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The season begins

Ben Davies, Michael Vorm, Eric Dier, and Yank DeAndre Yedlin become Spurs

After what has been an incredibly interesting World Cup followed by the resoundingly successful North American 3-stop tour, Tottenham Hotspur are already immersed in the new campaign.

On Thursday the 18th September it's a trip to bustling Belgrade in the Europa league action as Partizan provide our first group stage challenge.

The Lilywhites host West Bromwich on Sunday Sept 21 at the insane time of 5:30am pacific, but you know what, I actually get up for these, one of the advantages of advancing age is that it's easier to rise and shine. So there.

Wed Sept 24th @ 11.45am pacific we enter the League Cup in the third round of the competition with a home tie, just days ahead of the north London derby, against Nottingham Forest.

BBC fixture list for Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs' smashing Stateside tour

The Spurs tour in the USA got good TV ratings says cartilage free captain Spurs site.
Mauricio and Cap'n America
chuffed by US tour's TV numbers

Chicago Dire 0:2 Tottenham Hotspur
[July 26, 2014 at 5pm Pacific, live online & TV]
A somewhat routine outing for Spurs who capitalized with venom on some Chicago errors to cruise to a fairly comfortable win and another chance for the new manager, and us, to see some of the talent working its way through the ranks and more familiar squad members shaping up for the impending campaign.

Feel sorry for the Chicago fans. Very welcoming, yet seemingly in a state of depression about their club. And when you compare the turnout at Seattle, which admittedly is stupendous support, and Toronto, where there is a vibrancy and optimism about FC that is infectious, professional futbol in the Windy City looks wan and pale.

This bloke, Spuracuse, made great observations on cartilage-free captain about the way Spurs are shaping up:

"To me with this years squad is that instead of pressing high, Winning the ball back, and then passing between full backs and central defenders aimlessly until giving the ball away, we seem to be attacking at great pace as soon as the ball is won. This will lead to more dangerous, risky passes which will obviously result in lost possession. It will also lead to devastating counter attacks, which we seem to already be converting much better than last year. Lamelas graceful enthusiasm and willingness to attack with purpose and attempt those passes that unlock a defense is just what the team needs, as opposed to a player like Townsend, who has potential but every time he had the ball in space yesterday he just dribbled aimlessly before losing possession. So excited to see the player Lamela blossoms into this season. Will there be bad giveaways? Of course. To dare is to do."

Pre-match: The final fixture of this absorbing three match Stateside series as we get to see, once again, a big bunch of the Spurs squad, from star players to up 'n coming potential future first team prospects, in action.

And it's another good 'un pitting us against the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois.

"It's a chance to play another game, to work more on our style and to improve again," said Spurs' Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino on the official THFC web-site.

Today's match features two teams with similar records.

The midwestern outfit takes a break from their MLS season this one. They have recently drawn with Kansas and Philadelphia, both ending 1:1. They beat Atlanta and New England. But their last match was a heavy loss at the Earthquakes in northern California. After today, Chicago take on the Whitecaps followed by Columbus and then New York.
Shameful Chicago offer cut price Fire v Spurs tix to Chelsea fans, then renege. Click badge for link

Spurs in turn have recently performed well in three club friendly games. They beat Toronto and drew with the Sounders. Before that, we ended our Premier League season reasonably well, beating Stoke City and Aston Villa but falling to West Ham.

Tottenham's opening game in the Premier League season kicks off mid August with a match against West Ham. Then we face QPR.

Toronto vs Tottenham Hotspur 2:3
Hardly squeaky bum time for either side as the super Spurs Norteamericano tour continues, but it's a lot more interesting than the usual run of the mill domestic or Euro based pre-season friendly warm ups.

And so to the Toronto match, which so far is turning out be an "Erik Lamela earns his spurs" story as he tucks a couple away, ably supported by Lennon and Eriksen, while Soldado, as usual, looking too peripheral as the nominal frontman.

Need to keep in mind that for Toronto this is a chore they'd rather have avoided at this moment in their busy July fixture list, and their manager, ex-Spur Ryan Nelsen, barely suppressed his frustration and concern that injuries could be sustained in a match that doesn't count competitively, albeit a sweet deal for MLS and the club's coffers from a marketing and financial perspective.

But no doubt his players played like their overriding concern is not getting injured, and not burning themselves out.

Spurs replaced the entire outfield side for the 2nd half with: Walker, Dawson, Fryers, Rose, Holtby, Carroll, Ceballos, Townsend, Falque, Kane, only to concede.

I had to bail in the 66th minute with Toronto having pulled one back. After I left for a meeting it seems the Canadians went on to equalize but Andros Townsend nabbed a winner.

I was not surprised to see it continued to be a game of two halves. The first Spurs line-up was in total control. The second version struggled but just about survived thanks to the first half's two goal lead.

It was another entertaining match and this has been a stand-out tour of North America so far, let's hope the remaining Chicago game lives up to the other two.

Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur 3:3
Fun match to watch. Keep 'em coming, Spurs.

Entertaining start to THFC's American tour with a string of Tottenham Hotspur players combining to eventually feed the ball to underrated 24 year old German midfielder Lewis Holtby who puts the visitors ahead with a superb early goal rivaling the best of the recent World Cup.

Great support from both the approximately 53,000 home fans and around 2,000 traveling or local Lilywhites, as Seattle, spearheaded by ex-Spur Clint Dempsey, responded quickly to going behind with constant pressure on the Londoners' goal, with Brad Friedel called into action numerous times.

The artificial turf tends to scare off prima-donna stars, which may partially explain why ThFC's galaxy of World Cup representatives were notably absent.

Spurs would have a hard time in the upcoming Prem by relinquishing possession way too often.

Michael Dawson, who gives away a lot of penalties, was punished for an infringement that would not, in a 'real' match, have merited such a harsh refereeing response, resulting in a successful Sounders spot-kick to equalize.

If Tottenham's opening goal was quality teamwork, the first Sounders goal from open play was a long range stunner from Osvaldo Alonso, the goal of the match.

Roberto Soldado makes it 2:2 from the penalty spot.

The third host goal came from a wide cross out of the reach of Spurs defenders but guided in by Seattle.

Spanish winger Iago Falque Silva, on as a sub, scored the game's third penalty to level at three apiece.

Spur of the Moment: Cristian Cebellos, attacking midfielder who came through the Barcelona youth system, looked like a potential gem.

Fun match, way better than the usual pre-season friendlies, and if the ones in Toronto and Chicago are as good, this North American tour will be a terrific springboard from which to leap into the main course: the upcoming 2014/5 Premier league campaign, now close enough to touch.

TOTTENHAM TURFIE RECKONS: Green light for the new big stadium - well chuffed. Now buy some top players like wot goons and blue meanies 'ave done.

Tottenham Hotspur: line-up


Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose

Paulinho Capoue Dembele

Townsend Chadli


Pride of London
as vs. Swansea [H] season 13/14

Glory days: Jurgen Klinsmann enjoyed two spells at Spurs in the 1990s

'Tottenham is a way of life and I didn't know that until I got there,' he said. 'I signed my first contract and thought, "It's cool to be in London". And then after two weeks I said to myself "Oh my gosh, what is this here?"

'The supporters are very special. They live and breathe for that club. You go to White Hart Lane and there are 36,000 people singing. It's not just one section. It's the whole stadium singing. You go there and think "Wow".'

The Beautiful Game: Remember when

"Yer havin' a laff......."

"if you get the chance to go to Arsenal, you go. But the deal fell through and Tottenham came in." -- Michael Carrick

Ah the good old days. From a 60's edition of the Daily Mail: "A police officer kicked a man so hard in the face that the sole of his boot came off, it was claimed in Leeds County Court. The man, Mr John Marshall, was accussed of criminal damage to a police boot."

"I don't think Manchester city is a big enough job for Sam Allardyce. There is no club in this area - other than United - who are on the same footing as Bolton." -- Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside

"When you're watching tv and your replacement scores three, that's Zamora!" -- CP, GMB, Fulham vs Wolves prem 2011/12 season.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs let lead slip twice
Team is taking shape, but defence the perpetual bugbear
Sept 13, 2014
Sunderland 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Full time

Reactions plus observations from our man
Eriksen put Spurs ahead just seconds into the second half but, as before, the home side equalized.

It was an exciting match to watch with Spurs showing moments of real flowing, passing, creative football with, no kidding, some actual bite.

But the famous Tottenham flimsiness in defence was there to be seen, not just in the way their goals were scored, but at several other times as well, albeit Lloris had much of the game untroubled.

Here's Mo Ali's take from the Guardian comments section:

"Disappointed that we didn't kill off Sunderland. We never should've conceded the goals Sunderland scored.

My opinion on the performance of some of the spurs players :

Adebayor - thought he linked up well with the three attacking midfielders
Eriksen - thought he did well, interchanging position and linking up the plays throughout the match well. Glad he scored as well.
Lamela - Thought he was decent, i hope he continues to grow in confidence and progresses on those silky touches and starts to score. Worked hard, thought he did exactly what Poch asked of him.
Chadli - keep on scoring buddy! did well
Capoue + Dembele - At times didn't track back quickly enough after a attacking play but generally played well.
Kaboul - I think at this staged, i'm too biased to give him any credit. Hope Fazio performs in the EL so that he comes in.
Rose - Very shaky at times
Dier - Thought he struggled today, hope he improves his form."

Meanwhile, I got a chance to eyeball some of the other matches.

We're soon to play Arsenal and if they can carve open Man City with such ease and aplomb imagine what we're facing with the kind of defence we displayed at Sunderland. It could be really ugly.

The other worrying thing was the fact that Villa almost took the piss at Anfield whilst we were tonked recently by the Reds at home.

And you gotta give props to Southampton, raped of all but one of their stars from last season, they romped to triumph, admittedly against a Magpie outfit that seems to be firing on barely one cylinder.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs lose by three
Lack of ideas against rampant Reds
Sun August 31, 2014 (Ssn 20014/15)
Tottenham H. (0) 0
Liverpool (1) 3
by Rob Francis
Final score. Full time.
USA: various online and TV

One-nil down at half-time, but so far a very different story from last season: Spurs providing quality opposition to a quick-passing, lively Liverpool side who took an early lead, and went on to control the midfield.

Tottenham's best and only actual goal-scoring chance came from a Chadli shot in the 43rd minute which ultimately was too close to the keeper.

Soft but technically awardable penalty award against Dier gives Liverpool a two goal lead. This decision was especially frustrating when later in the game the ref failed to see a far more blatant penalty against us.

Townsend on as a sub only to give the ball away to concede the third.

The feeling that Spurs are now losing any kind of grip on the game. When they do stabilize, there are few options against the visitors who have everything covered.

Livepool move the ball around with speed, accuracy, and purpose, and every forward sweep contains a threat.

Spurs' frustration at their own lack of guile starts leading to more hopeful long balls to forlorn Adebayor.

Pre-match: Back in December, last time we played Liverpool in the league at the Lane, I barely had time to sip on me cuppa before we were already into serious damage control.

Our drubbing at the hands of the Scouse-gits proved the final straw for Lilywhite Svengali Daniel Levy, indeed for most of the fans, and, as predicted by yours truly in the super soar-away Spur it was the end of AVB's problematic tenure. Quote: "I predict AVB will be gone by the time we play West Ham in the league cup."

I remember being barely able to upload my reactions fast enough to keep up with Liverpool's goals as they flew in like a hurricane bending the palm trees on the cape coast. Liverpool had had a mediocre away season but we made them look like Germany on tour.

Eventually, it was finally over. The worst home league defeat that I can ever recall watching, a landslide disaster. AVB was out and told to take his flippin' clipboard with him.

So it can only get better. In fact we are so full of ourselves we all fancy a win, do we not?

I'm so blown away already by Poch and the way Spurs are playing like a team that believes in themselves individually and collectively, is having fun, is showing both spontaneity yet also impressive interplay, that whether we win, draw, or lose, I will continue to be in a state of awe and respect for everything connected with the club until the spell is broken, and hopefully it won't be, by a thrashing even halfway as abject as that bone-chilling day in December 2013.

Just one example, and this was made on the Spurs Show and I'm obviously not claiming to be anywhere close to being the first to say this, but it encapsulates the euphoria surrounding us at the moment: Mauricio seems to have activated the self-confidence and skills of players who grossly underperformed last season, most notably of course, his fellow countryman Erik Lamela.

We all bemoaned the fact that under AVB we all felt we had not wasted our money from Gareth Bale's sale, we had brought in true, well chosen talent, but somehow these closet magicians were being suppressed, stifled, and forced into a system that strangled their potential.

Poch appears to have the key to unleash it.

Thurs, August 28, 2014
Euro Spurs
3:0 on the night; 5:1 agg win for dominant Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur vs AEL Limassol 3:0 Full-time final score [Europa]
Two leg aggregate: 5-1 to THFC

BBC Football: "Paulinho fired low across goal for the second and Andros Townsend confidently converted a penalty as Spurs advanced."

Woh, had to go offline for a while, and missed most of the second half, delighted to see Spurs added two more to cruise thru into the group stages of the Yewww-rope er Leeg!

Great supply from Paulinhio gives Kane a decent shot at goal, and the man who just inked a new contract with the club makes no mistake this time, making up for the earlier penalty miss, which, in fairness, would usually have gone in, but for the acrobatics of the visiting stopper.

The Limassol replacement keeper, with his first involvement of the match, reacts quickly with his right boot to save Harry Kane's powerful down the middle spot kick.

Naughton felled by the goalkeeper for a Spurs penalty, causing injury to AEL keepers' right eye bringing on medical staff from both clubs.

New boy from Swansea, Ben Davies gets another start.

THFC line-up: Lloris [GK]; Naughton, Kaboul, Chiriches, Davies, Dembele, Sandro, Lennon, Paulinhio, Townsend, Kane.


Thurs, August 21, 2014
Pride of Cyprus
Euro campaign kicks off with 1:2 win
AEL Limassol vs Tottenham Hotspur 1:2 [Europa] First leg
by guest reactor Ibola Hatt

The great thing about this is not so much winning in the Europa league, which some view as a potentially harmful distraction that costs the club dearly in its all important Premier league endeavours, as it was to see that Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela have demonstrable talent and could really brighten up Tottenham's future if their expeditionary performances could be translated domestically.

Dembele was also praised by Mauricio Pochettino.

It's also really heartening that we don't fall apart when trailing these days, eventually coming back confidently in response to going a goal down and being initially, as The Guardian put it, "visibly shell-shocked" by the Cypriot goal against the run of play.

One thing I've always associated the "big clubs" with, like ManUre in their hey day or Arsenal, Chelsea, and City many times in the league over the years, is that they consistently bounce back to win if they go behind.

BBC Football: "Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, in charge of the club in a European match for the first time, will no doubt be a relieved man after his side were outplayed in large periods by last season's runners-up in the Cypriot league."

Daily Fail: "For Kane, the winner was just reward for a bustling performance, when for long periods he seemed like the only player with the will to haul Spurs out of trouble after Adrian Sardinero had put AEL ahead in the first half.

"But much credit should also go to Erik Lamela, who did not come on until the 72nd minute and gave Tottenham another dimension at a time when the Cypriot team were wilting slightly."

The Spur's Premiership
Harry's XI knapping, it was a doddle Hoddle
If there's one home match you gotta win......
Sunday is derby day at the Lane
Tottenham Hotspur 4
live: various online & tv, 5am pacific

When you're in Row Zed and the ball hits yer 'ed, that's Zamora....."

We are are top of the league, say we are top of the league....."

Despite the opposition cast of heavyweight figures from Tottenham Hotspur's historical and storied pantheon, modest Mauricio Pochettino nevertheless left nobody in doubt as to who's currently in complete control at the home of London's pride, as the cockeral currently perches puff-chested atop the most talked about sporting league on the globe.

Queen's Park Strangers looked like they'd never met each other before.

If only Liverpool could be as obliging as the west Londoners at WHL this weekend, but leaving opponents completely unmarked at corners as we did at the very end of this game will come at a higher price next Sunday.

So it's too early to crow, despite our lofty position and dream start to the campaign.

But other than slacking off at the end, the Lilywhites were impressive across the board and enjoyed two thirds of the possession, completely owning the park.

Pre-match: If there's one home match you gotta win it's when QPR hit the borough. Last time they were in the Prem they truly sucked away from home.

I have always had a soft spot for Rangers as when I lived in south-east England and Spurs were playing away on a Saturday and I couldn't travel, I would sometimes hang out in the Loft and watch the Hoops. Being on the central line of the tube the ground is incredibly convenient to get to.

Lots of other Spurs would too, in fact we had our own chanting section below the home and away fans who would be partitioned by two lines of police up at the back of that atmospheric and steep terrace.

The roof seemed low and reached way down towards the goal, so to have three sets of supporters singing and bellowing chants in there made a sometimes spine-tingling cacophony.

But back to the present and this one is at the Lane not at Loftus Road, and despite ex-Spurs Harry Redknapp and Glenn Hoddle teaming up to try to keep Rangers in the top flight [which they will, the club has the bucks to buy its way to safety and this time will spend more wisely], this should be an absolute banker for the men in white.

Spot the Hammers fan above the
pile celebrating THFC's goal
thus hastening
Big Sam's hoped for exit.
Earlier, another WHU fan ran on to
take a Spurs free kick at goal.
One of our better shots!

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs Dier triumph
THFC given mountain to climb, reach summit
Sat, August 16, 2014, 7am Pacific (Ssn 2014/15)
West Ham Utd 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
USA: live on tv and internet

The pressure is back. Kyle Naughton was hit point blank by a Nolan shot in his penalty area in the 28th minute, and astoundingly the ref not only awarded a penalty but sent him off.

Justice was served when Mark Noble oblingingly bottled the penalty, but the odds are now stacked heavily against the Lilywhites.

Two hours of potential enjoyment in danger of being shattered every single time, every single match.

The traveling faithful let Chris Foy know in no uncertain terms what their assessment of him is, he should have overruled the psycho linesman, and that barrage of outrage went on against the 'orrible little man in black until he redeemed himself later in the game.

Unfortunately this doesn't mask the fact that Spurs were shambolic even before the phony red card [Singapore betting ring give us a wave], and actually improved for a spell after the decision, only to be run ragged by the home side once again until the half-time whistle.

This isn't so much hanging on as waiting for the man with the pistol to put us out of our misery.

Welcome to Spurs, Poch. You've got it all to do after the break. Can we endure a match where the sole object is to try to salvage a point? Are Palace minus Pulis at Arsenal?

Second half and Spurs seem transformed. Sleepy dreams of distant Aruba beaches replaced by a burning desire to pass the ball incisively and actually create some danger in the Hammers' goalmouth.

Holtby and Townsend on, the latter making an immediate impact including forcing a good save from the WHU keeper, Lamela and Lennon off. To make matters better, a foul on Adebayor earns Collins a second yellow and WHU themselves down to ten men. Spurs are back in biz, and gaining the upper hand for the first time, beyed on by the away support.

Then the magic moment, great burst of Tottenham interplay and 20yr old Eric Dier, on his debut, turns this match around with a brilliantly executed winner from a perfect thru-ball supplied by Harry Kane, who had replaced Adebayor.

The Cheltenham born lad rushed over to bury himself among the ecstatic Lilywhite legions behind the goal only to be barred by burly Boleyn bouncers, buried instead by celebrating teammates and an over exuberant Spurs fan.

Welcome to another season, Tottenham Hotspur.

WHU may have had 18:10 advantage on goal attempts but there's only one that matters in the end.

It's hard to gauge where we're at from this opening game because, from the sending off onward, it was all too far off the beaten track of a "normal" game to really draw any conclusions.

Back to the Lane for the home opener vs Rangers to learn more.

Pre-match: Fans are hoping Spurs stay on a roll as far as gaffers' track records with the club are concerned, as the BBC notes: "Tim Sherwood (59%) recorded the highest winning percentage of any Tottenham Hotspur manager in Premier League history." Can Mauricio beat that?

The season before last Spurs were actually winning games against West Ham, I think we did the double over them.

But we had Gareth Bale back then, with his high-speed runs and deadly left foot, and he scored a brace at the Boleyn Ground in that amazing encounter in February of 2013.

As so often, he proved the key ingredient in the victory, his second goal being the one that sank the Hammers as Spurs left east London with a 2:3 triumph. This despite WHU coming out of the traps in full flight, inspired by the tribute to Bobby Moore taking place that day.

But with Bale gone, our ability to get anything off the Claret & Blues has since vanished.

Will our new manager be able to turn it around? This one has draw written all over it.

What are the pundits saying before this one?

BBC Football: "Mauricio Pochettino is Spurs' 10th manager in 12 years and is charged with cracking the top four while reproducing the stylish football that so caught the eye in his time at Southampton.

"On paper he has a stronger squad at his disposal and his challenge is to get much more from the likes of Soldado, Lamela and Chadli."

"The only goal Tottenham scored in the opening 15 minutes of a league game last season came in the final match of the season against Aston Villa."

The Guardian highlights an official announcement by WHUFC about the crowd:

"West Ham United would like to thank all supporters who have purchased a ticket for Saturday's season opening London derby with Tottenham Hotspur.

"The Hammers enjoyed three memorable wins against Spurs last season, with the resultant press coverage of each game rightly focusing on the action on the pitch. Saturday's game is likely to be an immensely passionate affair and, as ever, we know both sets of fans will be providing plenty of vocal support for their team.

"Any inappropriate behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the club."

The World Cup, Brazil
Germany Uber Alles
Teutonic Titans tear up South America
July 2014

Well it was a truly absorbing World Cup and man am I glad that attacking and entertaining Germany beat boring cynical Argentina. Watching the 'ave-a-go teams like Deutschland, USA, and Costa Rica playing like national heroes for their causes contributed greatly to the rip roaring success of an amazing World Cup 2014.

Once again we see what great strides Germany have made over the years whilst England flounders to ever new depths of ineptitude.

It all seems to be part of the German footballing vision. Clubs answerable and largely run by their fans, a league which sees itself as integral to its national team's success, and a system of coaching and nurturing domestic talent that leaves England in the dust.

And finally Statesiders can see that fitba isn't about hooligans rampaging through the streets and professional players rolling around in faked agony.

Although 'soccer' has a long way to go to get anywhere close to NFL in the public psyche, my experience traveling around northern and central California is that the profile of the beautiful game has risen dramatically even since the last World Cup, and Brazil 2014 was another significant, perhaps the most profound ever, upward bump for the sport in the national consciousness.

Jermaine Jones levels for USA against Portugal in World Cup 2014.

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