has Arsenal and 'Pool to be the two likeliest casualties.

We know that both clubs are inconsistent. Candidly, Chelsea are the only side in the league that are predictably successful, their visit to White Hart Lane excepted.

Surprisingly perhaps, with their shaky record since the new year, only a few points separate us from the lower placed Reds. We're somewhat better on paper. If I had to guess the outcome I'd say with home advantage for them, but us in better form, a draw looks most likely.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs need penalty to bust Boro
Harry's hot spot kick the difference
Feb 04, 2017 [Season 2016/17]
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Middlesbrough 0
Various online
by Rob Francis

Saw this match on the road and a rare chance to watch an actual giant screen TV instead of my usual laptop.

It wasn't much to write home about. Boro's astute, defiant even, defence was impenetrable by any means of open play so the penalty was, ultimately, the deserved outcome of almost constant pressure, with Victor Wanyama the architect of much of what was going on, that would likely goad the visitors into making that one rash move to prize open their goal via the punitive legal route. That happened in the 58th minute when Son Heung-min, whose pace and hi-energy runs plagued the resilient but dour north-eastern side's defensive shell, was unceremoniously upended about 13 minutes into the second half.

Kane was clinical with the penalty kick and the celebration at the Lane was more about dispelling the anxious atmosphere than unbridled jubilation.

Sometimes it just has to be about grinding out the result, what every team has to do to win a place at the top, or more realistically for THFC, the the three coveted succeeding places.

But it's back to the European theatre soon, something some of our rivals for Top 4 don't have to contend with.

Meanwhile Chelsea go marching on, but by beating Arsenal on a day when Liverpool also lost, it's once again a weekend where results elsewhere helped Spurs dream the wild dream. Can it happen: finishing second and above Arsenal, instead of scraping 4th and allowing the gooners to gloat? Still a long way to go, but this is another step on an upbeat weekend.

Let's enjoy it while we can -- 'coz away to Liverpool in the next league match is never easy, even with Klopp's army floundering currently.

Pre-match: Christian Eriksen says Spurs looking for a strong season finish. BBC Football reminds us Rose and Vertonghen still injured.
It is about us.
Mauricio Pochettino, THFC manager

Spurs are in form but the away draw against bottom of the table Sunderland was perceived as a disappointment.

It's a weird feeling that we are talked about as the team challenging Chelsea for the title. In reality, Chelsea are nailed on to win it, and for us to finish #2 would be welcome with open arms. But the media has to make it seem the Prem title is still up for grabs since, of course, a one-horse race is not good for business [Russian oligarchs excepted].

We've apparently beaten Boro in the last two league meetings with them, but they have a good record of minimizing goals conceded away from home, and it's probably going to be one of those park the bus days where the visitors hope to nab one on the break.

Middlesbrough have drawn three of their last six league games, losing the balance.

The Spur's Premiership
Sunderland 0 Spurs 0
Arsenal lose, LFC 1 CFC1
January 31, 2017 (Ssn 2016/17)
Sunderland 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
More reactions to follow

The away draw means most of the talk is about the other clubs' matches and at least we got a point more than Arsenal managed, losing 1:2 at home to Watford, allowing THFC to swap positions and jump into the number two position behind Chelsea.

The shared points at Anfield meant only two point dished out between Liverpool and Chelsea so not too bad from a Lilywhites perspective.

FA Cup:

Amazing comeback from Spurs 4:3 over Wycombe

Sunderland fan's view from salut sunderland: "Our best chances came in the first half. In the second half Spurs turned the screw a bit more and made it difficult. We wanted to win, but we also had to make sure that we didnŐt lose, so it becomes a fine balance."

Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge.

Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge. Check back for more reactions and build up to the next Spurs challenge.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs spurvive City onslaught
MCFC, desperate for win, claim injustice
January 21, 2017 [Season 2016/17]
Manchester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Various TV & online @ 9.30a US pacific
by Rob Francis

As a Mancunian caller said on Talksport after the match, "football was the winner today".

Two goals down and outclassed by a City side dramatically superior on the day, Spurs nonetheless bounced back to ultimately take a point with a beautiful second equalizing goal, this time pummeled in by Hueng-min Son, deliciously set up by Christian Ericksen by way of a magically deft redirection from the ever alert Harry Kane.

Moments earlier the visitors benefited from the ref's crowd-stopping denial of a blatant penalty foul by Walker, one of many "curious" decisions, thought that was not the adjective being employed in Citizen circles.
Son shines
again on TV

The ref was not the only one feeling kindly towards the Lilywhites. Fate itself conspired some wonderful results elsewhere, notably Liverpool losing at home to Swansea [eat your heart out Bob Bradley], and United held to a draw at Stoke.

Pre-match: If Chelsea at home was the biggest game at WHL so far this season, Tottenham Hotspur's visit to Manchester City is indubitably the most pivotal league undertaking on enemy turf so far.

Not just because it's a visit to the country's most expensively assembled outfit, but because a win here would surely signal Spurs as bigger favorites to challenge Chelsea for this year's title than City themselves.

It would signal nothing less than a sea change for Spurs, where the goal of Top 4 is credibly replaced with, gasp, a title run itself.

And we can start seriously contemplating as realistic a finish above Arsenal, themselves in strong form, but let's not mess with fate with this line of thinking, just yet.

Check back for more build up and then the reactions after this massive showdown. Check back for more build up and then the reactions after this massive showdown. Check back for more build up and then the reactions after this massive showdown. Check back for more build up and then the reactions after this massive showdown.

The Spur's Premiership
Confirmed, THFC are on fire
Up to 2nd place, but will we end up being Spursy?
January 14, 2017 (Ssn 20016/17)
Tottenham H. 4
West Bromwich Alb. 0
WHL, London N17. RF watched.

"When Spurs play this well they render the opposition totally irrelevant," gasped The Independent. The comments section was equally bubbly, but consisted of a post enthusing about how much money you can make from home by feeding an alt-right troll based in Tokelau, and the other post congratulating Spurs on going above Tottenham. Or something. Never has such an elaborate web site been created for so few. The Independent, that is.

Couldn't make it for the 4.30am live showing in my neck of the woods but saw a lot of the game on matchlight, zipping through it for the first scan and hope to rewatch over the weekend.

It's really incredible that after decades of Spurs being really really Spursy most of the time, that in my old age [well, almost] I am watching a different animal. Not myself in the mirror, but Tottenham Hotspur actually being what we've watched Man Utd being for most of that generally barren [for us] time....

... lots of exciting and dynamic football with individual star talent combining within a framework of great collective team understanding. A management with both a vision and the talent to make it happen. Owners who are not the wealthiest in the league by a long chalk but who have contributed to make the stadium dream an emerging reality. A manager who's creating an entertaining and highly competitive footballing side.

But also a team that seems capable of grinding out results on bad days [not applicable to this game of course, Tottenham were very good], and, despite the talented stars, a side that can get results irrespective of players sidelined through injury or ineligibility on any given match day.

But I suppose these are not in themselves "core Spursyness", that's more like when we have everything going for us, but bottle it, fall apart. It's actually, on second thoughts, still too early in the season to tell if we're Spursy or not any more. But we can at least feel confident that it's less likely to happen.

That comes off as a bit mealy mouthed given the great run we're on and that we are I believe nine points or so better off than this time last season.

But the real test is whether all this is going to add up to something. There are six big clubs in the Prem right now vying for four spots, and only one can win the title [they're called Chelsea, unfortunately]. Spursy would be to fly even higher and then still not end up in the top four.... or getting to a cup final or semi-final and getting pulverized.

Well, it makes it all the more interesting that we don't really know yet.

Pre-match: West Bromwich Albion are doing quite well at eighth spot, but with our home advantage, vastly superior points and goal differential total, it's another one we absolutely should be bagging [because they're the Baggies? -- Ed.].

Spurs are building a solid winning streak and the some of the key players are hitting form at a crucial time for the club, which had been in danger of slipping too far behind the front runners. No problemo -- the Lilywhites roared back in breathtaking style crowned by beating top placed Chelsea in one of the most exciting showdowns I've ever watched as a Spurs fan. Going in, we're third in the table.

Looks like Albion have won three of their last 5 league matches. Not bad at all.

TOTTENHAM TURFIE'S PREDICTION: The electric atmosphere of the hugely hyped Chelsea match won't be there so Spurs have to psyche themselves into playing with the intensity and focus they showed in the big derby. [He forgot to make a prediction. 4:0 perhaps? -- Ed.]

The Spur's FA Cup
THFC show mettle to see FA Cup win
Good try from Villa, but Spurs prove resilient
January 08, 2017 (Ssn 2016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Aston Villa 0
WHL, London N17
By Dremo Hurdle

Impossible to avoid the feeling of anti-climax after the gargantuan and epic triumph over Chelsea in the all-important league match on Wednesday.

We all know Spurs are a famous FA Cup side yet at the same time, apart from the occasional glory day it gives to a small club scalping a top flight team or other giant-killing act, the financial realities of today's professional football have reduced the domestic knock-outs to an also-ran status. It's no secret that the League Cup is already considered an irritant, while this FA Cup is still big enough to care about, but not to risk most of the top talent.

It does however allow for a much larger away support and with an historically major side like Villa, not to mention less pedigreed Plymouth and other clubs who bring legions of traveling Cup fans, they will inevitably dominate the chanting and singing, such as there was of it.

And on the plus side it is great to know that our back-up players and the fresh talent coming through the youth system can more than hold their own against what is now a decent mid-table second tier side.

But all eyes are really on our next league match involving West Bromwich Albion and this, while a nice result, came a bit too soon after beating the league leaders in a frenzied and exhausting [even for the fans] historic London derby. We all need a winter break, mate. Still, one way or the other, like the terrace song goes, Spurs are indeed on their way to Wembley.

Pre-match: Spurs vs Villa in the FA Cup live online. On my system it's on a channel called "FS1", which has an absolute slew of FA Cup cames rolling across the weekend. Who'd have thought Sutton United would ever be getting official airplay on an American sports channel? Or, on FS2, Barrow vs Rochdale. Hell, I'm quitting my job to watch all this football. Interesting times if we survive long enough to see it all unfold.

But these channels could be called something or anything else on other systems because the online delivery world is in major flux at the moment in the USA as, finally, the weight of the cord-cutters is precipitating a shake-up of the former cable TV world with media companies finally getting the message: wise up and serve the digital cordless viewer, or die. New packages, changed packages, matches advertised that don't actually appear, scads of surprise bonus matches that were never listed, things are changing on an almost weekly basis. It's like a futuristic wild west out here in hyperspace.

Taken from a league match report of our home game against Villa back in November 2015: "We've certainly unearthed a bargain-priced gem in Dele Alli, and that goal of his, THFC's second of the game, was very cooly taken. Rather brilliant."

The Spur's Premiership 2016/17
Sensational Spurs
Alli brace as THFC destroys Racists' unbeaten run
Jan 04, 2017 (Ssn 2016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Blue Racists 0
White Hart Lane, London N17
US online live: various. More reactions coming up.

Tony Cascarino put it well on the radio with "this is the night the young players of Tottenham grew up", unlike our performance at the Bridge last season and at the end of the season falling apart.

This was indeed a more psychologically mature and controlled performance, but without sacrificing any energy or hunger as the home players closed down and made it first to the ball so often, visibly phasing the hated visitors.

Well gonna take a break after that superbness and catch up with some stuff but will have Five Live and then Talksport on to keep the party going, and back with more reactions soon.

Even better than a classic old school FA Cup Final with pulsating atmosphere and just couldn't take my eyes off a single second of this almost constantly relentless hi-energy encounter.

This was a match the whole football world seemed to be watching and the players in lillywhite and midnight blue rose to the occasion in a way that reflected the glory days of Nicholson's double winning era -- not an exaggeration.

Incredible match with a glorious victory for super Spurs. Alli and all the players absolutely magnificent. Massive result of the biggest match of the season. Chelsea's shameful run of unbeaten matches was stamped out as the pride of North London go to third in the Prem after this huge result.

Kane, Alli, Dembele off to standing ovations. Edge of the seat stuff as CFC working full on to find a way to get one back.

A second brilliant goal from Dele Alli with Eriksen and Walker involved again. The Lane erupts. Alli becoming a goalscoring machine. Absolutely breathtaking clash. Pochettino officially elevated to god status.

Brilliant goal from Dele Alli, in first half stoppage time, provided by Eriksen and Walker. Great team effort capped by superb individual finishing. One-nil, and good triumphs over evil for now. Half time.

Incredibly tightly fought battle with some real opportunities with a great Eriksen shot that went narrowly wide, and later Dier heading a free-kick back into the mixer but no THFC player able to bang it in.

The future of the world was apparently on Tottenham Hotspur's shoulders, so no pressure. Not as if the galaxy is endangered by all that Chelsea FC represents.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Tied. Obviously Alli's brace makes him the media Spur of the moment, but Victor Wanyama was another magnificent performer, though in fairness the whole side deserves the nod.

Pre-match: This is one of those rare occasions where the good guys and the bad guys are clearly delineated and square off. Good vs evil. Free democracy vs Trumpism. Democratic fair play vs Republicant gerrymandering. Fairly gotten gains vs Launderism. Lib Dems vs British National Front Party. USA/UK/Europe vs Russia. Modern secular liberalism vs pre-renaissance reactionist deism.

This is one of those wonderful fixtures, because in a world of shades of grey, this London derby is a good straightforward unequivocal case of 100% total good vs 100% pure evil being fought on the hallowed turf of WHL where everyone knows which is which. Pantomime cheering and booing. Opioid addled zombies with royal blue insignia making alt-right salutes getting herded around on the busy high road as trash of all kinds rains down on their pot bellies and swastika emblazoned scalps. It's got it all and so much more.

By the way, since they just got convicted, who can forget the delightful group of Chelscummers caught on video chanting "We're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it" on the Paris metro? If anyone is surprised that Chelsea supporters could do this, you've never been anywhere near a match involving this vile club. Try a visit to West Ham and Millwall while you're at it, too.

Of course in the real world good doesn't always triumph. On the contrary, the human race is rapidly going down the tubes. But a triumph on Wednesday is a small blow, an albiet dimly lit and flickering lamp, a small but strengthening ray of hope that maybe, just maybe, that lamp will ultimately illuminate the path to the pure land.

The Spur's Premiership 2016/17
Spurs whack wobbly Watford
Lilywhites more than keeping up with rivals
Sun, Jan 1, 2017 (Ssn 2016/17)
Watford 1
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Vicarage Rd, Watford

Another one-four win to add to the Saints victory is perhaps the most satisfying result of the season because we have just seen Spurs not bottle it, not be Spursy, at a pivotal juncture in their season when they just had to win, both from a points tally and a psychological perspective.

Kane and Trippier and Kane and Alli combining to become dynamic duos to create goals for which the injury ravaged home side simply had no answer, except at the end when it was much too late.

Pre-match: Insanely early time for west coast Americans but hopefully werf it.

Really interesting to see the BBC Football article on "2016 champions are..." which shows the Lilywhites boasting a fourth place behind Man Utd at #3, Liverpool #2, and Chelscum as champions. We ended up two points ahead of fifth placed Arsenal and Citeh in sixth spot.

That actually really makes me feel good. Especially as a 2016 table places Watters second to bottom [after Palace]. Nothing against them, but it shows their hey day seems to be over, whilst we are the up and up.

That 2016 overview also shows we had the meanest defence and the third highest possession rate of any prem side. Cool.

So anyway onward and upward, we hope, and looking forward to the match.

BBC Football also points out that Watford have a massive injury crisis that could leave them fielding almost their B team with only couple of regulars still fit and kicking.

Meanwhile we get who, in my opinion, is perhaps our most valuable player back in action: Toby Alderweireld.

Son Hueng-min was our hero last season in this fixture and there's really every reason to be optimistic about our chances in the short geographical trip from the north-east to north-west outer London sprawl.

The bit from the Beeb I really love: "Tottenham have earned 71 points from 37 games in 2016, which is their highest tally in a calendar year since the Premier League began."

The problem is the rivals around us are generally doing extremely well, too, with the exception of somewhat stuttering Man City. But their traditional rivals United and Liverpool are on fire and there's too many clubs vying for the top four spots. It's brutal up there.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs gallop to victory
Potentially stern test fails to materialize
December 28, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17)
Southampton 1
Tottenham Hotspur 4
St Mary's
ONLINE: Various incl. Sling TV

Poch set to swoop for Zaha

Only got to catch the last ten minutes after playing tennis so looking forward to seeing the replay -- they showed Alli's header already and his brace obviously massive for the club making him man of the match.

It was always gonna be tough for the home side after getting someone sent off early in the 2nd half for last man fouling in the box and allegedly denying a goalscoring opportunity. Regarding that penalty and red card controversy I'd have to see it again but until then it looked like the Saints player lost his balance in making the contact that upset Alli's shot so that makes the ref's decision harsh, but it must have been a tough call. But if the ref dallies making such a critical call then he's already got a serious credibility problem.

Finally they showed all the highlights and some great goals, and lots of headers, with Alli in particular showing bravery, talent, amazing fitness and quick reaction, especially to be so assertive in the air.

2:5 shots on goal in Tottenham's favor as Spurs trailed to an early goal but bounced back with the sending off being pivotal as would be expected.

What a terrific result which keeps us right behind the Arsenal and still in the fight for a top 4 place, despite how good Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea look, with City also grinding out results even when they're not on form, and Arsenal getting their win too.

Pre-match: No question that Southampton away are a tougher proposition than Hull and Burnley at home yet an away win on the south coast is so essential with the other top clubs all on a roll.

It's all about creating chances and putting them away. Thank you and goodnight.

Both sides are winning games, but Spurs have been struggling away. Saints are strong on their patch but they're the type of side that, at home, like to surge forward and that should allow THFC space to respond with creativity and expansiveness if the visitors choose, or can.

If we lose there's a gap opening up as the top four start to seriously break out from the pack, with the pack itself now only offering two credible contenders: Spurs, the great unfinished project, and the impressively performing Red Devils.

Rob F will be watching.

The Spur's Premiership
2:1 Final Score
Spurs beat Burnley
December 18, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17), Rob F. to watch
Tottenham H. vs

Hard fought win apparently, highlighting the lack of sufficient firepower up front. Zaha in the window just what the doctor ordered.

Feed died so had to settle for a technicolor quality view of Man City beating Arsenal so not a total disaster, especially as it ended up with a THFC win and Gooner loss.

About to show the goals from around the grounds and the City feed showed the last few minutes of action at the Lane. Next time it's on that US channel I will have a guaranteed fully functioning feed so overall life is good.

Now having to listen to too many people babbling away, how many players need to be interviewed instead of showing the Spurs goals? Thankfully Arsene nowhere to be seen. Oh wait, they hunted him down for his excuses. "Bad decisions. I look at the goals, both offside. 2nd one is 5 yards offside. What I can I do? We have to look at ourselves." Okay. I'm looking. Not necessarily a pretty sight, but howz about the day's goals?

Anyway THFC still unbeaten at home halfway thru the season. Down to Southampton next.

"Goals from the Lane coming up next, right after the break". Great that we get music instead of lame commercials for the online break via Sling. Quite pleasant if repetitive instrumental. Now they're back but with more interviews, now it's someone who isn't a player, manager, or any of the TV team. Generic person with opinions.

Finally the brief Spurs highlights with Sissoko, Alli, and Rose all showing the talent we know they have. Nothing quite like that third goal by Southampton at Bournemouth, though.

Merseyside derby tomorrow. Stick it to 'em, Toffees.

Spurs 3, Hull 0
Wed, December 14, 2016
Tottenham Hotspur 3:0 Hull City [Premier league]

A feed that was surprisingly difficult to hold meant that Palace vs Man Utd was on way more than the Spurs vs Hull match, but so be it when you're on the run.

So it was only after the Palace game was over that I got to admire the outstanding sequence of passes [later read on The Guardian it was 30. Is that a record number of passes leading to a goal for Spurs in the Prem? Anyway, really the treat of the match was watching the playback of this sequence and the classy assist and finish. Endless passing if it's not leading anywhere can get frustrating, but when it culminates in the all important first Eriksen goal in a match like this, it's exhilarating to see and makes the players involved look like geniuses.

Eventually, well into the second half, Spurs surged ahead to clinch the deal - it's a Christian Eriksen brace. He's bang in form again. And Wanyama makes it three, with Eriksen the provider, his shot coming back off the post from his free-kick. Thanks to the lousy feed I actually thought he'd scored a hat trick for a while: yes it was that unusually bad. Russians must be busy.

All the "big" sides winning now including Man Utd with a great 2nd goal, and the ref has been incredibly favorable to [amazingly enough] their opponents Palace, currrently 1:2 there at Selhurst Park. So what's so unpredictable about the Prem, eh? No upsets whatsoever.

Pre-match: Amazing comeback by Everton after trailing Arsenal on Monday night, and things got really cazy with end to end stuff in stoppage time. Good match to watch and such a useful result for EFC and THFC, as long as the Toffees don't get too good, and like us they're still unbeaten in the league at home [but their away form sucks].

Now it's time for the icing on the cake, to vanquish hella beatable Hull, the visitors going into this second from bottom of the table with by far the worst goal difference of all.

But we face a familiar problem, several ex-Spurs could feature including Michael Dawson and they tend to cause problems. On the other hand, Swansea ex-Spur Gylfi Sigurdson, who was in form coming into the Spurs game recently at the Lane, made surprisingly little impact as The Swans were soundly sunk.

Press says Dembele was inured against ManUre.

This in theory is just the fixture you want after a grueling November and December so far playing some of the giants, and big local derbies, and actually not coming out of it too bad, in fact doing at least as well as last season so far.

But the loss to United was a sobering reality check and everyone will be on edge to secure a rare victory, especially as the Yorkshire visitors are massively suspect in defence, especially away from home.

But it's one of those no-win deals for the players. If they win it won't be hailed as winning a cup final, even though every league game these days kinda is one, and if they lose... the expectant fans probably won't be, uh, very nice to them. "The amount you ******* get paid!? 'Ave some ******* pride in the shirt" and all that.

Apparently in all contests Spurs have won only 3 of 13 matches. I knew winning was proving difficult, but that really is alarming.

Well with two home matches: Hull today and Burnley on Saturday, this is obviously a massive opportunity to rejoin the top mob. Now though, the minor effort of actually securing six precious points.

The Spur's Premiership
United hit form for Spurs visit
Reality check for Lilywhites at OT
Sun, Dec 11, 2016 (Ssn 20016/17) 6:15am US pacific
Manchester United 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Old Trafford
Rob Francis watched

I gotta hand it to Mourinho -- I was wrong. He may be the right person for United. They only waited for this game to kick in, and in the process made Spurs look decidedly second best. What looks on paper like a narrow one-nil home victory was in fact a clinical outmaneuvering. I dread to think of life without Alderweireld.

I can only recall one real chance for us, when Wanyama failed to convert. Other than that, United closed us down, meanwhile playing a convincing passing game with an understanding, cohesion, energy and penetration that by contrast was glaringly lacking in Poch's crew.

It was a definite reality check for me and I think for the THFC players, too. Sissoko may still have latent potential but he's not even on the same planet as some of their recent signings, like Mkhitaryan for example.

All a bit sad, but just saw Liverpool only managed a home draw with West Ham, and yesterday even City looked Spursy, so we roll on to try to gain points from more beatable teams like Hull and Burnley, both on the menu in the next several days.

Saw Zaha for Palace score that goal yesterday against Hull and that's the kind of flair player we could have afforded, was once available for us to nab, and would've made the difference for us in games where we look pedestrian. Not just the goal, but look at the pinpoint cross he provided for another of Palace's goals. Sublime.

Pre-match: tactical arena. Manchester United are emerging as our main rivals, along with Liverpool, for the fourth place spot that is realistically our best possible outcome for the league season.

Chelsea and Man City have world class squads assembled with the kind of dosh that no other club in England can even come close to. Moreover, much as it hurts to admit, Wenger has done a great job on a more limited budget to create an Arsenal side that, if not world class, does what it needs to do, often with impressive individual and collective skill.

Us, Man Utd, and Liverpool do not quite fit into that top tier, so we have to fight it out for the other Champions league spot. United have spent shedloads but they aren't the finished product, many of their big ticket names have not made the grade, and Mouri at the helm is not who they need. Liverpool are on an upward trajectory with a talented manager but don't have the consistency. The same applies to us, plus [Harry excepted] we don't have the firepower up front.

Prior to the weekend prem fixtures West Brom and Everton are only one point shy of Man Utd and Stoke only two points behind the Red Devils, but it would be a shock if any ot those three emerged as genuine contenders for the top four, not least because Stoke are already 11 points off the fourth club's current tally with WBA and the Toffees ten behind.

Meanwhile we are six points to the good of our Sunday hosts with a whopping 11 goal difference advantage.

That goal difference must be a huge concern for United. To be only +3 with 14 games played is close to disastrous for such a recently massive club.

It'll be great to see Toby Alderweireld back in premiership action, and for United it seems Carrick and Valencia were rested on Thursday presumably to feature against us.

Most pundits on the web who make predictions seem to have this one down as a draw, which is the safe bet that I think I'll go for this time. Second thoughts, actually not, Spurs win, all the way.

Wed, December 7, 2016
Happy Spursdays
are back again
Farewell Champs league. Hello Cleveland! Europa anyway.
Tottenham Hotspur 3:1 CSKA
11.45a pacific
by Syd "The Kid"

Just as many are getting cold feet about a hard Brexit, Tottenham opted for a soft landing into the Europa league rather than bid a fond "up yours" to the Continent.

That means the club's league season just got tougher when it could have got a whole lot more do-able.

It seems "you can take the Europa league out of Spurs, but you can't take Spurs out of the Europa League."

In north-east London they've even renamed the fifth day of the week Spursday because instead of having fun and enjoying life we'll pretend to be studying with fascination the curious tactics of the likes of FC Qarabag and playing in countries that might change dictators or even their names between take-off and landing.

Bring it on. And in the meantime, instead of storming into the top four, we'll land right back in the spot that gets rewarded with, you guessed it, the Europa league next year. Again. Brill. And apparently we've broken the new Wembley jinx too. All this in one day, while I was playing tennis. Need a lie down. From the tennis.

Check back for build-up to the season's biggest encounter so far - Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur happening on Sunday at 6:15am US Pacific time.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs sink sorry Swans 5:0
Kane & Eriksen braces & Son-sational hooked volley has Bradley singing possible swan song

Tottenham Hotspur 5
Swansea City 0
Dec 3, 2016. US online: Sling Blue.
Rob Francis watched

Late Everton penalty a big favour to Spurs as Man United, arguably our biggest rival for the fourth spot after Liverpool, take only one point at Goodison Park.

Okay back after having to leave early and Spurs managed a fifth after I blew the scene. Not bad.

Had to dash before the end but at four goals up with minutes to play I think I can leave it for you guys to steer it over the line. Back soon.

Pre-match: I've been hoping Swansea's American manager Bob Bradley can get the Welsh side out of their relegation mire, partly because it's interesting as a US based THFC fan to see him having a pop in the Prem, but also because The Swans are still a partially supporter owned and run club [though apparently this has diminished over recent years]. They have also tried to play decent football since making it to the top flight, at least in their matches that I've caught online or on TV.

But all of that goodwill is suspended for this one match, even though a City defeat will pile more pressure onto the beleaguered Yankee gaffer.

If memory serves we've tended to eke out narrow wins over them at the Lane in recent years, and one likes to think that, this time, a win at home will be easier to come by, given the gulf between us in the table. The Jacks sold out their reduced away allocation of 2,000 for Saturday's match.

In what was one of the most entertaining Prem matches I've ever seen they beat Palace 5:4 at home last weekend.

I totally agree with Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino that the Lilywhites were too quick to sell Gylfi Sigurdson. He's been great with The Swans both in terms of footballing ability but also for his knack of rallying teammates into coherent action. We ourselves are missing that kind of reliably galvanizing, motivating player.

But even if Gylfi rises to the occasion for the visitors, Spurs boast a toweringly successful record against the south Wales side and it would be an upset even if THFC were held to a draw at the Lane for this encounter.

It's gotta be three points in the bag. It may be a crucial clash in Bradley's quest to survive in the Prem, but we really need the full points in matches like this to stand any hope of keeping in touch with the front runners at the top of the table.

Swansea fans site.

Chelsea 2 Spurs 1 [Full time]
Quality strikes from Eriksen & Pedro, Moses open goal
Nov 26, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17)
Blue Racists 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
National Front Bridge
US TV/online live: various. 9.30am LA/SF/Satl/Vanc

All in all a creditable performance but the slightly higher quality of the Russian oil brigands' acquisitions and the travails of our European commitments combined to permit the home side to weather Tottenham's lively start and steer the game safely home, denying a decent performance by the visitors any ultimate reward.

Great away support despite the loss of the unbeaten run. Probably one of the hardest tests CFC have faced in the league and a lot to be optimistic about as Lilywhites.

Second half: Holy Moses, Spurs defence has fallen apart from the get-go at the start of the 2nd half. An easy score for the Nigerian international with all the space in the world in front of goal, as did Alonso moments later but somehow managed to miss the gaping target.

The Moses goal shows the drawback of losing possession when your wing backs are way up front. Wimmer did well to track back in time but Son had a chance to sprint over and block Moses yet never sprang into action. Even if he he had, CFC had yet another unmarked player in that wide open space to the right of the Spurs goal.

The cricket score we feared could be unleashed as Spurs suddenly looking fatigued from the midweek European exit [turned out it never did become one-sided and, as mentioned above, that reflects well on THFC]. But talking of high scores, howz about that Swansea vs Palace game that I watched earlier to see how American manager Bob Bradley was getting on. Must have aged him and Alan Pardew by five years apiece, especially the defending, but great fun to watch.

First half: I think everyone was surprised as to how confident a heretofore struggling Spurs side looked as they totally dominated the first half until the late Pedro equalizer that more than matched the stunning Eriksen strike from much earlier around the 11th minute.

We all know CFC have the talent to win games with moments of world class individualism but it's also exciting to see Spurs both so confident and playing some very fluid, pressing, high energy stuff. But too many long hopeful Tottenham shots since the Eriksen wondergoal suggests that Chelsea don't mind giving up possession so long as Spurs don't work their way into "Pedro positions" too often.

The Spur's Premiership
Amazing comeback wins fierce derby
Incredible late Kane brace stuns Hammers

& you..."
Nov 19, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur 3
West Ham Utd 2
White Hart Lane. Rob F watched

Second half: A late Poch substitution proved inspired as Son Heung-min created two goals, including the penalty winner, that announces Harry Kane's back with a vengeance, just in time to save this game for Spurs and go to Chelsea with a win at our backs.

Amazing finish to this match which West Ham led twice up to the final minutes when Spurs turned the match on its head.

Mindbending to think Eriksen wasn't taken off and some width brought on but nonetheless Harry Winks stabs us level after Janssen's shot is blocked and rebounds from a Rose cross. And guess what, it came from a left sided attack. That's what they get paid the big bucks to figure out, eh.
Kane wins it
from the spot
for Spurs.

Danny Rose carded so he's out for the Chelscum trip.

Dele Alli ready to come on. Now maybe WHU will have some praying to do. Then again, maybe not. Janssen's totally unnecessary wrestling and grabbing an opponent. Ugh! Visitors score from the spot. Gets replaced by Dele Alli.

First half: Deathly uncreative Spurs being easily snuffed out by West Ham in the first half. WHU manager Slaven Bilic has totally sussed out Tottenham's predictability with the line-up and formation they've served up. Nice on paper, hopelessly easy to foil in practice.

Spurs trying to go down the right and running into impenetrable traffic.

Eriksen, the only player with any space under the tactical circumstances of the two formations, is blowing it bigtime, giving the ball away. In addition, while the visitors scored from a beautifully taken and executed corner, Christian is still kicking corners to their near post defender, a 0% chance of creating a goal from a corner unless by complete luck.

As the commentators are saying, Spurs have to change because this is is horrible stuff. Soldado or whatever his name is, Janssen excuse me, and Kane both up front is a disaster, partly because under this system they're getting no service.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Tied. Harry Winks for a superb starting debut, even when we were awful first half, he was outstanding throughout. But now it's the two Harrys because of the way Kane ultimately stole the show.

League match
Spoils even again at Arsenal
Spurs stem the slump
Arsenal 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Nov 6, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17)
US: Live online & TV

Moaning Sharky gooner has a moan. Dedicated to a great footballer Lukas Josef "We need a loud stadium, we have a big battle tonight!" Podolski.

It says a lot for the current THFC side that we can go away to face an in-form Arsenal on the back of our own very unconvincing and disjointed Prem draws and a Euro loss, and only be denied victory by a blatant offside goal for the hated home entity.

Brilliant to see Harry Kane back, bit rusty but already confidently converting the spot kick to give the Lilywhites a deserved point whilst denying their title rivals two in the process.

However Kyle Walker was injured and at the time of writing not yet sure how seriously. Gulp.

Please check for more reactions.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Mousa Dembele is one of those keys players that you really notice the difference when he's around. Along with Alderweireld, Kane, Alli, and Walker it's unthinkable if any of those were not at the club.
Next: Spurs vs West Ham on Sat, Nov 19 [9.30am US Pacific]
The Spur

Pre-match: In the corresponding fixture last season the north London derby finished one all.

We lost the aerial battle and that proved costly, but other than that, we showed that we've arrived, thanks to Poch and everyone who helped build this team, and we can not only give anyone a run for their money, but outplay them.

"Long ball over the top [from Danny Rose] and Kane keeps his composure," bellowed the commentator as Kane gave THFC a 0:1 lead at Ars, with Spurs shading it over the impostors who only had one proper chance at a goal. [This was the first half].

AFC started very lively and looked like it could be a siege, but gradually Spurs were thinking hang about, we can do this lot!

League match
...and the draws go marching on
Janssen from the spot, Musa equalizes for Leicester
Sat, Oct 29, 2016 (Ssn 20016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Leicester City 1
by Rob Francis

In the end another highly watchable draw just like the nil-nil at Bournemouth, but the Cockerals really needed a win as the string of draws continues. There was definitely pressure to beat the champions today and plenty of intent by the home side but it didn't produce anything beyond the first-half penalty.

The penalty from Janssen [the player who was fouled] sure helped, taking THFC into the half-time break one up. Janssen is a team player, despite no goals in open play as yet, always looking for the best team option in decision making, not overly hung-up on trying to score from situations where a lay-off to a teammate would be a better option.

Talking of which, an unselfish pass from Jamie Vardy found onrushing Ahmed Musa who was prepared to sacrifice his health to charge in and bundle the ball over the line, flying over the defenders in the process to wind up injured from an uncontrolled landing, but stayed on the pitch hobbling around.

The Spur's Premiership
Bournemouth 0:0 Spurs
Full time
"Spurs remain
the only unbeaten
team in the Prem."
AFC Bournemouth 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Sat, Oct 22, 2016 (Ssn 20016/17)
Spurs fight off Cherries marauding confidence
US TV & online: Yes

Bournemouth are the first side to deny Spurs a league goal this season, but THFC's unbeaten run continues. Unfortunately draws, even away, aren't enough for a club with title winning aspirations.

Actually a very absorbing nil-nil draw that zipped by, with Bournemouth so much better than last season's corresponding fixture.

Pre-match: View from the Up the Cherries forum anticipating the Cockerels visit to Bournemouth's Dean Court "Vitality stadium":

"October 2015 not good memories for us Cherries fans, AFCB conceded 10 goals in two 5-1 consecutive defeats. The first one was away against Manchester City, the second was at Dean Court against Spurs, with Harry Kane finishing with a hat-trick. One year on and Spurs are our visitors to Dean Court, this time they visit a week on from our 6-1 home win against Hull City, with our players on a high and playing with a lot of confidence.

Amongst Spurs summer signings are Victor Wanyama from Saints, Vincent Janssen from AZ Alkmaar, Georges-Kevin Nkoudou from Marseille. Also Moussa Sissoko from Newcastle United and Pau Lopez on loan from Espanyol.

Spurs have had a good start to the season and remain the only unbeaten team in the Premier League. They are the only team to beat Man City so far. They have won five games and drawn three, two of those wins and draws have been away from home. They have been without Harry Kane since he was injured late on in the game against Sunderland in September. Spurs are at the moment in third place in the league with 18 points.

AFCB have taken 7 points out of a possible 9 in their last three games, 6 of those points were at home, where they have also won their last three home games, including beating Everton. The Cherries are in 11th place 7 points behind Saturday's opponents Spurs.

We have only met Spurs on three occasions before in competitive competitions, last season in our two games in the Premier League where they beat us 5-1 at Dean Court and the game at White Hart Lane which finished 3-0 in their favour. The only other time was that famous 3-1 home victory for the Cherries in the 5th round of the FA Cup back in 1957.

AFCB Team News
Eddie Howe mentioned after the Hull game the three players' names that had come back from International duty with injuries and were not available for selection. It seems Lewis Cook and Brad Smith are the more serious concerns and Max Gradel has a hamstring injury, but not thought to be serious. Harry Arter left the ground on crutches after the Hull game.

AFCB Player To Watch
More than one to choose from with the form the team are in, but Junior Stanislas is in really good form and playing with real confidence as his penalty and the way he finished for his second goal against Hull City showed. Jack Wilshere will want to put one over against the 'old enemy' as well, so will be interesting to watch.

Spurs Team News
Danny Rose a doubt for the Bournemouth game after he was spotted leaving the Bayer Arena with a protective boot, according to a London paper. Toby Alderweireld was stretchered off 15 minutes into the second-half at WBA and will be a big doubt for Saturday. Harry Kane is back in training but will not feature at Dean Court according to what the Spurs manager told a national newspaper. Kyle Walker was rested for Spurs Champions League game on Tuesday but should return to face the Cherries.

Spurs Player To Watch
Delle Alli, he scored Spurs only goal against WBA last week, he could have had a hat-trick except for a great goalkeeping display by Ben Foster, he also scored in the previous game against Manchester City. The other Spurs player who has made an impact and leading scorer at the moment is the South Korean Son Heung-min.

The Spur's Premiership
Albion tough to break down
Toby injured, awaiting seriousness
Oct 15, 2016 (Ssn 20016/17)
West Bromwich Alb. 1
Tottenham H. 1
Match highlights

Most people would take a point on the road but all the other title contenders who played today won, apart from Man City being held to a draw thanks to a stupendous penalty saving brace from the Everton keeper Maarten Stekelenburg. Along with Albion's stopper Ben Foster those two must be the best in the league right now -- and they'll both probably be busy this winter.

Shock as Spurs fell behind with the game running out but a late Alli equalizer.

Spurs still the only unbeaten team in the Prem, but being unbeaten if it ends up with too many draws does of course mean sliding down the table. But an away point against a mid-table rated side leaves me completely neutral feeling, not happy, not disappointed.

Bournemouth next on Saturday [Oct 22, 4.30am Pacific] and it will be interesting going to their place where the Cherries destroyed Hull today by a whopping six goals to one.

BBC Football: "Would you believe it, it's former Tottenham player Nacer Chadli who is alert and swipes in the rebound." Yes, it's entirely believable.

The big and unfortunate news of the match was what looked like a serious injury to Toby Alderweireld.

Under manager Tony Pulis the Albion don't seem to play pretty football but they do what needs to be done [stay in the Prem and try to bludgeon up the table]. Gaps in their terraces shows not everyone's on board with this approach but it's business, eh lads. Prefer to watch Wolves or the Blue Noses? Probably not. Villa? Nooooo....

The Spur's Premiership
City own goal, Alli adds
Lilywhites the only 100% club in Prem
October 2, 2015
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Manchester City 0
Various online incl Sling
White Hart Lane, London N17. Rob Frantic watching.

Erik Lamela blows a penalty but sensational Spurs manage to keep a clean sheet and foil a very talented quick and smooth passing Manchester City. Both sides played some high quality stuff amid the frenetic pace which was mesmerizing to witness. Spurs ended up with seven shots on goal to six for the visitors.

The Lane exploded as Erik Lamela [involved in build-up to both goals], H-m Son, and Dele Alli combine to create goal number two with the English international steering the ball into the Park Lane goal as THFC go two up, great assist by Son, and Spurs guide home the first half to maintain that lead in what the commentators called "a breathless first 45 minutes" and it really was incredibly high energy top quality stuff.

Earlier, an own goal from Kolarov trying to defend a cross around 10 mins in. Spurs on fire, after almost conceding a very early goal.

Is Dele Alli the most valuable player in the world currently? That's not hyperbole. Did I mention Wanyama? Who picks up a yellow as soon as I say that. H-m Son was also outstanding and received a standing ovation when he was subbed.

In fact the whole side was outstanding, including Lloris who, when called upon make a critical save in the latter part of the game, rose to the occasion to deny Kelechi Iheanacho, just one reason why Spurs have the league's best defensive record. We sometimes don't fully appreciate the professionalism of our amazing and seemingly consistently high performing defenders because there's so much talent in the spotlight in midfield currently.

City really moving forward smoothly now, with Aguero in great form this is the biggest threat in the league right now. Can Spurs keep up their own stellar start? Both sides playing some top shelf passing movements.

Pre-match: Prior to the weekend's premier action Spurs stood 2nd and just one place shy of City and I've long argued that after six rounds played you can start judging the table as reflective of who's got what it takes, and who will likely be facing a hard road for the duration.

Indeed several major online sources are treating this is as if it's a battle between the two likeliest candidates for the throne, but that's a step too far this early and I do get worried when we're not just on the radar but being beckoned out to the center stage spotlight, as BBC Football notes "there is so much to look forward to here as the Premier League's only remaining unbeaten sides go head-to-head at White Hart Lane."

The Guardian is upbeat about Spurs going into this, but also asks: "will Pep Guardiola's side simply play around them and take advantage of the space further up the pitch?" In a different article it says: "It is about balance. This season, City have the Premier League's sharpest attack and Tottenham the most solid defence -- the outcome of Sunday's contest, and perhaps of this title race, will be determined by which side strikes the best balance between the two."

I think a challenge for us is to be without Harry Kane for this, despite faring very well without him so far, it's not a one-man band that's for sure, but City's man of the moment John Stones is fresh and rested and could be a key foil to frustrating our efforts to get a result. On the plus side for us, the other current City hero and handful Kevin de Bruyne won't be featuring.

Poch does remind us that we're up against a staggeringly wealthy City with resources far beyond even a well run and well backed club like THFC, and the fact that we're being considered as almost on a par with them prior to even a ball being kicked is a fantastic reflection on the club we support. Bring it on, as they say.

In the corresponding fixture last season The Spur's headline was "Spurs rampant as Kane kicks in" as some dazzling Lilywhite goals put paid to Manchester City in one of the euphoric moments of the campaign.

The Spur's Premiership
Son strikes two top shelf goals
Son always shines on TV
Sept 24, 2016 [Season 2016/17]
Middlesbrough 1
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Various online
by Rob Francis

Only caught the tail-end of this one due to battery unavailability, but a cool brace by Son Heung-Min was enough to do the trick, with Boro getting one back, in what looked like a frenetic blood 'n thunder affair, had me reaching to sip my first cup of coffee even tho' it needed to cool down. Still, a singed tongue is a small sacrifice to witness the last twelve minutes or so of another Lilywhite victory.

To say that some of Boro's tackling was agricultural by the end would be an understatement, the one that could have broken Lamela's leg [good nutmeg Erik] was a Monsanto special.

Reports say Spurs dominated, Son, Alli, Eriksen getting plaudits on Sky, but Boro branded as rudderless, tho' had their moments. Downing cross found Gibson who apparently "wanted it more" [uh oh] than Sissoko and got one back.

Okay off to watch Arsenal vs Chelsea on Sling. Wow. Man Utd come good, finally, trouncing the Foxes, so Chelsea become the new Man Utd, the fall guys of the moment, as the Pensioners get buried by AFC.

Just watching the first half of the Boro vs Spurs game on Matchighlight and holy schciatt that's a stupendous second goal from Son, probably the Spurs goal of the season so far unless I forgot something even better, unlikely though.

No wonder they say the Son always shines on TV. Up next, what has become the biggest Prem showdown of the season so far because it's table topping Citeh visiting the mighty #2 placed Tottenham Hotspur. 'Spect.

Pre-match: Looks like Middlesbrough lie thirteenth in the table prior to any of this round's matches being played, so a decent but not stellar start to their Prem return, and their successes turn out to be results against teams destined for relegation fights. Against Everton and Palace they lost.

BBC Football: "Harry Kane's ankle injury will bring an end to his run of 71 consecutive league starts for Tottenham." Predicted to be out a coupla months.
That is one thing I will say about the Tottenham fans, they do give you time, a chance to find your feet.
Darren Bent on V Janssen's open play goals quest

Pressure on hard working Vincent Janssen up front but as Poch points out it's team cohesion, not just reliance on a new striker, that really matters.

Looks like Moussa Sissoko will get a run out, interesting to see how he progresses. Great hopes for him, and on the other flank Son will hopefully shine.

Centrally Wanyama and Winks, the big double double U [W], and Alli look to power the engine room.

Good chance Dembele will be rested, many fans have commented about he needs to be saved for a whopping whammy of big fixtures following right on from this, including Putin's red & blue army CSKA away, and the massive Prem clash with Manchester City at White Hart Lane.

The Spur's Premiership
Bit of a grinder but THFC go fourth
Narrow win at a high price if Kane's injury serious
Sept 18, 2016 (Ssn 2016/7) 8.30a
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Sunderland 0
White Hart Lane
US Online: various

Two thirds thru the game we got the goal that we all craved, a Walker cross played back by Alli to set up Kane with a sitter that he duly obliged. Massive relief.

All good then, but not so fast, as Harry Kane gets stretchered into the medical room.

Meanwhile up to third place and above both Arsenal and Chelsea [plus Hammers go into the relegation zone]. And ManUre lost at Watford. Quite an action packed Prem weekend, even if little of it was on show at the Lane.
Up next: Spurs vs Gillingham, FA Cup R3  
Wed, Sept 21, 2016, 12n Pacific

But what a struggle against a team possibly even worse than Stoke, not to be disrespectful, and hope they remain dominant in Tyne-Tees, but Defoe for example totally stranded up front.

First half: It's all Spurs, bar a Defoe effort for the vistors blocked by Lloris, but so far worrying signs that the bus will remain well and truly parked. Who has the ignition key to remove the vehicle from in front of the goalmouth? The match wilting somewhat deep into the first half.

Early on Kane seemed certain with a close-up redirection but Sunderland's keeper in good form.

39th minute a great chance with Son unleashing a low nearpost sizzler bouncing off the post, and moments later a strong nifty Dembele shot tipped over by the keeper.

44th minute a rare Sunderland break with their #20 Pienaar plum in front of the goal with the best chance of the half, Lloris stranded but Kyle Walker clearing off the line. A reminder of how quickly this could go pear-shaped if Spurs, despite creating some genuine opportunities, along with some hopeful distance shots, don't make something count.

Pre-match: Last season in the corresponding fixture in Jan 2016 The Spur's headline read "Spurs scuttle Sunderland" as the Lilywhites cruised to a 4:1 triumph over the Black Cats. It went summat like this:

Just good to see Eriksen scored a brace because the team has stuttered in alignment with his loss of form recently, and with him and Dembele in top gear the difference in the side is profound. These are arguably two of the absolute key players in the current side along with Lloris and Kane of course.

The Spur's Premiership
Four nil again at Stoke
Magic on the road
Sat., Sept 10, 2016 (Ssn 2016/17)
Stoke City 0
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Stoke-on-Trent. Goals
US live TV and online: various, 7am

"It's happened again," chanted the Spurs away end. Yes, a repeat scoreline from last season and just as impressive, even though last season's corresponding fixture was a hard act to follow. But did they 'eck live up to it.

This time an Eriksen-Son combo created the first two goals, with the Korean's second an absolute peach, and even Harry Kane broke his seasonal duck with a nicely taken two-touch tap-in for the final clincher, this time with Son the provider.

Don't let's forget Alli's, THFC's third, from a typically dynamic counter attack that showcased the best of Tottenham teamwork and individual flair. Yes, we're really saying this about Spurs these days.

An impressive performance, actually "perfect" according to the feed commentator, from the visitors and a great way for Cockerels fans to start [pacific time] a weekend.

The only damper was the stolen Arsenal win over Saints, with a stoppage time penalty for a foul that never was. Outrageous, robbing Southampton, and giving the home side two extra points they never deserved. Loathsome lot. That said, the Hammers got trounced at their new home stadium by rampant Watford, so it's not all bad with the other results. Still scratching the head over how a player as talented as Payet ended up with the Irons and not, say, Man City.

But hey, back to how good the Lilywhites were, because this was good stuff, admittedly against a woeful Stoke side who looked rudderless with a defense that allowed the Londoners to romp around almost at will. It won't be this easy against many others.

Harry Kane said it spot-on in post-match interview line to the effect that "It's a tough place to come to, but we played so well it didn't seem like that."

And in fairness Stoke did start well and it took a little while for Spurs to take control. Once Stoke needed to chase the game, they gave Spurs the kind of space that gets you punished.

Pre-match: Spurs thrashed Stoke four-zilch in the corresponding match-up last season. Here's how it went:

The beautiful feed from Eriksen setting up Alli for the second goal was the kind of phenomenal piece of play that we're seeing frequently from Spurs especially in the latter part of this season, perhaps even outdoing Kane's first. Then Harry's brace, coming just seconds after the Alli sensation, surely sealed the deal in a convincing statement that Spurs can take Leicester to the wire.

Allie scores again as Spurs romp to victory, with Stoke "now a broken team" according to the commentator.

The Spur's Premiership
Vorm saves Spurs blushes
Draw, just like corresponding fixture last season
Sat, Aug 27, 2016 (Ssn 20016/17)
Tottenham H. 1
Liverpool 1
White Hart Lane, London N17
USA: various online [incl. Sling] & TV, 4:30am pacific

Had to watch on the MOTD highlights and the instant reaction being THFC's Dutch goalkeeping back-up choice Michael Vorm was man of the match, but the early miracle save he made showed just how horribly exposed we are at the back sometimes.

On the plus side we saw again the new resilience Spurs have shown under Poch. Just because THFC go one-nil down, doesn't mean they're gonna lose the match. But in this case the home side benefited from a controversial offside call that nullified a second Liverpool "goal" that would have been a bridge too far.

That said, the earlier penalty decision against Lamela seemed harsh but then again Erik's decision making was poor in that moment.

You can see how much Liverpool's potential has increased since Klopp made his debut as their manager at WHL last season. This was a much more impressive showing by them.

With all the other "big" clubs plus Leicester winning, this seems a lot like two points dropped for both sides as opposed to a point gratefully and mutually accepted in the corresponding fixture last season.

Would we have more effective with Janssen on from the start?

One thing's for sure, another hideously ill-timed international break hurts Spurs more than most other clubs.

I won't go so far as to question whether the era of nation representing football squads is over, or should be, but the international calendar needs to be seriously looked at, especially as a winter break, looming larger as a possibility for the English league's mid season, will leave even less space to fit in all the club commitments.

Most people care more about their clubs than country, and since bucks call the shots, the international scene is threatened. In particular, irritation with meaningless "friendlies" is bubbling over into open hostility.

Pre-match: "It will be a game of two halves, the lads will give 110% and at the end of the day football will be the real winner." -- 90291 spur

The Spur's Premiership
Victor Wanyama scores on home debut
August 20, 2016, Sat 7am Pac.
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Crystal Palace 0
White Hart Lane (goal video)
Online: various

Alli's second half introduction brought life to the Tottenham side but it's the towering header from Kane, meeting an 83rd minute corner-kick, to find Victor Wanyama plum in front of goal and buries it, the double-header that provided the breakthrough.

It was also a fitting reposte to a bout of visitor time-wasting that incensed the home supporters and resulted in most of the five minutes of added time being awarded. That said, Palace almost shut Spurs out and are likely to improve on their dismal start to the new campaign as their new signings bed in.

Meanwhile our new stars seem well on their way to shining, albeit Janssen doing his best Soldado impressions whenever shooting. "Viva Bobby Jan!"

First half, that won't attract new fans to the game, saw Spurs with two realistic opportunities while Vorm in the home goal had little to do.

Will this match come to life? Will THFC ever find a way to break down supposedly lesser opponents? Will Kane/Janssen work as a dual spearhead or do we only go one up front in future with Alli playing behind Harry in a supply role?

Poch points to the overworked Spurs players heavily involved in international summer play as the reason the Lilywhites seem underpar at the minute.

Pre-match: Turns out the turnaround was too tight for Christian Benteke to play, even though he technically became a Palace player on the same day as the fixture.

Palace's Holmesdale singing section are no doubt already practicing the terrace song for him but it'll have to wait for Tuesday's League Cup fixture at home to Blackpool for them.

So it's THFC's opening home fixture of the brand new season, 7am USA West Coast time, following a 1:1 draw at Everton last Sat.

In the corresponding fixture last season, Heung-min Son scored the only goal [69th minute] to nab all three points at home to Crystal Palace. The South Korean joined goalkeeper Hugo Lloris as joint men of the match for the home side, with Vertonghen and Lamela not far behind for their contributions.

Meanwhile the main Palace chat forum, one of the most active sporting club message boards in the world, has expanded to dimensions whereby the stunning pro-Brexit vote, which sucker-punched Britain's Sterling currency value, is one of the dominant talking points for their fans these days.

Nevertheless, some of the Eagles forum posters took the time to vote on who would win this upcoming match at the Lane and, at the time of writing this, a whopping 81% of their voting supporters felt Tottenham would prevail.

Even with Benteke pronounced a non-starter for this one, there's still the Andros equation: we have a habit of witnessing ex-Spurs come back to hurt us, and Townsend is this game's candidate.

A win would be great since the Lilywhites finished in tatters last season despite securing third place ["third in a two horse race" as the pundits described it] and the club really needs an outcome loosely called, in the trade, a "win".

It would be nice to see Spurs going into battle with two forwards, now that we have more than one.