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Spurs' smashing Stateside tour

The Spurs tour in the USA got good TV ratings says cartilage free captain Spurs site.
Mauricio and Cap'n America
chuffed by US tour's TV numbers

Chicago Dire 0:2 Tottenham Hotspur
[July 26, 2014 at 5pm Pacific, live online & TV]
A somewhat routine outing for Spurs who capitalized with venom on some Chicago errors to cruise to a fairly comfortable win and another chance for the new manager, and us, to see some of the talent working its way through the ranks and more familiar squad members shaping up for the impending campaign.

Feel sorry for the Chicago fans. Very welcoming, yet seemingly in a state of depression about their club. And when you compare the turnout at Seattle, which admittedly is stupendous support, and Toronto, where there is a vibrancy and optimism about FC that is infectious, professional futbol in the Windy City looks wan and pale.

This bloke, Spuracuse, made great observations on cartilage-free captain about the way Spurs are shaping up:

"To me with this years squad is that instead of pressing high, Winning the ball back, and then passing between full backs and central defenders aimlessly until giving the ball away, we seem to be attacking at great pace as soon as the ball is won. This will lead to more dangerous, risky passes which will obviously result in lost possession. It will also lead to devastating counter attacks, which we seem to already be converting much better than last year. Lamelas graceful enthusiasm and willingness to attack with purpose and attempt those passes that unlock a defense is just what the team needs, as opposed to a player like Townsend, who has potential but every time he had the ball in space yesterday he just dribbled aimlessly before losing possession. So excited to see the player Lamela blossoms into this season. Will there be bad giveaways? Of course. To dare is to do."

Pre-match: The final fixture of this absorbing three match Stateside series as we get to see, once again, a big bunch of the Spurs squad, from star players to up 'n coming potential future first team prospects, in action.

And it's another good 'un pitting us against the Chicago Fire at Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois.

"It's a chance to play another game, to work more on our style and to improve again," said Spurs' Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino on the official THFC web-site.

Today's match features two teams with similar records.

The midwestern outfit takes a break from their MLS season this one. They have recently drawn with Kansas and Philadelphia, both ending 1:1. They beat Atlanta and New England. But their last match was a heavy loss at the Earthquakes in northern California. After today, Chicago take on the Whitecaps followed by Columbus and then New York.
Shameful Chicago offer cut price Fire v Spurs tix to Chelsea fans, then renege. Click badge for link

Spurs in turn have recently performed well in three club friendly games. They beat Toronto and drew with the Sounders. Before that, we ended our Premier League season reasonably well, beating Stoke City and Aston Villa but falling to West Ham.

Tottenham's opening game in the Premier League season kicks off mid August with a match against West Ham. Then we face QPR.

Toronto vs Tottenham Hotspur 2:3
Hardly squeaky bum time for either side as the super Spurs Norteamericano tour continues, but it's a lot more interesting than the usual run of the mill domestic or Euro based pre-season friendly warm ups.

And so to the Toronto match, which so far is turning out be an "Erik Lamela earns his spurs" story as he tucks a couple away, ably supported by Lennon and Eriksen, while Soldado, as usual, looking too peripheral as the nominal frontman.

Need to keep in mind that for Toronto this is a chore they'd rather have avoided at this moment in their busy July fixture list, and their manager, ex-Spur Ryan Nelsen, barely suppressed his frustration and concern that injuries could be sustained in a match that doesn't count competitively, albeit a sweet deal for MLS and the club's coffers from a marketing and financial perspective.

But no doubt his players played like their overriding concern is not getting injured, and not burning themselves out.

Spurs replaced the entire outfield side for the 2nd half with: Walker, Dawson, Fryers, Rose, Holtby, Carroll, Ceballos, Townsend, Falque, Kane, only to concede.

I had to bail in the 66th minute with Toronto having pulled one back. After I left for a meeting it seems the Canadians went on to equalize but Andros Townsend nabbed a winner.

I was not surprised to see it continued to be a game of two halves. The first Spurs line-up was in total control. The second version struggled but just about survived thanks to the first half's two goal lead.

It was another entertaining match and this has been a stand-out tour of North America so far, let's hope the remaining Chicago game lives up to the other two.

Seattle Sounders vs Tottenham Hotspur 3:3
Fun match to watch. Keep 'em coming, Spurs.

Entertaining start to THFC's American tour with a string of Tottenham Hotspur players combining to eventually feed the ball to underrated 24 year old German midfielder Lewis Holtby who puts the visitors ahead with a superb early goal rivaling the best of the recent World Cup.

Great support from both the approximately 53,000 home fans and around 2,000 traveling or local Lilywhites, as Seattle, spearheaded by ex-Spur Clint Dempsey, responded quickly to going behind with constant pressure on the Londoners' goal, with Brad Friedel called into action numerous times.

The artificial turf tends to scare off prima-donna stars, which may partially explain why ThFC's galaxy of World Cup representatives were notably absent.

Spurs would have a hard time in the upcoming Prem by relinquishing possession way too often.

Michael Dawson, who gives away a lot of penalties, was punished for an infringement that would not, in a 'real' match, have merited such a harsh refereeing response, resulting in a successful Sounders spot-kick to equalize.

If Tottenham's opening goal was quality teamwork, the first Sounders goal from open play was a long range stunner from Osvaldo Alonso, the goal of the match.

Roberto Soldado makes it 2:2 from the penalty spot.

The third host goal came from a wide cross out of the reach of Spurs defenders but guided in by Seattle.

Spanish winger Iago Falque Silva, on as a sub, scored the game's third penalty to level at three apiece.

Spur of the Moment: Cristian Cebellos, attacking midfielder who came through the Barcelona youth system, looked like a potential gem.

Fun match, way better than the usual pre-season friendlies, and if the ones in Toronto and Chicago are as good, this North American tour will be a terrific springboard from which to leap into the main course: the upcoming 2014/5 Premier league campaign, now close enough to touch.

TOTTENHAM TURFIE RECKONS: Green light for the new big stadium - well chuffed. Now buy some top players like wot goons and blue meanies 'ave done.

Tottenham Hotspur: line-up


Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose

Paulinho Capoue Dembele

Townsend Chadli


Pride of London
as vs. Swansea [H] season 13/14

Glory days: Jurgen Klinsmann enjoyed two spells at Spurs in the 1990s

'Tottenham is a way of life and I didn't know that until I got there,' he said. 'I signed my first contract and thought, "It's cool to be in London". And then after two weeks I said to myself "Oh my gosh, what is this here?"

'The supporters are very special. They live and breathe for that club. You go to White Hart Lane and there are 36,000 people singing. It's not just one section. It's the whole stadium singing. You go there and think "Wow".'

The Beautiful Game: Remember when

"Yer havin' a laff......."

"if you get the chance to go to Arsenal, you go. But the deal fell through and Tottenham came in." -- Michael Carrick

Ah the good old days. From a 60's edition of the Daily Mail: "A police officer kicked a man so hard in the face that the sole of his boot came off, it was claimed in Leeds County Court. The man, Mr John Marshall, was accussed of criminal damage to a police boot."

"I don't think Manchester city is a big enough job for Sam Allardyce. There is no club in this area - other than United - who are on the same footing as Bolton." -- Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside

"When you're watching tv and your replacement scores three, that's Zamora!" -- CP, GMB, Fulham vs Wolves prem 2011/12 season.

Spurs battling
Sheffield U.
with 2nd leg
to come
Spurs 1:0 over Blades to set up 2nd Leg
Spurs flop to Leicester in FA Cup

So the third of the Cup matches is up next, away to Sheffield Utd this upcoming Wed, Jan 28th, 11:45am [Pacific] with THFC holding, of course, a 1:0 agg lead.

Lots of Prem sides took a tumble in the FA Cup 4th round and their representatives tried their best to look crestfallen, including Poch and the Tottenham players as their wimpy 1:2 loss to Leicester at the Lane sent them packing.

League Cup semi-final first leg is another Spurs grinder and the Lilywhites' fourth consecutive home win with an Andros Townsend penalty following a rare moment of skill from Roberto Soldado against Sheffield Utd.

Yes it had to happen: they didn't replace their ex-Spur manager but Sunderland did hire Jermain Defoe who made his debut for the Wearsiders against us at the Lane. So many times our former players have come back to bite us, but this time THFC ground out another of our increasingly familiar, uh, "less than poetic" wins. [He means ugly. -- Ed.]

We always said we should learn how to do that, so no complaints there. However when you look at the incredible team understanding and telepathic ease with which Arsenal dismantled City at the Etihad, the ground where Lilywhite dreams go to die, it seems like such a massive gap between us and all the sides above us, with the exception of the Saints whom we seem capable of taming most times.

So a prime banana skin scenario did not play out, and we shoulda won 3:1 except for the diabolical offside decision against our late breakaway winner. Did really none of the officials know the rule about offside and being in your own half? This is staggeringly bad officiating. It is so disrespectful to the fans who expect at least a certain minimum standard. Even that minimum standard seems far, far, out of reach of many of the current excuses for refs and officials. Horrible. Incredibly lame.

I wonder if the Prem realizes that the horrific officiating has reached a crisis level of ineptitude? It's really turned too many matches into lotteries, even though in this case it did not affect our win, but we could have used that joyfully swashbuckling third to boost our very slender positive goal differential. That could come back to haunt us.
Prior to next round
4. Man Utd22+1540
5. Arsenal22+1439
7. West Ham22+1036

Two goals down in the FA Cup 3rd round replay at home to Burnley and, mainly thanks to two Soldado assists, Spurs go through by bouncing back in style.

What was more remarkable for Lilywhite fans used to watching every Spurs match online for the last couple of seasons, is that this was not televised. Shock, horror.

But props to Talksport as they covered the match during the 2nd half. Apparently Radio London covered the whole match, but when I tuned in it was not on, so must have been on a separate online feed which I did not notice.

Whatever, it makes me, and many thousands of others, realize how much we take for granted that everything is online, all the time, whenever we want it. Only this time it wasn't. Toys out of the pram time, lads.

Jan 10 and a trip south of the river to Crystal Palace. They laid siege to the Spurs goal on their visit to N17 but couldn't actually score in the 0:0, but since then Tottenham have flourished, whilst the Eagles have flagged. But a new manager could add some added variable spice to the mix.

We've been grinding out wins often leaving everyone scratching their heads as to how we could be picking up so many points with so little cohesion or purpose.

By contrast the home win over Chelsea was a brilliant performance. Sure, riddled with howlers, and Lady Luck still very much smiling on the Lilywhites, but this was the sizzling display that these players, with this manager, always could, and should, have produced before.

CFC only conceded three goals in the previous 8 matches according to one TV host. So to give up 5 at the Lane is mind-bending.

More of these and Spurs are back in the big time.

Just wow. It went from one down and Chelsea taking the piss, to a scenario where I'm gonna love the second half. Un-effing-believable. Oh wot fun it is too see Chelscum lose on New Year's Day.

"To score five goals against one of the best defences in the world shows that we're coming together" said Harry Kane in the post-match interview: "We're delighted for the fans."

"I prefer to say just that we lost," said Mourinho curtly.

Ok I'm more anxious than I thought even with a two goal cushion. I keep thinking of certain home matches against Manchester clubs.

Thanks, Harry! 4:1. Chadli playing like a world beater.

Jose Mourinho facing a heavy defeat, but long way to final whistle.

Fazio gifts CFC a second, and now it's anxiety again......

Chadli and Kane combine again, this for Tottenham's fifth, and finally time to kick back, sip the champagne, and realize that a youthful previously erratic Spurs played a world class side off the park.

Spurs no longer lame at the Lane.

Uh oh, Spurs getting way lax and conceding to John Terry. Game back on but only a few minutes left. And now it's all over. Fantastic, riveting stuff.

0:0 in the home match with Manchester Utd played on Sunday, Dec 28th.

United had the best of it in the first half, and once again Hugo Lloris was the man standing between Spurs and serious goal damage.

But second half United visibly flagged whilst Tottenham sensed they could get not only one point, but three, high on confidence and closing down United's supply line, leaving what looked on paper like a daunting Red Devils front end frustrated.

All in all, a fair result. But had we been able to take our chances, and gain better advantage of a tired and mediocre Manchester back end, this could have been a glory day for the Lilywhites.

As is, happy with a point since we won at Leicester and the points tally is far from shameful at the halfway mark of the season.

A ground out boxing day win at Leicester 1:2 away, with Eriksen becoming the new Bale for Spurs in the sense of being the man that can turn draws and losses into wins simply by his own magical individual talent, although without another towering performance by Hugo Lloris in goal Christian's brilliant free-kick for the clinching goal still would not have been enough.

I wouldn't be surprised if Eriksen is the next in our supply line to Real Madrid, sadly.

And the way Harry Kane is progressing, this time grabbing a typical opportunistic in-form striker's goal very early doors, he might joining the Dane on the Iberia plane.

Staying with the all important premier league and a home match hosting Burnley sees Spurs 2:1 up at half-time and full-time. A frenetic, end-to-end old fashioned English football match with some great goals to boot. Goals here.

Eriksen, being in an offside position, kept himself out of the play to allow Chadli to supply Kane with a point blank nod in around the 21st minute to give the Lilywhites the deserved lead.

But about four minutes later Ashley Barnes scored a cracker for Burnley, only for Lamela, another four minutes on, to score an equally beautiful strike, his first in 26 league appearances and, as the commentator said, worth the wait! Supreme skills.

The Spurs squad, including and especially Lamela, seemed to have found their inner confidence since the thrashing of Newcastle during the week in the League Cup and the fortunate grinder of win at Swansea.

Talking of grinding it out, that's what the second half degenerated into, but hey, if it works, go for it.

Man of the Match: Christian Eriksen is becoming a potential Spurs mega star, if we can hold on to him.

Pre-match: the kind of match that in theory should be a Blanchflower-like dispaly of brilliant winning style from the Lilywhites but could in reality be a draw or even a loss. The Spur predicts a 2:1 win, even though Burnley have been resurgent of late and pulled themselves off the bottom of the table. West coast Norteamericanos can tune in at 7am and it's this Sat, Dec 20th. A day later it's the big non-Spurs fixture of the week as Arsenal set foot on Anfield turf at 8am pacific.

Spurs bagged four at the Lane in the League Cup quarter final with sweet revenge against Newcastle Utd after our loss to them at home in the league. The third goal, scored by red hot Harry Kane, surely propelled the Lilywhites into the semifinals of the competition because it seemed to shatter Geordie morale, but not their fans, who sang non-stop, despite their recent batterings in north London by both AFC and THFC.

The second goal was perhaps the most enjoyable, great teamwork and exceptional ball skills from Eriksen who provided Chadli with a chance which he took so well.

Even Soldado scored -- Tottenham's fourth, seven minutes after Kane's -- admittedly from point blank range thanks to Eriksen's shot being parried into his path by the keeper. Still, cool, calm and collected by Roberto.

Spurs somehow managed to beat Swansea 1:2 in south Wales despite the home side playing most of the better football and at times it seemed like we getting battered by Palace all over again.

But when you have class acts like Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane in your side, even when the 'gel factor' is almost completely absent in the rest of the outfield, good things can happen. The determination, self-confidence, and natural skill of those two is becoming our reason to still believe in Tottenham Hotspur having a future, at least for now. Because a lot of the outfield looks dodge dodge dodgy.

Getting solid subs on, especially Stambouli, to replace the ineffectual Lamela and Soldado gives one hope for Poch, although one wonders why they were on the field in the first place, but it seems Eriksen didn't get the memo that the we were playing for a draw, and good for him.

BBC fixture list for Tottenham Hotspur.

World Soccer Talk fixture list for US times of UK football shedule and official outlets.

Spurs stem Premier stumble

AVFC's Holte End
watches Spurs
win last season
Sun, Nov 1, 2014
Aston Villa 1 Tottenham Hotspur 2 [Premier]
Live online via various. 8am Pacific. Rob Francis comments

Good to see the result. Away from home, coming from a goal down. Nacer Chadli and Lamela combining to score from a corner. Whatever next. I was away all day so missed it completely. Now that's what you call a match reaction, eh?

Pre-match: I won't be able to watch this match unfortunately as I will on the road about 10 minutes in, after watching the Manc derby if I'm early and prepared, and I won't be around for MOTD2, so I'm well effed.

I just hope the lads do as well as they did last season.

"0:2 -- Soldado gets his Spurs" crowed The Spur headlines along with "Andros and Soldado seal it for Spurs" in the corresponding fixture last season.

Soldado added a precision goal, his first for the Lilywhites in open play, from a perfect Paulinho pass, added to Townsend's somewhat jammy opener which was intended as a cross but floated into the far corner.

This was a case of job to do, job done for THFC, a case of getting back onto an even keel after being torpedoed by West Ham at home just before a long international break.

Rarely when watching our team, there was never the fear, after we went one up, that we were in any serious danger of losing this. AVFC have some young talent and clear potential, but the good news is that they simply weren't at the same level as the visitors.

This is what top teams do, and need to do, because the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Everton were also cruising to maximum points this weekend, with slip-ups of course at Old Trafford, and perhaps the best news for Spurs in the form of Liverpool's failure to win at Newcastle.

Spurs enjoyed more possession, though as usual a lot of it was not particularly dangerous looking, but most impressive was the accurate passing and the sense that the team is, to wheel out the usual cliche, gelling.

Man of the match was officially and rightfully awarded to Andros Townsend who is enjoying the week of his life with accolades for his England performance and tremendous speed and creativity that makes him, dare it be said, "the new Bale", with the same mental soundness and strong self-belief. He's making better decisions on when to pass and when to shoot that augurs a fantastic future. And all this without shelling out 30 mill and instead running around a bit at QPR on loan!

And how about a song for Erik Lamela. That's him in the middle with Verts on the left.

Villa's previous match saw them going to Hull and playing what some have described as the most boring Premiership match ever played. But 0:0 beats losing three nil at home.

The Spur's Premiership
Newcastle storm back 2nd half
Unbalanced Spurs need tune-up
October 26, 2014
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Newcastle United 2
Reactions coming in
Final score

The Euro league seems once again to be sucking the life out of the club's league ambitions.

After 18 minutes of wild long range shooting and disorganized football from both sides, a sublime Ryan Mason chipped cross, as if placed on a silver platter, for Emmanuel Adebayor to head into the Park Lane goal, and all is suddenly hunky dory.

Perfect way to get the game into gear and now the onus is on Newcastle to have a pop, which in turn should see us create more opportunities with the confidence of that first goal.

So the first half went well, but within seconds of the restart, Dier gives up a free equalizer right from the kick off as the Newcastle player darts in on a sloppy mispass and scores in just six seconds. Amazing, you never get a chance to get complacent as a Spurs supporter, not to mention, player.

This inspired the Geordies to actually believe in themselves, whatever their manager said during the half time break made them look like different players, storming back to get a great [for them] second goal to go 1:2 up.

But it's the same old defensive issues for Spurs, combined with a disconnect between the back, middle, and front lines. We know the talent is there, but -- same story for the club for many years -- it needs to be put together.

On come Harry Kane and Aaron Lennon: THFC's big roll of the dice as time starts to ebb away, which it did. If they'd come on sooner, perhaps it could have worked.

Thurs, Oct 23, 2014
Euro Spurs
Harry hat-trick and amazing brace from Coco
Tottenham Hotspur 5
Asteras Tripoli 1 [Europa]
"Inspired Spurs finishing" says TV commentator
Full time result

Erik Lamela delighted the vociferous Fighting Cock contingent of the Park Lane with two stellar goals that announced that finally he's earned his spurs: two top goals.

For his first, the foot and leg-work involved was unique and painfully awkward to watch, surprised he didn't seriously injure himself, but effing ell, did it get results! And the build-up, admittedly with a fortuitous give-back, was also impressive.

Second half sees another unusual but brilliantly controlled Lamela goal and yes, the talent we all saw in glimpses up 'til now, is there for all to see. Footballers tweeting in from all over the country to applaud the quick wit and magic feet of the young Argentine star.

Meanwhile Harry Kane's scorching and deadly accurate opener was followed up later in the game with a well struck opportunistic second for him, and even a third, a well taken header from a perfect Fazio cross.

At the other end a world class save from Hugo keeps an Asteras volley out, but the French keeper was later red carded, leaving hero of the night Harry Kane to flub the visitors' free-kick. Stick to the other end, 'Arry. "He's one of a kind" chanted the Park Lane.

To see Lamela and Kane score such quality goals is magnificent news for THFC including its fans because, frankly, we had despaired of seeing this kind of killer goal-scoring instinct in our current squad. Since Bale's move, this was a long time awaiting. Love glee jubbly 'n all that.

However there were moments when the home side was almost completely absent when the Greek side attacked, and only bad luck, poor finishing, and a Ben Davies clearance, let the Lilywhites off the hook.

Also, small town Tripoli have a team that punches way above its weight, and just because we can score great goals against the equivalent of Maidstone United, no disrespect, doesn't necessarily mean we'll rip Newcastle United apart, but we could. Never know.

Pre-match: Spurs are hoping to trip out and kick some Asteras as the spellbinding Europa league continues its hypnotizing group stage. Double the pleasure, Tripoli the fun.

I have realized I'm jinxing Arsenal's chances of obliteration. Yesterday was another classic example of how I tuned into an Arsenal match that they were losing with minutes to spare before their defeat, and as soon as I start watching they stage a miracle comeback to victory. It be a curse, I tell ya Rodders.


Thurs, October 2, 2014
Euro Spurs
That was really Vlad
Tottenham Hotspur vs Besiktas [Europa] 1:1
Final score.

Harry Kane gave Spurs the lead. Demba Ba equalized from the spot after Vlad Chiriches handled in the penalty area.

I won't be disappointed at all if we go out at the group stages. This competition is a league form wrecker.

The only thing is Spurs look like they haven't decided yet whether this event is worth playing for. It's all a bit naff.

Right, well back to real life and two supremely challenging league fixtures coming up.


Thurs, Sept 18, 2014
Euro Spurs
Game 1 of group stage out of the way
Partizan vs Tottenham Hotspur 0:0 [Europa]
Group stage

I made the right choice by playing an excellent game of tennis doubles, apparently missing what's been officially declared as the world's 287th most boring match of all recorded history as determined by the Galactic Tribunal Insistent On Meaningful Sporting Contests based on the planet Centauri XI in the galaxy of Vaishnava.

So now we can get back to the real deal, the league, with Albion on Sunday.

"The Europa league is designed to keep "riff raff" like us out of the Champions League by making us play nearly half a season extra [hoping as if] by some miracle you're going to win it. The Sunday games means you're also always playing catch up. It's designed to keep the fat cats in the Champions league, and it works, 90% of the time.

Its no suprise that Liverpool had the season they had last season with no European competition. They improved with less games, not more. By the same token Man Utd this year are in a much better position this year to get top 4, again by playing less games, not more." -- Shaney, ggmb

Pre-match: I'll be playing tennis this morning pacific time so as you were until I get back to update the reactions. God luck, Spurs. Good luck, even, for our first match of the group stage.

Bleacher Report: "Partizan currently sit top of the Serbian Super Liga having won each of their opening five matches. Tottenham are, by contrast, in search of a win after picking up just a single point from their last two league fixtures." [Wow, put that way, makes us look like we're in crisis or summat.]

"Danilo Pantic is one of the rising stars of Serbian and European football. According to the Guardian, he has already signed a pre-contract agreement with Juventus."

"Though he has regularly played in the middle in the Serbian Liga, Pantic will likely start from the left flank and come inside on his right foot. Possessing dangerous pace, he will provide a real test for whoever lines up as Spurs' right-back on Thursday."

Still they have the kind of rabid eastern European fans who set off raging flares across the curva and BBQ elderly people on the end of roasting sticks as they guzzle bootleg vodka from goat-hide flasks with skulls hanging off them, so it ain't gonna be easy.

Thurs, August 28, 2014
Euro Spurs
3:0 on the night; 5:1 agg win for dominant Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur vs AEL Limassol 3:0 Full-time final score [Europa]
Two leg aggregate: 5-1 to THFC

BBC Football: "Paulinho fired low across goal for the second and Andros Townsend confidently converted a penalty as Spurs advanced."

Woh, had to go offline for a while, and missed most of the second half, delighted to see Spurs added two more to cruise thru into the group stages of the Yewww-rope er Leeg!

Great supply from Paulinhio gives Kane a decent shot at goal, and the man who just inked a new contract with the club makes no mistake this time, making up for the earlier penalty miss, which, in fairness, would usually have gone in, but for the acrobatics of the visiting stopper.

The Limassol replacement keeper, with his first involvement of the match, reacts quickly with his right boot to save Harry Kane's powerful down the middle spot kick.

Naughton felled by the goalkeeper for a Spurs penalty, causing injury to AEL keepers' right eye bringing on medical staff from both clubs.

New boy from Swansea, Ben Davies gets another start.

THFC line-up: Lloris [GK]; Naughton, Kaboul, Chiriches, Davies, Dembele, Sandro, Lennon, Paulinhio, Townsend, Kane.


Thurs, August 21, 2014
Pride of Cyprus
Euro campaign kicks off with 1:2 win
AEL Limassol vs Tottenham Hotspur 1:2 [Europa] First leg
by guest reactor Ibola Hatt

The great thing about this is not so much winning in the Europa league, which some view as a potentially harmful distraction that costs the club dearly in its all important Premier league endeavours, as it was to see that Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela have demonstrable talent and could really brighten up Tottenham's future if their expeditionary performances could be translated domestically.

Dembele was also praised by Mauricio Pochettino.

It's also really heartening that we don't fall apart when trailing these days, eventually coming back confidently in response to going a goal down and being initially, as The Guardian put it, "visibly shell-shocked" by the Cypriot goal against the run of play.

One thing I've always associated the "big clubs" with, like ManUre in their hey day or Arsenal, Chelsea, and City many times in the league over the years, is that they consistently bounce back to win if they go behind.

BBC Football: "Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, in charge of the club in a European match for the first time, will no doubt be a relieved man after his side were outplayed in large periods by last season's runners-up in the Cypriot league."

Daily Fail: "For Kane, the winner was just reward for a bustling performance, when for long periods he seemed like the only player with the will to haul Spurs out of trouble after Adrian Sardinero had put AEL ahead in the first half.

"But much credit should also go to Erik Lamela, who did not come on until the 72nd minute and gave Tottenham another dimension at a time when the Cypriot team were wilting slightly."

The Spur's Premiership
Sergio plays Spurs like a violin
Yet positive signs for Poch's project despite defeat
October 18, 2014 [Season 2014/15]
Manchester City 4
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Various online
by Rob Francis

"If anything should be taken away from this match, it's that Sergio Aguero is very good at his job, while Jonathan Moss is not." -- cartilagefreecaptain report excerpt

Even before the game, Pochettino said that "when Aguero plays it is like classical music in my head. It's like Mozart. Seriously." Dude you're so right, and as if in response to our manager's praise, Manchester City's sensational striker raised the tempo up an octave and twiddled up the volume too, but all Spurs fans could hear by the end was the sound of scratchy violins as tears were shed.

Back over to the cartilage site and interesting to see the view of a City fan: "To me, this is what Pochettino's system looked like against us (City) last year when he was with So'ton. It gave us no end of fits. That press is troublesome and will win some games (maybe against us in the return leg). This team looked good aside from some mistakes that I don't think you'll be repeating every week." Of course, more than one Spur countered with how we do make the same mistakes every week, and can think of new ones if needed.

Another game ruined by horrific refereeing. What some people will do for a brand new townhouse with a Gulf view. The final straw was Fazio's red card, and after that the conclusion is: I coulda used an extra hour's sleep. 4:45am a tad too early.

But if we play like we did going forward we should do well in future games.

But please, time for the Soldado league heave-ho. Give him the Euro slots, and Spurs to continue the quest for an ever elusive goal-scoring striker and a way to get the ball to him.

Soldado's body language and timid approach to the penalty shows a man who seems to know his time has come and gone in the top English league. I hope he somehow finds a way back, like Lamela he's a natural, but the writing's on the wall. Another Rebrov "shoulda coulda but didn'a" as they say in Dundee.

As usual Aguero took the piss, a class above the mere mortals around him, with four goals and man o' the match.

But there were signs of continued improvement under our new Argentine manager. The score doesn't reflect the improvements made since we were last walloped at the Etihad. The forward movement, the increasing understanding between the players, and the sense that our players like playing for Poch and believe in him.

Greece next, and then Newcastle. The Geordies will be a great chance to see how we do against the near bottom of the table opposition in contrast to the second toughest away match of the season that we faced today.

Reasons to be quietly confident. But we could really use a Sergio up front. In our dreams.

"Progress was made by Spurs on three counts today at The Etihad Stadium. Firstly, they kept a clean sheet for longer than the 14 seconds they lasted last year. Secondly, they reduced the losing margin by half. It was a six goal difference last year, and just three this time. Thirdly, they scored a goal. You could add other factors too, because we did manage a number of decent attacks; quickly equalised the first goal, and remained in the game right up until Roberto Soldado took a poor penalty." -- spurs odyssey

Pre-match: This is arguably the second toughest league fixture of the season, second only to Chelsea away. Nobody but the most delusional expects a win, what fans are looking for is a sign that we can at least compete respectably with the Big Oil soaked titans. Oh, and start driving electric cars.
Early start for
north american

Spurs got hit for six in the corresponding fixture played on Nov 24th last year, and our sub-header asked "Tottenham need points, and goals, but how?". Here's how it went down:

I predicted that based on their wealth and assembling two world class teams that Manchester City and Chelsea would be title favourites, but there were two other developments that I didn't see coming: Arsenal being transformed from also-rans into a third contender, and, with The Great Experiment of AVB's high line such a simpering fizzle of a philosophy, Spurs unable to score goals in open play, no matter who they buy or play up front.

If someone wanted to argue against my case that $$$ ultimately decides everything, Tottenham Hotspur would be the only exhibit they'd need [the caveat being that THFC is the exception to the rule.]

When even our most reliable players have howler days, you suspect it's not going to be pretty. But the whole team is looking confused. Just keep passing and hoping Gareth Bale will somehow reappear on the field.

With AVB's experiment seemingly in deep trouble, could this herald a full blown crisis, including financial, for Spurs? After all, what would Soldado's sale value be these days?

If, and it's still a big if, but if AVB and Spurs part company within the next year or so, where is the money going to come from to bring in new players to get us back on course if we are tumbling down the table? Will Joe Lewis continue to pour in the dosh if this experiment fails?

When you look at Soldado's counterpart at City, Aguero, who was sublime, the gulf is enormous.

For Spurs on the field it's about how the supply line works, or doesn't. City's strikers are fed by well oiled defensive and midfield ranks oozing purpose and cohesion.

Spurs have a lot of possession at times but it rarely adds up to anything. The Lilywhites seldom get behind the opposition.

Where are the goals going to come from, apart from the occasional penalty?

Pre-match: "I wish AVB would stop messing around with Lamela and start playing him. I know he's young and still getting to grips with English football but enough is enough. He is the missing link in my opinion and a guy that can score and create. Start the bloody guy AVB!" -- eskimo, fighting cmb

Casting the mind back to our match at the Lane last season. For over an hour Tottenham Hotspur trailed and the chance of a way back seemed slim, until Clint Dempsey capitalized on a sublime centre from Gareth Bale.

Spurs sealed a triumphant victory when Gareth Bale dazzled the crowd with a typical jaw-dropper of a goal, fed by sub Tom Huddlestone who had been singing along with the City fans' rendition of Blue Moon a bit earlier.

That seems a long time ago, even though it was months not years, but our saviours of that day are no longer on the payroll.

Hudd was onto something. Life, if not the moon, looks a lot bluer for us than it does for them as we face a daunting task on Sunday at the City fortress.

But Jermain Defoe is still with us. In that same match he came on to score a sensational go-ahead goal that shows what he is capable of -- a crackerjack striker's finish.

Amazing how times change and the script for that day seems hopelessly irrelevant and remote from our predicament today. Still, thought I'd mention it anyway -- along with a cup of cha it gets the juices flowing.

Will the potentially mighty Lilywhites let our loathed rivals for a top 4 spot know: game still on for a place in the Euro Champs league?

The Daily Mail rates the Spurs new boys:

Erik Lamela (GBP30m, Roma). A slow but steady improvement (albeit in the Europa League) for a player who has struggled to adapt to a new language and culture in England. He did cost 26m, but the jury's still out on the 21-year-old. 2/5

Christian Eriksen (GBP11.5m, Ajax). Exploded onto the scene and it seemed Spurs had found their No 10, but has faded since and now faces six weeks out with an ankle injury. 3/5
Anyone thinking 'we're at home it'll be sweet' are ******* deluded. Spurs are a very tough nut to crack and this will be a tough game. If we arent 'at it' they'll do us.
stoned rose, m/city blue moon mb

Vlad Chiriches (GBP8.5m, Steaua Bucharest). A centre-back comfortable with the ball at his feet who certainly does not lack confidence. His performances have pushed Jan Vertonghen out to left-back, although that perhaps says more about the lack of cover at full-back rather than the Romanian's talent. 4/5

Etienne Capoue (GBP8.6m, Toulouse). Another who started very brightly before succumbing to injury. 3/5

Roberto Soldado (GBP26m, Valencia). Can obviously hit a penalty, but has struggled at times in Spurs' 4-2-3-1 system. Arguably he has not had the service he deserves, however. 3/5

Nacer Chadli (GBP6m, FC Twente). An underwhelming start. Lacks the pace of Townsend or Lennon on the wing and usually seems to be carrying a knock. 1/5

Paulinho (GBP17m, Corinthians). Has settled in to the Premier League and feels like first choice in one of the two defensive midfield positions. 4/5" -- DM

Check back 'coz the build-up has just begun.

By the way, great post about 1882: "Modern football has paralysed so many fans with this winning at all costs mentality that people turn up to games worrying so much about top four blah, blah that they forget to enjoy themselves and support the team.

And that, my friends, is what 1882 is all about. Enjoying going to games and getting behind your team. Shaking off your fear."

As another poster put it: "Football, historically, was a game of support. The Lane should be a place for the 12th man."

That's one reason I don't mind not getting to that many games, living mostly on a different continent.

When I now get back to an English league stadium or ground I am usually surrounded by people shouting angry abuse at their own players and manager. That's a massive change from when I stood on the terraces.

I did not like this change from [blindly sometimes admittedly] loyal crowd to grumpy individually voiced consumers.

We all have criticisms of our club and team at any given time, but fan derives from fanatic, and supporters are named so because traditionally they have supported.

"If we can make the new Park Lane like the home end at Dortmund (which it looks to have been designed to be like) it will be awesome. Let's not make the same mistake Woolwich did by spreading their already quiet fans around their new library (however maybe that's what the clubs really want... silent, rich fans who pay [GBP] 70 a ticket and come and go home nice and quietly)" -- parklanespurs, fighting cmb

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs do it
Eriksen once again tormentor of Saints
October 5, 2014
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Southampton 0
Various online
White Hart Lane. Full time result.

More reactions on the way.

2nd HALF: Got a bit tense at the end, but Spurs make it over the finish line with a win that could herald the beginning of Poch's vision actually translating into on-field effectiveness.

Long way to go, but this is a great platform to take into the international break and give us some hope for the toughest league match of the season so far, away to Man City.

FIRST HALF: Well this is the dynamic, pressing, hard-working, better gelling Spurs that we felt Poch would develop at the Lane, and it came at a propitious time with the visit of his previous club Southampton, who themselves are no slouches when it comes to this style of play.

Adebayor, just when you think he's a lost cause, provides the quality pass for Eriksen to score, and Chadli hit the post moments later. Fun stuff.

All in all a compelling half to watch with THFC leading Saints 4:3 on shots on target, and 1:0 in the stat that ultimately pays dividends.

Pre-match "Compared to Mauricio Pochettino's Southampton, it feels like goals can and will come from anywhere, and there isn't a struggle to break sides down." - MrHMSH, Saints fan, Guardian comment

The Spur: Ronald Koeman seems to have done the highly improbable. Taking over the red half of the central south coast after the previous incarnation, a successful up 'n coming Saints side, packed with rising and exuberant young stars, had been ripped into shreds and sold off to the salivating glory hunters from the likes of Woolwich -- and, mindblowingly, creating in a matter of weeks a team with arguably more potential than the predecessors. Absolutely stunning.

I feared for Southampton's survival this season, and I am happily proved utterly wrong. Early days, I know.

The expectation is plenty of action and goals in an encounter like this, and last season in March we won a five goal thriller after being two down, boosted by a brace from Danish midfielder and former Ajax star Christian Eriksen.

"Kane should be a certainty, and I don't mind pairing him with Soldado either. Put Lamela, Chadli, and Eriksen behind them." -- Lander, NY Spurs forum

"This was not supposed to happen after Mauricio Pochettino swapped Southampton for Spurs and the south coast club lost five key men in the summer. But Pochettino will welcome his former team who are sitting second in the table, five points better off than Tottenham. Moreover, they are in a tactical groove under Ronald Koeman as Pochettino battles to instil his philosophy at White Hart Lane. It could be an uncomfortable afternoon for the Argentinian." -- David Hynter, The Guardian

More build-up soon right here at your super soaraway Spur.

The Spur's Premiership
Point made, Poch
Lamela assists at both ends
Arsenal (0) 1
Tottenham Hotspur (0) 1
Sept 27, 2014 (Ssn 2014/15)
Rob Francis watching

Second-half: Just wow. We nicked a point. This was encouraging, if another few years off my lifespan. Now I can enjoy the Ryder Cup.

The net result of this display is that, despite the disappointing results and seeming lack of cohesion in the team up until now, our new manager really does seem to have the ability to gel this team and start to get the best out of the individual players, and not to shy away from mixing in new talent with the established ones, even in one of the biggest games of the campaign.

After the wobbly first phase of the first half, I thought we might get torn apart defensively after the break, but amazingly it was a much sturdier and more confident back line. The goal added composure, confidence, and energy to the Lilywhites.

Also impressive how the likes of Eric Dier and Ryan Mason handled a big occasion like this. It didn't phase them. They not only coped, but played like they deserved to be there.
Pochettino has a plan B then. Not how I want our team to play long-term, but needs must.
yid vicious, not606 forum

Chadli scored for Spurs, followed by a stellar save from Lloris foiling Mertesacker's shot. Arsenal equalize via Chamberlain. Lamela involved in both goals.

First-half: Attempts on target 3:2 so despite the 63% home possession Arsenal haven't created as many real goalscoring opportunities as I would have expected.

They have the team cohesion and quick accurate build up of many of the best AFC sides of recent decades, but what they lacked in the first half was what they used to do so well, make almost every advance on the visitors translate into a dangerous scoring effort, or a goal itself. They've still got 45mins to conjure at least one up, because Spurs are not a tight defensive unit.

As for us, well the commentators have pointed out that we are not playing as a team, the work rate was too low, at least until the later stages of the half, and there was no understanding.

But as the first half progressed there were glimpses of what we could achieve under new manager Pochettino, and it's enough to give me hope that even if we lose this one, we have a chance to create a capable team that could be this year's Southampton Mk.II, if not yet ready for top four.

I saw on the cartilage site that the computer model of the season so far predicted THFC to finish around 6th or 7th and I thought, before this first half, that this was too optimistic, but based on some potential shown here, it seems a good call.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Hugo Lloris. Towering aerial confidence, single-minded bravery, a superb shot stop, all frustrated the home side no end.

Pre-match: Thanks for checking in. It's here again, the match that I watch intently but, to be honest, do not enjoy.

The build up has begun at The Spur. It's been a mediocre start to the season for Spurs, and not many expect it to get better this weekend, but it's more about how we acquit ourselves in a match that means so much to the supporters.

If we shine, and if Arsenal have a bad day, an unlikely scenario, but a point would seem like a win and would be welcome with open arms, and help propel the club into some more massive fixtures ahead such as Man City away on the 18th of October.

The League Cup
The Spur's League Cup
Spurs 2nd XI turn it around
Ryan Mason reporting for duty
Wed, Sept 24, 2014 (Ssn 20014/15)
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Nottingham Forest 1
Check back for more reactions

It looked for a while like Spurs would join Arsenal in a banana-skin home exit, to lesser opponents, from the league cup.

But the 2nd XI showed their mettle and didn't fizzle and fade as their seniors did against WBA, and the Lilywhites move on to host Brighton in the next round by consigning Forest to their first loss of the season.

Ryan Mason, who's been around for yonks, mostly on loan, made his name known to the fans with the equalizer. Then Soldado redirected a wayward Townsend effort into the goal, a signal seemingly for Spurs to gain a new level of confidence, and by the time of Lamela's terrific through pass to Harry Kane who buried it like a star, it seemed like this feisty mob was ready to graduate to a north London derby and have a pop at the Arse.

Just how many of them convinced Poch to give them the nod remains to be seen, and we all know that whatever happens, egos could be shaken on Saturday no matter how many of these Spurs make it onto the Emirates pitch.

A great relief to get this in the bag. We all want to believe that Mauricio can be the man. A loss in this one prior to some massive league matches was something nobody wanted to endure.

Pre-match: Just like so many others managers before him, Poch is, to use Glenn Hoddle's famous phrase, scratching his head over why Spurs are so conspicuously underperforming.
Join the
club mate!

Dude, if we knew how to fix that, we'd all look 20 years younger. Join the club, mate.

Meanwhile there is a chance for our second string to stake a claim and move themselves up the pecking order as the Cockerels host lower league outfit Nottingham Forest today.

Slight problem is that the Trentsiders are top of the second division and are actually quite good, setting up a second banana skin in as many days for the wobbly fortunes of north London's "elite" professional footballing clubs, who meet each other in just three days.

Stay tuned for more build-up and reactions to the intriguing Spurs v Forest encounter about to unfold before our very eyes.

It could be a riveting game, which would make a nice change from the previous two Tottenham brain rotters.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs flop
Incredible Leicester bounce back to trounce ManUre
Sept 21, 2014 (Ssn 20014/15)
Tottenham H. 0
West Bromwich Alb. 1
Live online various.

Toothless Tottenham "we beat QPR" Hotspur failed to break down supposedly lesser opposition and left themselves vulnerable as a result, ultimately conceding a goal from an unmarked corner.

Another disappointing conclusion to an uninspiring Spurs effort.

The script has remained the same from time immemorial.

A headed goal from James Morrison is enough to get Albion's season going, starting bottom of the table, having failed to secure a league win until today, and, the Guardian tell us, their first win at the Lane for three decades.

Maybe a new sugar daddy ownership can make it worth the west coast fanbase getting up for at 5.30am pacific time. Can't they rearrange Spurs matches for 9pm pacific time, I know of no better way to get a deep sense of fatigue than watching them aimlessly trot around a forlorn green expanse?

But we won't hold our collective breaths for anything better. It's been too long.

With Arsenal away next in the league, the bite of winter is already in the Haringey air.

The party line from the pundits is that Spurs have too many players who are the same. I'll add my further thoughts about that when time permits.

It reminds me of the joke a few years ago that Spurs had so many median skill level midfielders on their books they would need to reserve an entire section of the stand for them.

"It's like watching Brazil" has taken on a whole new meaning!

The tennis court awaits.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Shared by Leonardo Ulloa and Jamie Vardy for Leicester City against Manchester United.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs let lead slip twice
Team is taking shape, but defence the perpetual bugbear
Sept 13, 2014
Sunderland 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Full time

Reactions plus observations from our man
Eriksen put Spurs ahead just seconds into the second half but, as before, the home side equalized.

It was an exciting match to watch with Spurs showing moments of real flowing, passing, creative football with, no kidding, some actual bite.

But the famous Tottenham flimsiness in defence was there to be seen, not just in the way their goals were scored, but at several other times as well, albeit Lloris had much of the game untroubled.

Here's Mo Ali's take from the Guardian comments section:

"Disappointed that we didn't kill off Sunderland. We never should've conceded the goals Sunderland scored.

My opinion on the performance of some of the spurs players :

Adebayor - thought he linked up well with the three attacking midfielders
Eriksen - thought he did well, interchanging position and linking up the plays throughout the match well. Glad he scored as well.
Lamela - Thought he was decent, i hope he continues to grow in confidence and progresses on those silky touches and starts to score. Worked hard, thought he did exactly what Poch asked of him.
Chadli - keep on scoring buddy! did well
Capoue + Dembele - At times didn't track back quickly enough after a attacking play but generally played well.
Kaboul - I think at this staged, i'm too biased to give him any credit. Hope Fazio performs in the EL so that he comes in.
Rose - Very shaky at times
Dier - Thought he struggled today, hope he improves his form."

Meanwhile, I got a chance to eyeball some of the other matches.

We're soon to play Arsenal and if they can carve open Man City with such ease and aplomb imagine what we're facing with the kind of defence we displayed at Sunderland. It could be really ugly.

The other worrying thing was the fact that Villa almost took the piss at Anfield whilst we were tonked recently by the Reds at home.

And you gotta give props to Southampton, raped of all but one of their stars from last season, they romped to triumph, admittedly against a Magpie outfit that seems to be firing on barely one cylinder.

The World Cup, Brazil
Germany Uber Alles
Teutonic Titans tear up South America
July 2014

Well it was a truly absorbing World Cup and man am I glad that attacking and entertaining Germany beat boring cynical Argentina. Watching the 'ave-a-go teams like Deutschland, USA, and Costa Rica playing like national heroes for their causes contributed greatly to the rip roaring success of an amazing World Cup 2014.

Once again we see what great strides Germany have made over the years whilst England flounders to ever new depths of ineptitude.

It all seems to be part of the German footballing vision. Clubs answerable and largely run by their fans, a league which sees itself as integral to its national team's success, and a system of coaching and nurturing domestic talent that leaves England in the dust.

And finally Statesiders can see that fitba isn't about hooligans rampaging through the streets and professional players rolling around in faked agony.

Although 'soccer' has a long way to go to get anywhere close to NFL in the public psyche, my experience traveling around northern and central California is that the profile of the beautiful game has risen dramatically even since the last World Cup, and Brazil 2014 was another significant, perhaps the most profound ever, upward bump for the sport in the national consciousness.

Jermaine Jones levels for USA against Portugal in World Cup 2014.