The Spur, Since 1999. May 2020

December 2019
04: Manchester U. (a) lost 2:1
07: Burnley (h) won 5:0
11: Bayern Munich (a) lost 3:1 [Champs League]
15: Wolves (a) won 1:2
22: Chelsea (h) lost 0:2
26: Brighton (h)won 2:1
28: Norwich (a) drawn 2:2
January 2020
01: Southampton (a) lost 1:0
05: Middlesbrough (a) drawn 1:1 [FA Cup]
11: Liverpool (h) lost 0:1
14: Middlesbrough (h) won 2:1 [FA Cup replay]
18. Watford (a) drawn 0:0
22. Norwich (h) won 2:1
25. Southampton (a) [FA Cup] drawn 1:1
February 2020
02: Manchester C. (h) won 2:0
05: Southampton (h) [FA Cup replay] won 3:2
16: Aston Villa (a) won 2:3
19: Leipzig (h) [Champs League R16 Leg1] lost 0:1
22. Chelsea (a) lost 2:1
March 2020
01: Wolves (h) lost 2:3
04: Norwich (h) drawn 1:1 [FA Cup R5] THFC out on pens
07: Burnley (a) drawn 1:1
10: Leipzig (a) lost 3:0 [exit Champs League 4:0 agg]
15: Manchester U. [h]
20: West Ham [h]
April 2020
04: Sheffield U. [a]
11: Everton [h]
18: Bournemouth [a]

Originally scheduled dates. Some fixtures get moved owing to TV rescheduling. (h) = home. Listed matches are league games unless otherwise noted.

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European Champions League 2019/20
Spurs ahead
in Serbia
Spurs sink Serbs - again
THFC on track to qualify for KO stage
Crvena Zvezda 0:4 Spurs [Full time]
Nov 6, 2019

"Can we play you every week" is the appropriate chant when we play Red Star. In a season when we can't beat anyone for toffee, we thrashed the Serbs twice, and lordie, thanks guys, you made us look so damn good.

But actually we were good and with a bunch of the new signings, that we crowed about pre-season, finally on the park together, we can dare to dream -- we might actually have a killer team assembled and yet to do the business beyond clobbering this lot.

It's hard to tell so we have to hope Lo Celso, Sessignon, and Ndombele are all now regular features of the upcoming games starting with Sheffield Utd at home this weekend. Then we can get an idea of what our potential can truly be. Might wanna wheel on Jack Clark, 'n all.

Nice goal from Eriksen makes it Spurs four-nil over Red Star on their patch, usually a fortress, domestically anyway. Sessegnon is god with a nice cross to find Eriksen.

Great to see Heung-min Son has psychologically bounced back from the horror show he had to endure in connection with the Gomes injury -- everybody, and especially Son as much as the injured player himself, relieved that the Everton talent will eventually fully recover from the serious injury during the 1:1 draw last weekend.

Prem returns June 17
At time of writing we already know that Manchester City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield Utd are on the 17th, but the dates of the other matches, including Spurs vs Manchester United, have not been solidified. Check back for reactions soon.

Prem poised to return
Mid May 2020: Sky states "Top-level sport in England could restart behind closed doors from June 1". It looks like the various tiers of English football are largely making their own separate decisions on how to conclude their seasons, decimated of course by a world turned upside down by pandemic. So there's a lot that needs to be finalized about all this. Talksport writes of the Prem's return status: "The target date for a return is now set to be put back at least a week until June 19 after talks between players, managers and medical experts on Wednesday, May 13." [Still no final decision with talks continuing beyond that date.] As we said below, TheSpur is "all ears" and let's hope everybody can agree a workable framework. Stay tuned.

Harry Kane sponsors O's for charity
Mid May 2020: CNA Singapore is one of many global outlets picking up the Reuters story on sensational soccer striker Harry Kane starting a domino effect of good karma as he sponsors Orient shirts which in turn will promote a children's hospice and a mental health charity. What a guy! Meanwhile, the Prem is set to return in June with a lot of logistics to be determined. Sounds good, we're all ears.

Props to THFC, the fans & the Trust
Mid April 2020: Heartening to see what looks like a happy ending over the recent endangerment of Spurs jobs for the working people of Tottenham as described in this Guardian article.

Prem nixes games
As hotly expected since Thursday night: on Friday [March 13] the Premier league suspended all Prem matches immediately and until further notice, which postpones Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United. Also out of action are the Women's league and FA Cup fixtures, including the away north London FA Cup quarterfinal derby that was scheduled for Sunday.

Much as the PL hitherto doggedly pursued the notion that life must go on, reassuring and comforting as it was for a while, it just wasn't an ongoing plausible stance with Corona-V devastating the sporting scene along with almost all other aspects of life globally.

The Champions League (Ssn 20019/20)
Spurs imprisoned
by mediocrity

Another manager implodes
RB Leipzig 3 Tottenham H. 0
Mar 10, 2020. RBL go thru 4:0 agg.

Reactions: Reactions still coming in as Spurs now have only one thing to aim for this season, a champions league spot, and even that's an outside chance with clubs in much better shape already above us.

"Spurs displayed no conviction," Jacob Steinberg lamented in his Guardian match report noting later just "how far the players who once made this Spurs side so exciting have regressed."

Tottenham need champions league football to justify a colossal and impressive stadium and a club that costs a fortune to run including salaries for a lot of underperforming talent, some of whom have already peaked. Yes the injury crisis is real but the club's leader did not prepare for the eventuality that was likely to dog the on-field progress. Apart from Lo Celso, the players brought in simply haven't measured up, and they all needed to gel to get the club thru this time of.... yes, crisis. What now? "All eyes are on Levy" Steinberg correctly concludes.

In this era, one ventures to suggest that only a massively wealthy owner could justify taking on this project. Amazon are underway documenting the turgid season, but if Jeff Bezos wants a happy ending, or at least an unexpected twist that says Spurs will stay on the map big time, only he himself can afford to rewrite the final chapter. Maybe Jeff could bring back Poch and say, I'll buy you the players, three years to do what you need to do to make us permanently up there with Liverpool and Man City."

Preview: Spurs actually showed the promise that their existing and new talent can bring to the table in the first leg, with Lamela and Lo Celso [pictured] looking especially lively and capable, but Leipzig had the ability to control the game with confident and meaningful possession football, building chances that kept the home side back peddling and apprehensive for continuous spells. Only towards the end did we see what this Lilywhites group could be capable of, once the new talent beds in with the best of the existing squad.

It's still within Tottenham's reach to make the quarter-finals but with Leipzig's fiery home crowd at the [gag] Red Bull Arena backing a very competent team [reminiscent of the current Sheffield United with their team spirit, disciplined style, yet with plenty of flair added to the mix] - it's hard to see how that self-belief can be overturned. Yet, we know, THFC have the talent to pull off a comeback. It's arrived: do or die day, March 10! To Dare is to Do, not to do is to die. RB Leipzig's most recent draw was a 0:0 with Wolfsburg.

Leipzig, the city itself, is apparently worth visiting even though it's in the weird part of Germany, the former Eastern bloc run into the ground by Russia in previous generations, but the boomtown city itself is emerging as the regenerative engine of an otherwise still eerily backward part of Germany, and the club itself is an emblem of better times ahead.

Whilst emerging Spurs super star Giovani Lo Celso [pictured] will be playing, BBC Football reminds us that "Steven Bergwijn - who could miss the rest of the season with an ankle injury - Ben Davies, Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Moussa Sissoko and Juan Foyth are all sidelined."

Please check back for more build up and the best of the globe's reactions to this match, open to spectators despite viral times that are shuttering a raft of football fixtures both today and going forward.

FA Cup
Can anybody help this sinking ship?
March 4, 2020
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Norwich City 1
Shoot-out shambles sends Spurs out of Cup

Only got back from work in time to see the shoot-out and worra lode of absolute roobish.

All the Spurs players bar Lo Celso, whether they scored or not, looked absolutely drained of any self-confidence or self-belief. By contrast the Canaries acted like they knew they could do it.

TheSpur was aghast at the hiring of Mourinho and despite a few blips of success we've slidden back to the same level as the end of the Poch era -- clueless, unmotivated, all at sea. Just awful. And nobody has a clue how to fix a broken club.

"That's me done for the season, I've sat through enough shit shows at that new stadium now. Lost all motivation to go again this season. and to add insult to injury, I'm getting mugged off by Norwich fans on the way back to my car, ******* Norwich!!" -- Kevin Gower

Preview: Spurs won at home to Norwich in the season's earlier league game version of this fixture on January 22, 2020. Another win is desperately needed to keep our season alive.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs run-in rot sets in
March 01, 2020 (Ssn 2019/20)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Wolverhampton W. 3
Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Reactions: The home straight part of the season, the dreaded "run-in", heralds a familiar THFC decline.

As it emerged we sensed that even when we were beating City, Saints, and Villa that we were riding luck big time at that point and that an emerging tailspin was imminent. And so it was - after Villa, nada.

Now that the unwelcome yet familiar pattern has emerged with serious back-end leakage and no goal scorers [with the absence of Kane and Son] it's become clear that we're embarked on an unrewarding "not really good enough" slog to the finish line.

BBC Football notes: "Jose Mourinho has lost three games in a row for only the fourth time during his managerial career, doing so once with Porto, Chelsea and Manchester United."

Even with fifth place opened up as a Euro Champs berth, thanks to City's ban, the Lilywhites won't succeed on the side's current trajectory - obviously, you have to win games.

On the plus side Spurs dominated possession and on another day could have put this beyond Wolves' ability to come back, and Bergwijn and Lo Celso are looking like great additions.

But with an injury ravaged side unable to play as a team from back to front, it's not gonna be easy.

BBC Football: "But it was at the other end Tottenham struggled, looking indecisive on occasions with both Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen on the bench, as they failed to stop Wolves' quick, attacking breaks."

Please check back as more reactions come in.

Preview: In the corresponding fixture last season played Dec 29, 2018 Wolves visited Wembley stadium and tonked Tottenham Hotspur 1:3 while days before the nation congratulated England captain and Tottenham striker Harry Kane on being appointed by Her Majesty an MBE, which probably means "Most brilliant ever".

The now injured striker celebrated by scoring in the 23rd minute and Spurs hanged on to that slim lead until Willy Boli's headed equalizer around minute 72 from a great Joao Moutinho assist.

Zonal marking was blamed for Tottenham's dilemma in this match. No matter how bad a rap "zonal marking" gets, it seems every team is required to employ it for at least a certain minimum percentage of their seasonal playing time in order for experts to have something to point at when the wheels come off a team and when pundits need a time saving hack.

It got worse. Wolves got a second, Raul rolls it into the net with Hugo Lloris doing a slow motion impersonation of a late goalkeeper reaction, reflecting the lethargic second half by Spurs with Wolves dominating since the break.

It got even worse. Number #3 for Wanderers. They're playing like Spurs do on a good day, which this isn't.

Instead of blaming zonal marking, TheSpur pointed to the incredible overload of matches with a squad too thin to make it all the way thru to the end of the year without borderline collapsing. THFC were running on empty.

The Prem 2019/20
Not good
Battle for ECL place
Sat, Feb 22, 2019
Chelsea 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Stamford Bridge, London
Rob Francis to react. USA Live. TV= NBCSN; fubo, Hulu, SlingB, AT&T

Reactions: The blows against freedom and democracy keep on coming: proto white nationalist Trumpian USA, fascist backed Brexit poised to create havoc in an already fragile UK economy with self-serving rightwingers milking the UK to enrich only their offshore accounts now shielded from EU oversight, and deeply dodgy Chelsea a world apart technically and managerially from Spurs who fought to get one back but were outplayed from beginning to end in the "battle for 4th".

Preview: Frank Lampard is looking to bloom as a solid new manager but at the moment Chelsea are obviously a work in progress, like us. Losing the reliable world class talent of midfield creator Eden Hazard to Real Madrid was one of the main factors in their decline since being regular table top contenders [would have loved him in a Spurs shirt but he was the one Belgian international star, the captain, we couldn't get our mitts on].
Sun: Spurs Women win by only goal @ Brighton in WSL, up to 6th. Next: Brum [H] March 22

The Pensioners home form hasn't been what it should be, but Tottenham's visits to Stamford Bridge aren't usually any great shakes either. That said, somewhat surprisingly we've conceded fewer goals than them this league season while scoring the same amount, giving us the edge with a +2 goal difference. Given that they are home its fair to say, on paper, this looks to be a balanced battle, but Spurs have more critically key players injured [Kane and Son the biggest blows] while Chelsea's main loss will be world XI midfielder N'Golo Kante.

Both sides have had a rollercoaster season so far and now the main goal for both southwest and northeast London respectively is to beat the other for either 4th place, where CFC sit going into this weekend, or 5th place, where THFC currently stand. Thanks City for getting banned, making 5th place good enough for a Champions league berth -- with the caveat that City's owners have endless funds to, uh, "see things right" nudge nudge wink wink]. But best to thrash the Launderers and move up into 4th spot.

We've got a bunch a clubs just below us who are also eyeing at least the 5th spot if any them can keep it jammed in top gear for the run-in: Sheffield U., Man U., Wolves and Everton. Add to that a couple of outside long-shot bets who could still hit their stride: Arsenal and [equal with the gooners on points albeit less likely] Burnley.

It's one of those insane 4:30am kickoffs for west coast North American viewers so for many people in San Diego, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver etc it will be a case of DVR action, staying away from the score, and brewing the tea or coffee for a couple of hours later.

Please check back for more build up to what is universally regarded as London's second biggest derby, trailing only the north London classico.

The Prem (Ssn 2019/20)
Absolutamente brillante
Heung-min Son, once again, wins it!
Feb 16, 2020. US TV: NBCSN/Univ. Net: fubo, SlingB, Hulu, AT&T
Aston Villa 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Villa Park, Birmingham, NBC hilites

Reactions: Breathless end to end action and both sides wanted to be first to everything, faster than the other, more dynamic. No buses trying to park in this neck of the woods.

In the end THFC had the flair players that so often make the difference when trying to unlock a stalemate, and with Man City banned from the Champs league as of next season [at least as it stands now] this is a massive step towards being in the European big time again next year.

A defensive deflection by Villa's Bjorn Engels created a completely freestyle situation with seconds of stoppage time remaining, Tottenham's South Korean gains possession and then, out of absolutamente nada as the Universo commentator describes it, he's on one of his solo rampages to steer the ball beyond the keeper for that familiar moment of magic that brings a glorious finale to the Lillywhites' trip to the West Midlands. Once again.... Sonny, he's magic you know.

"Son, Moura, Dele and Bergwijn is a quartet full of trickery, pace and power, and defenders find it difficult to cope with them. Nothing beats a last minute goal, and a very crucial one at that. COYS." -- lanespurs, Guardian reader comment.

Second Half: This is a fiery high paced typically English blood 'n thunder clash that has a lot more drama in it as the 2nd half unfolds. Unfortunately the Villa bloke that gave up the penalty, Engels, rises to head a convincing equalizer early doors of the 2nd half. Two apiece.

Spurs gradually emerging as the more potent force as the 2nd half progresses but could go either way.

Well, that's the thing. Heung-min Son is a game changer so often in just this kind of scenario, and once again he delivered the goods.

First Half: Toby Alderweireld scores but minor technical problem, into the wrong goal. Spurs all at sea whenever Villa get the ball. Is there anybody on this planet that can build a solid Lilywhites unit? Occasionally you can ride your luck and beat even Manchester City, but unless there's 99+% fortune smiling on you, Spurs are too wobbly to compete properly in the top flight. Sad reality.

Wait ... Toby has scored again, but this time turns a rebound into a screaming swivel shot into the Holte End net. What a redemption. Absolute screamer.

Now Spurs in panic mode again, this time Lloris finally bats away a bobbler that was inviting a Villa second.
Wed: Spurs Women bounced back from 2 down to tie Everton, incl. THFC wonder goal

But a blatant Engels foul in the box, felling the man without getting the ball, gives Heung-min Son a chance to score. But for Spurs even a penalty becomes a mountain to climb, a logistical challenge. Eventually the South Korean international superstar finally outsteps the ball over the line after his shockingly over-casual spot kick gets blocked.

Preview: In the reverse fixture earlier this season, played on August 10, 2019, Spurs achieved a "top turnaround", as TheSpur headline reflected, by bouncing back after trailing by an early goal to eventually win 3:1 in the league campaign opener.

Well a great way to make the game exciting albeit nail-biting is to trail at home on your opener, the clock running down, and then have your new mega signing, Ndombele, score a superb equalizer, your local hero striker, Kane, put you ahead [look at those foot skills and striker acumen], and then have said local hero put a ribbon on it and nab a brace [brilliantly placed goal] for a 3:1 win to remember! Aston Villa are back in the Premiership and they started with a raft of new players, but Villa's star remains local cult hero, the youthful Jack Grealish.

Back then, many pundits, along with this site, placed them above the relegation zone come season's end. Going into this weekend that's proved to be true, but Villa are only one point clear of the drop zone, bettering only West Ham, Watford, and Norwich [the latter, despite playing some good football, far adrift]. Villa are one of seven clubs likely to be slugging it out for a while to come, with Bournemouth, Brighton and Crystal Palace just above them, any of whom could succumb to the unthinkable doom of relegation.

Sky Sports: "Aston Villa are winless in their last eight Premier League home games against Spurs (D2 L6), losing each of the last four in a row."

TotTV preview + Villa fan

THFC Women in Superleague
Women's derby postponed
Arsenal vs Spurs victim of bad weather
AFC women
hard to beat
Arsenal Women vs
Spurs Women
Sun, Feb 09 (Ssn 20019/20) 6am LA/SF[USA]
Net: FA Player.

For Tottenham Hotspur Women to play their best against Arsenal, win draw or lose, that's all we hope for this weekend. Link to the official preview.

Preview: In the reverse fixture earlier in this first ever Superleague [WSL] season for the Lilywhite ladies, over 38,000 watched the first WSL north London derby [which set a new league record by about 6,000 more than the Mancunian derby], and as The Spur predicted the more experienced women's program of Arsenal proved too much for Tottenham. But the gap is closing, not this time the cricket score defeats of yesteryear in friendlies, FA Cup, etc, including a ten-niller - yikes!

However the Spurs women bounced back to show that that they they belong in the top flight even if they're still significantly behind the top sides Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal. Truth is, there's still a massive gulf between those three and everyone else, and that has stayed the same even as this season has unfolded.

It's been a solid first season for THFC in the WSL and the spectre of relegation has not appeared. The club's women are solidly mid-table, ten points above the lowest competitors Liverpool and Bristol City, but twenty points behinds top side Man City, and 17 pts shy of Arsenal as we go into this weekend of action [at the time of writing].

This north London WSL derby is an away fixture being played at Meadow Park which will be filled to capacity and sold out. Not quite the heady heights of the brand new Tottenham Hotspur stadium like back in November, but interest is still running very high for this one, and Spurs face an Arsenal side that, while still a daunting proposition, has suffered two successive defeats, notes. However they also point out that those two losses came against the only two teams that are better than them, namely, of course, the top two titans: Manchester City and Chelsea.

The match is live online at the FA Player as usual and what a wonderful resource it is to be a few clicks away from watching the Spurs women in action both live and on replay, especially for the overseas legions of Lilywhite aficionados living abroad. Thank you again our dear FA. Don't charge too much when you get us all addicted and then hit us with a fee in future seasons [in fact, that they will hand that prize over to the commercial market in years to come].

Just like the previous derby at our new stadium, this encounter allows us to watch a meaningful Spurs match during the men's team absence [winter break, not international break, as was the case in the first north London women's top flight derby].

And if one may copy and paste a line from the reverse fixture, because it still holds true: "we are facing one of the giants of the women's game and if we can get even a point out of this it would be ... fantastic". A bonus to simply add to the already great enjoyment of watching Spurs in action this weekend. COYS!

The next match for Spurs women is on Wed Feb 12 home to Everton. Tix via the official Spurs site.

FA Cup 2019/20
Spurs 3 Saints 2
Full time result
Feb 5, 2020.
US Online: ESPN+
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Southampton 2
TH Stadium

Reactions [More soon]: "Spurs have to dig deep again" says the BBC report, putting it into perspective in a game THFC struggled to survive and ultimately triumph: "Boss Jose Mourinho was, though, without the injured Giovani lo Celso and Erik Lamela, plus the ineligible Steven Bergwijn, while Alli was only on the bench after he picked up a knock during last Sunday's 2-0 league win over Manchester City."

"When Danny Ings put Southampton 2-1 up in the 72nd minute of this fourth-round replay, the prospect of Spurs advancing to a home last-16 tie against Norwich seemed outlandish, "noted The Guardian report, who nailed it: "Southampton had been much the better team, particularly during a one-sided first half. The cohesive football had belonged to them. Yet Spurs found a way to dig deeper. They did not play particularly pretty football but in the end it was winning football."

Yes, a game dug out and the stats reflect that reality. Possession -- Spurs 46%, Saints 54%. Shots on target -- Spurs 3 Saints 7.

"Saints priority remains safety after the start they had in the Prem but they looked devastated to go out of The Cup," says Guardian reader Micktrick.

Game: Spurs broke thru with a deflected shot from Ndombele, technically an own goal by Jack Stevens. Southampton equalized via Shane Long from a Lloris parry. 2nd half Saints pushing hard and a memorable Redmond run with a pass to Danny Ings, who had two shots on target, shows his phenomenal talent with a wickedly spinning goal -- 1:2. But a solid strike from Moura made it 2:2. Son is upended by the visiting keeper and the South Korean super star wins it from the penalty spot for the home side, but gotta mention the awesome assist courtesy Dele Alli at his best.

Spurs host Norwich City in the fifth round of this FA Cup. Please check back for more reactions as the hours unfold following this match, another roller coaster ride watching the Lilywhites.

The Prem 2019-20
Sensational Spurs
Spurs win. Full time score
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Manchester City 0
Live US TV: NBCSN. Online: fubo, SlingB, Hulu, AT&Tnow. 8.30am US/Pac.
TH Stadium. Zap Gremlins to react.

Reactions: It's all over, Mourinho's biggest statement so far as manager of Tottenham Hotspur and a massive win that gives Spurs a real shot at making top four as Chelsea stumble. Arsenal and Man Utd also stumbled with draws that should have been wins for them. Spurs started in a 4-2-3-1 formation.x

Match in progress: What a debut from the brand new PSV signing. Steven Bergwijn's sensational second half sizzler, a volley dropping from his own body just to make it even more impressive -- great assist too by Lucas Moura -- puts Spurs up against 10-man City and now the question is: will Berg win it? Answer: Yes, Son Heung-min makes it two with an equally high quality second for Spurs, assist from Ndombele also top shelf.

Preview: In last season's corresponding fixture Manchester City did no more than they had to do to ease past Tottenham Hotspur by a sixth minute Riyad Mahrez goal and then did a moneybags job of keeping the score firmly set in place.

For their part, Spurs did not get embarrassed but were simply not quite up to the level of their visitors despite a highly competitive effort that gave us fans some optimism moving forward despite the defeat.

Lamela could have equalized but it was not to be and frankly Spurs didn't have the key to unlock City more than a very few times [as usual], so those rare chances just have to be taken.

The difference in class, despite the talent of Tottenham's team, was always there to witness, and it's rarely when I'd consider Spurs a "dirty" side, in fact I recall we've usually done very well in the "fair play league", but I can see how a neutral or City supporter would have been indignant over some of the home side's ways of coping as the London outfit struggled to match the world class assemblage of visiting talent.

The Spur was realistic about the likely result even though we'd just beaten the "then champions" Chelsea on their ground by the same margin, truth is it all seemed a bit too much for Spurs as the Moneybags confidently shepherded the game to their desired outcome.

Back to this immediate weekend -- in other Prem fixtures that stand out we see Leicester hosting aforementioned Chelsea in the early Saturday AM game, and Burnley provide a banana skin for Arsenal in the early Sunday match warming us up for the main course, the one they all want to watch: Lilywhites home to Citeh. Gerrin' there ladz..

FA Cup 2019/20
He's Sofiane
Detour: Road to Wembley now via N17
January 25, 2020. 7am LA/SF
US Online: ESPN+
Southampton 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
St Mary's Stadium. Hilites. By Rob Francis

Reactions: Sofiane Boufal's scorcher blew the minds of the south coast supporters with a fine 88th minute equalizer for the in-form hosts, but the goal on everybody's lips was Tottenham Hotspur's from half an hour earlier that featured an unforgettable run by Giovani Lo Celso that left a string of Southampton players in his wake before releasing Lamela to feed Son Hueng-min whose pinpoint finish had the traveling Lilywhite faithful in Cup ecstasy.

"Mouronho, for all his faults, at least understands that the FA Cup is important," Leyton1980 [Guardian reader].

Preview: Saints proved too much for a try-hard Tottenham in the league encounter down on the south coast on new year's day. Harry Kane invested all his energy and talent to see if he could get one back after THFC went behind, but finally his fatigued body suffered an injury and he had to go off, adding to Tottenham's multiple woes that linger to this day and beyond. So 1:0 to them it finished.

Spurs were in charge for the most part but breaking down the home side's defence proved predictably challenging and the Londoners created painfully few chances.

Going further back in time, and an FA Cup match in 2002-2003 that I actually attended, but among the Southampton supporters [no time or space for the back story here], as we crashed out of that year's competition in a 4:0 rout, not a pleasant experience I can tell you. Thanks for reminding me about that, BBC.

BBC Football: "Saints have won six of their last eight games in all competitions and beat Crystal Palace on Tuesday."

The Prem 2019/20
Gazza's dazzler
Argentine keeper saves Spurs
Sat, Jan 18, 2020 4.30am US/Pacific
Watford 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
US TV: NBCSN. Net: Fubo,Hulu,SlingB,AT&Tnow

First reactions: Tottenham Hotspur's #2 keeper Paul Gazzaniga, deputizing for the soon to return Hugo Lloris, essentially saved Spurs by handing away Watford's on fire ace Troy Deeney's scorching penalty blast.

Watford were noticeably the more deserving side and, although there have been signs of improvement from teetering Tottenham both towards the end of the 'Pool match, against Boro in the Cup, and here at Vicarage road, the side from North 17 still look decidedly mid-table and mostly pedestrian in their efforts. And boy do we need a pwopa striker with the absense of injured Harry Kane.

Pre-match: Tottenham's travails were eased with an FA Cup win but the bread 'n butter of the all-important Prem has proved a touch too much so far. Watford at Vicarage road is another realistic opportunity to hang on to a slither of hope for a top four place to qualify for a financially imperative Euro Champs spot.
"The thing
I like
most is..."

BBC Football's View from the dugout: "Watford moved out of the bottom three for the first time all season last week and this encounter suddenly looks a much trickier one for Spurs than it might have done a few weeks ago. Only Liverpool and Manchester City have collected more points than Watford's 13 since Nigel Pearson's appointment."

BBC Football article titled Nigel Pearson: How Watford boss is engineering great escape.

Guardian Football says: "Jose Mourinho needs to stop Troy Deeney from running rampant for Tottenham to stand a chance of not becoming their latest scalp. Mourinho's forte is negative tactics but, without a goalscorer, a victory against any in-form side will be difficult."

Last season Watford won the corresponding fixture 2:1. Watford's recent form has been significantly better than Tottenham's.

The weekend Prem fixtures also some other interesting clashes including the battle of the recently installed managers as West Ham host Everton, Chelsea have to go to Newcastle, and the big one of course Liverpool hosting Man Utd. Then, on Wednesday, Spurs host Norwich in the league.

Man of the match: 'ave a guess!

The FA Cup 2019/20
Lo Celso & Lamela - lovely
Boro pull one back but THFC triumph
Jan 14, 2020. US=ESPN+. FULL TIME
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Middlesbrough 1
at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. by Rob Francis

More Wrap-up and reactions coming soon: Okay so after I had to bale before the end it turned out Boro pulled one back and though they had a few more minutes remaining to try to equalize it didn't work out for them and so of course the Lilywhites go through to the next round, keeping the dream alive of a trophy this season [winning the Champs league being extremely unlikely].

It was a real pleasure to see the likes of Tanganga, Lamela, Sessegnon, Lo Celso and Lucas Moura all chosen to play and actually kind of makes me accepting of Mourinho as manager which I never thought possible. It was actually fun to watch Spurs today albeit my schedule dragged me away before it was over. Long may it last to see these guys getting some playing time. I'm in. Much better watching today than for a while.

In play: Tottenham's one realistic chance of silverware so it's our Cup final in a way but first we gotta beat Boro, which we're doing, and then in the next round away to the Saints who are sizzling these days.

At Boro it was drawn 1:1: In the original tie, we saw a quick burst of goals in the first part of the 2nd half. Boro take the lead but eleven minutes later Moura nods the Lilywhites back to 1:1. Top support from the travelling Tottenham supporters in trying times.

Lads it's the FA Cup. Tottenham used to be big in the FA Cup. Minor problem, as The Guardian reminds us: "Boro enjoyed four straight wins and three clean sheets over the festive period." In other words they're currently, if not at least as good as Spurs, on a heck of a roll. And yet they were pretty rubbish to be honest before that so still lingering in 16th spot in the second tier at time of writing prior to the away encounter. Their league season could still see a playoff spot for the Prem, or flirt with relegation.

As for Spurs, BBC Football writes: "Christian Eriksen and forward Son Heung-min - who returns from suspension - are set to start for Spurs. The injured Harry Kane and Tanguy Ndombele will both be absent."

Please check back and then enjoy the game wherever you are, fellow Spurs supporter.

The Premiership (Ssn 20019/20)
Klopp of the league
Signs of hope for the future
Sat., Jan 11, 2020. US TV: NBC & online. BBC match tracker
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Liverpool 1

Within seconds of kick-off Liverpool hit the post. Spurs defence immediately in heart attack mode. Home side created some early efforts but soon feeling the difference in class as Liverpool assert complete control and get on the board.

Positives? Spurs only conceded one goal and almost equalized courtesy Son, this against the best side in England and probably the world. Downside, against lesser teams we don't perform well, so this results in a harsh reality: an overall famine of points.
Spurs Women beat West Ham 2:1 on Sunday

From around the 75th minute to the end, Lilywhites putting together some impressive counters and offensive build-ups, a glimpse perhaps of the future with Lo Celso, Son, Moura, Aurier, Lamela and others all getting involved, Lo Celso flashes a shot wide as the Park Lane gasps.

It's all over. Tottenham's play in the final 15 + stoppage time gives hope for the future.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur host Liverpool, and frankly the Reds will be difficult to beat on their present form and with Spurs still wobbly despite manager change. Tottenham Hotspur host Liverpool, and frankly the Reds will be difficult to beat on their present form and with Spurs still wobbly despite manager change.

Liverpool by contrast are absolutely on fire, that's a team working as one very impressive unit. Great individual skill and team cohesion means Juergen Klopp is clearly the best manager in the league.

The Prem 2019/20
OMG we won
Individual talent basis of joy
December 26, 2019
Tottenham Hotspur 2
vs Brighton & HA 1
Tottenham Hotspur stadium, London N17
US live: TV=NBCSN; Net=fuboTV, Hulu, SlingB, AT&Tnow. w/Rob Francis. 4.30am US-Pacific.

Matchday reaction: Quick initial reaction is big relief and it seemed like it was mostly moments of individual brilliance that caused the win but as a unit we're still not even close to comparable with the Citys or Liverpools and Brighton were so close to equalizing.

That said we bounced back from going down which says a lot for the side, and Kane was so unlucky to have his first "goal" disallowed by VAR -- astonished by that call. I'm "for" VAR but gotta say there's summat wrong when something that microscopic is called against the attacking side. Can VAR really determine at that level of accuracy? I have real doubts about that. "Clear daylight" 'n all that.

Preview: In the corresponding fixture last season, played in April 2019, a classic thirty yard scorcher from Christian Eriksen broke the tense and frustrating scoreless deadlock. Spurs stayed patient to the end and did not give up trying to forge that one moment to turn things upside down. Just when it seemed impossible, the moment of magic that THFC craved, and have the talent to create, sent the crowd into ecstasy without the need for MDM and an electronic trance mega-drop.

That goal - but don't underrate the perseverance - was arguably the most important strike in recent Lilywhite history, giving Spurs the cushion so desperately needed, and putting extra pressure on CFC, AFC, and United who were already getting spooked by Spurs apparently marching on to nab a top 4 spot.

In the season before that, Tottenham won this corresponding fixture 2:0, played at Wembley on December 13 of 2017, when Spurs also really needed the points. NBC Prem round-up. Indeed, it seems we're always in depserate need for the points to squeeze into the coveted fourth spot - a massive club with the nation's best football stadium needs Euro Champs league football for its very lifeblood.

Premier action Dec 22, 2019 (Ssn 2019/20)
Lamps Ready & Willian
Brazilian brace, Son sent off, FULL TIME
Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 2
US online live: Fubo, SlingB, AT&T.Now. TV = NBCSN
RIP Martin Peters [West Ham, Tottenham]

Reactions: First Brexit, now this. Next on the menu: dismantling the NHS and introducing American style health "care". Did I mention the climate crisis? Tannoy repeatedly telling fans to stop being racist. Seriously. What's going on in the world today? Meltdown. It's Brighton away part 2. Good thing we celebrated winter solstice yesterday otherwise it would have been a rather sombre occasion.

Well, let's see how how things go now that the honeymoon is not only over, but it's already separate rooms and google searches for divorce settlements have been made. OK, going too far. Is George Graham still available? What's 'Arry up to these days? What about a rotating manager pool? Who's in more crisis: Arsenal, ManUre, or [what once was] Spurs?

Second half: Son sent off. Meanwhile this is almost too embarrassing to watch. Rarely has it ever been that bad. Seriously trying to hold back on the "told you so" regarding hiring a has been manager. TheQuake begged in vain for Brendan.

First half: Half time. Howlingly bad performance by Spurs in the first half. One nil down early doors and getting battered, with a penalty just before the whistle to put the home side in serious trouble. 0:2 at the break and brace for Brazilian Willian. That's what they pay him 3.5m a year for [or in that region].

Preview: BBC Football points out that Tanguy Ndombele is a fitness question mark to play. "Young protege meets old master" says beeb pundit Guy Mowbray referring to the manager battle between CFC's Frank Lampard and THFC's Jose Mourinho [still seems odd to say about Jose]. Lampard: "It's Tottenham-Chelsea". BBC also notes: "Jose Mourinho has never lost a home fixture against a side he has previously managed" whilst "Chelsea have lost four of their past five league matches".

The Guardian'a Jacob Steinberg reports "Mourinho is likely to face a fierce reception from the away end when Tottenham host his old side on Sunday and Lampard believes his former manager's decision to join one of Chelsea's fiercest rivals may not be forgiven by fans."

Not surprising they would not remember what he achieved with them as they are a horde of seething psycho racist goose-steppers whose main employers are crime syndicates specializing in money laundering and shadowy fund-raising for rightwing politicians.
Spurs can actually overtake the Blues in the Premier League table if they get the win  

Like West Ham, Chelsea fans' main rivals are us, yet Spurs v Arsenal remains the real #1 London derby and always will be. Whilst loathed by Spurs fans those CFC and WHU "supporters" seriously need to find better roles in life other than their deluded sense of purpose being to maintain their mysogynistic, casually racist Little Englander view of the world.

Guardian Football: "Jose Mourinho v Frank Lampard. Master v pupil. It is easy to locate the juiciest subplot of this derby, with Mourinho going up against Lampard, the former Chelsea manager locking horns with his one-time midfield talisman. The head to head has happened before, with Mourinho's Manchester United losing to Lampard's Derby on penalties in last season's Carabao Cup."

Spurs you-tube preview. Chelsea you-tube preview.

Spurs you-tube preview too.

The Spur's Premiership
Magic Moura, Jantastic
Moura early blaster & Jan nod enough to win
Dec 15, 2019 (Ssn 2019/20)
Wolves 1
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Molineux, Wolverhampton US Hilites
US live TV: NBCSN. Net: fuboTV, SlingB, Hulu, AT&T-Now. by Rob Francis

1st reactions: Tottenham Hotspur's opening chapter under new on-field management continues with a hard fought, fast paced, action packed encounter at in-form Wolverhampton Wanderers and both sides deserved something out of this for a showpiece top flight display, but a superb header by Jan Vertonghen redirected a Christian Eriksen corner into the net to break the 1:1 tie as the minutes ran down.

Spurs ended the West Midland side's sensational unbeaten run and you can see why the black 'n gold are such a highly rated outfit, boasting quality individual talent among their ranks plus a strong team ethic.
Spurs vs Leipzig in Round of 16 draw
Euro Champs League

Lucas Moura's early goal was an even more impressive Spurs strike coming in the 8th minute, a mazy run and rocket shot stunned the home side, and the always dangerous Traore scored for the Wanderers in the second half to ensure a grandstand finish as both sides felt they could win it.

More reactions soon but so far the Mourinho era has gone unbelievably well and I admit to being wrong [at least so far, long may it continue] about saying it would be a desperation inspired disaster and that JoMo should go to Arsenal instead! On that topic, the grapevine is linking non other than departed THFC manager Mauricio Pochettino for the gooner throne.

Preview: TheQuake's Rob Francis wrote in the preview to last season's corresponding fixture: "By beating Wolves at Molineux, Tottenham Hotspur can take another significant step towards securing a Champions league place for next season, a massively necessary way to celebrate moving into a breathtaking new stadium fit for a club that deserves to be part of the world's biggest soccer stage."

Well the future has arrived and we are living that dream: Spurs are in our first full season at the new stadium with indeed a Euro Champs campaign in full swing approaching the knockout round.

Going into this game Wolves are a point above Spurs and unlike the visitors won their European encounter during the week [Europa League for them] beating Besiktas 4:0.

BBC Football: Wolves "have gone 11 league games without defeat (W5, D6) - they haven't had a better unbeaten run in the top flight since 1959." Wow.

Turning to Spurs, the BBC mentions the club's away crisis of conceding goals: "Spurs have not kept a clean sheet away from home since New Year's Day - a club Premier League record run of 15 consecutive matches."

MAN OF THE MATCH: To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided.

The Prem 20019/20
Spurs Burn Clarets
Spectacular goals by Son & Kane
Dec 07, 2019 (Ssn 2019/20)
Tottenham H. 5
Burnley 0
7a Pac/USA Live: NBC SpGold, by Rob Francis. Highlights

SECOND HALF:: Sissoko scores a quality goal as THFC go 5 up. Working wonders for the goal difference, not to mention erasing the nightmare at Man Utd the weekend before.

Great reception for former Spur Aaron Lennon returning as a Burnley sub.

Harry Kane was one of the Spurs players singled out for "special treatment" by the on field Burnley wide-boys but they didn't sufficiently knobble him enought to prevent his reposte to the Son [another target of the hit squad] goal of the century before the break - it was the second exceptional strike by Harry Kane even by his high standards. It seems so many of the underperforming Spurs are hitting their stride again under the Special, Humble, and Turnaround One.

FIRST HALF:: Well Harry Kane's scorching opener looked like a hard act to follow, but at 2:0 from a Moura stab-in after a Heung-min Son shot was deflected away, it was time apparently for goal #3 to be a goal of the century contender and reminiscent of the late George Best's incredible individual goal-scoring talent in full flight. Just draw, I mean jaw, dropping. 3 up at half time.

Preview: Anyone remember that game at home to Burnley when Harry Redknapp was in charge and Spurs went two goals ahead, only to concede four? Spursy wasn't invented yesterday, but let's hope it's not around today.
"We are conceding too much. We haven't had time to work [on the problem]
Jose Mourinho

It's on NBC Sports Gold in the USA which means a rare visit to that channel for many Spurs fans because as a "bigger" club we usually breathe the rarified air of NBCSN cable TV and the online platforms like fuboTV and SlingB.

After the Redknapp led 2nd half meltdown I had written: "I'm gutted. At 2-0, I couldn't see any way we wouldn't win. But in the second half we were a shadow of ourselves and Burnley ran riot." In truth we'd already bagged 4th spot and qualified for the European Champs league, and Burnley - can't swear on this now, mind - also had nothing to play for but pride, but they played for it anyway. Good for them.

Back to the present of December 2019 and our game home to Burnley follows Everton [without a full-time manager of course] home to Chelsea, which should be interesting. Following our match at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, the media flocks over to the Etihad for the big Manchester derby.

Then the next really interesting Prem clash comes on Monday [Dec 09] with the London derby featuring West Ham and crisis ridden Arsenal.

BBC Football: "Spurs are without a clean sheet in 10 straight league matches. Burnley's last league win at Tottenham came in 1974."

Jose points out correctly that since he came in as manager there's been no time to actually work on the team's game and in particular to end the goal leakage. He came in at an insanely hectic period for the team so we have to trust the players will hold it together until he can get with them on the training ground and sort things out.

Please check back for more stuff related to the visit of Burnley and a golden opportunity for Spurs to bounce back from the defeat at Old Trafford.

The Spur's Premiership
ManUre done the Special One
Also: Brum 1, Spurs Women 1 [Final]
Wed, Dec 04 (Ssn 20019/20)
Manchester United 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Old Trafford. 11.30a pac/USA TV:NBCSN. Net:fubo, Hulu, SlingB, AT&T.Now -- by Rob Francis

Match over: Jose's honeymoon at Spurs is over. A lacklustre performance in the second half made United look way better than they really are, and Spurs bow out with a 2:1 loss to Rashford & Co. Ole is god apparently.

First Half: Now that's how you play spectacular football, amigos. Referring of course to the Dele Alli equalizer. Nice center too which set up Serge Aurier, with Alli firing home from a spectacular half volley. "Dele Alli has as many Premier League goals in three appearances under Jose Mourinho as he managed in his final 17 appearances under Mauricio Pochettino - three," says BBC's matchtracker.

Beyond that stellar Spurs leveler the visitors struggled to create chances especially in the second half. Mourinho's got his work cut out for him.
Birmingham 1 Spurs Women 1. Graham equalizes for THFC

Preview: Spurs lose more Prem matches to the Rags than playing against any other club, and yet if ever there was a time the momentum was with the visitors it would be this encounter, but let's not kid ourselves, Old Trafford may not be a fortress but it ain't no picnic playing against what is still a star studded side that can turn it on in an instant.

Tottenham can't buy an away clean sheet and this makes us especially vulnerable.

And yet, in turn, we've got a talented side that may struggle against a lot of opponents but when it comes to the giants, the really big games, it's a squad that loves to rise to the occasion.

A quote from The Humble One that somewhat belies his current incarnation, as the Guardian reminded us recently: "At United, I won and I learned." True, partially, but another interpretation could be "you lost and you got your ass slung out". Both of course are reminders that sloganeering can only ever create a superficial, monochromatic view of reality.

The Prem 2019/20
Hang on, Spurs
can't stop

Brace for Dele, Sissoko scores!
Tottenham Hotspur 3
AFC Bournemouth 2
Sat, Nov 30, 2019. Highlights
Online: 7am pacUSA time - NBCSN, fubo etc.

Match: Holy ****, Harry Wilson gets a brace and it almost went pear shaped at the end there - but for a perfectly timed Vertonghen defensive tackle it was so close to a 3:3 result when Spurs should have been cruising by stoppage time. Even Jan is turned from lug to legend under Jose! Defence and midfield losing possession at pivotal moments obviously needs some work.

But The Lilywhites did get a third consecutive win as Jose's 100% record becomes even more impressive, defensive lapses notwithstanding.

The clean sheet is gone as Spurs concede, still 3:1 up. Another treat of a goal as Sissoko gets the 3rd. Dele Alli scores a beaut to make it two up for Spurs and a brace for a talented player brought back to brilliance seemingly by the recent Tottenham changes - and what a laser thru-ball from Toby Alderweireld, he also did the same for the first Dele goal in the 22nd minute. He's come back to life under Mourinho as well.

"Very impressive stadium, so much better than the Emirates, much closer to the pitch." -- Cherry Bare, Bournemouth away supporter.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Gazzaniga; Aurier, Sanchez, Alderweireld, Vertonghen; Ndombole [Moura], Dier, Sissoko; Alli [Winks], Son Heung-min [Lo Celso]; Kane.

Preview: Last season's corresponding league fixture at home to the Cherries was a doozie for the Lilywhites, the Londoners winning 5:0 under the headline "Very Hot Spurs". As with this season the south coast side was doing quite respectably in the standings but met a Spurs side in knockout form on that fateful Boxing Day.

Can the Lilywhites chew up the Cherries again and spit out the pip? Just Howe will their gaffer try to stop the Mourinho tide?

No disrespect to the Eddie Howe managed side but we'd love to make it three Mourinho wins in a row to start his reign at Tottenham Hotspur.

This corresponding match-up really had us at TheQuake gushing the praises of now departed Mauricio Pochettino as manager: "What a tragedy it would be to lose Poch and for this one-in-a-million alignment of the stars: close to perfect manager guiding a young squad that's now almost completely in synch and ready to claim the footballing world as their own. Just imagine if we actually continued to strengthen the squad depth rather than have the entire shebang poached by inferior, but richer, clubs."

Son Heung-min was arguably the joint Man of the Match sharing that honor with Kyle Walker-Peters, the latter with his three assists.

Another interesting bit from TheQuake's report last season: "Eddie Howe would be my pick to replace Poch if the awful time came that ManUre poached our Argentine superhero manager. So it's no surprise to see BBC Football's preview mention that 'Eddie Howe has been tipped as a potential Pochettino successor.'"

Howe always has the right answers to media questions and the BBC preview went on to report him responding as to whether he's moving to Tottenham: "It is absolutely foolish of me to think of anything other than this club. I am absolutely committed 100% to every minute here." Of course, in the end we got Jose, but how amazingly the talk of the town back then was so apropos to the here and now.

Bournemouth's Up The Cherries fan site match preview.

European Champions League 2019/20
Mourinho's 100%
record, shining
It's a Knockout!
Hail Mourinho
Tottenham Hotspur 4, Olympiacos 2 [Full Time]
Nov 26, 2019. US Live: TUDNxtra
CBS preview

Match & Reactions: Turns into an emphatic win for Mourinho's first Euro Champs match in charge of the club. It's all going perfecto as Tottenham Hotspur win two consecutive matches and are unbeaten in three. T'rific result and the Lilywhites go through into the knockout stages of the ECL.

It was a frighteningly dodgy opening phase of the first half, going two down, but wow did things turn around by the time we got into the latter part of the second half as Spurs became rampant and showed the riveting stuff that thrilled us under Poch before things went pear shaped earlier in the year.

There were some memorable goals -- I especially liked the Aurier created third goal because it put the icing on the cake of of player being transformed by a new manager,let's hope it lasts -- and Harry scores. Dele too has gone from dud to stud in the very short time Mourinho has been here.

But the 'ball boy goal' was priceless, described thus by The Guardian's David Hytner: "The one that put Spurs in charge ... followed a piece of quick-thinking from a ballboy on the touchline. He returned a dead ball with swiftness to Serge Aurier, who got Lucas Moura away with a throw-in. Moura crossed, Harry Kane did the rest and Olympiakos were broken. In the celebrations, Mourinho sought out the kid for a high five and a hug." Magic moment -- one that signalled JoMo and the Spurs crowd were as one.

Preview: Tottenham can clinch a place in the knockout stage of the Euro Champs league and then, under JoMo, go on to win the entire contest amid a symphonic crescendo of sound and light in 2020, when the year ends in zero, no less.

BBC Football reminds us of Jose's now immortal words uttered in truly inspiring fashion only a few brief days ago: "With these boys I will never be afraid of a Champions League match." The Beeb preview adds: "Olympiakos are top of the Greek Super League but are bottom of Group B with only one point from four games."

It's was perhaps an oversight that such a state of the art stadium wasn't equipped with underground heating but with JoMo at the helm the fan's cockles will surely be sufficiently warmed with a glorious debut home victory being hotly anticipated for the Supreme One.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Gazzaniga; Aurier, Sanchez, Alderweireld, Rose; Winks, Dier [Eriksen 29min], Moura [Sissoko 61min]; Alli [Ndombele 83 min], Son Heung-min; Kane.

Premier 20019/20
Hold my
signing bonus
The Ego Has Landed
Poch to United or Arsenal?
West Ham Utd 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Sat, Nov 23, 2019. Updated Sunday, Nov 24
USA live TV:NBCSN. Web:fubo, SlingB, Hulu, AT&T.Now

Reactions: Barney Ronay, The Guardian: "There was a tentative round of applause towards the Tottenham fans, but from a distance, like a tremulous arm around the back of the cinema seat on a broadly successful second date." Classic, and moreover the Special One didn't used to do 'sheepish' but as the Humble One he's got a wider repetoire - for now anyway.

And while even one as humble as Jose might feel the victory was divinely ordained, "beating West Ham at the moment is like duffing up the St.Winifred's School Choir." sixfootwalnut BBC football forum.

Regarding the dearly departed, Jimmee on the Guardian forum consoles himself "by the thought that Poch wanted to be put of his misery at the end. It's no reflection on him. His demands not being met by the chairman just made him give up and that fed into the players. We owe him everything. A true legend of the club, but maybe it was just time for both sides to say goodbye." Agreed, and remember he had to walk the narrow line between getting Levy to fire him rather than himself resign [with some 12m quid on the line], and respecting his integrity and track record and the desire of the supporters for their club, frankly, by the end, to avoid going into a complete on-field collapse.
The 'Out of Work One' needed the victory desperately but I don't see the Levy/Poch fallout lifting by some magic wand.

Spurs did look livelier than for a while and showed several noticeable differences, such as the 'keeper not exclusively playing out from the back, and,finally, Spurs countering quicker and more decisively, rattling West Ham. But in the final phase of the game, as West Ham pulled two back, Spurs seemed to sink back into their recent torpor, and what should have been a done and dusted game became a nail-biter. Spursy lite?

Sunday's big matches: What an incredible match between Sheffield Utd and Manchester Utd, one of the most entertaining in the Prem's history.

That followed Spurs Women's loss at the most up 'n coming club in the women's game: Everton. Overall, the best sides beat the lesser sides so no surprises. You've got the big three of City, Chels and Ars, then Everton and Man Utd in a second band of their own, and everyone else in the third band, of which Spurs Women are proving themselves among the best of those rest. That's very decent for a promoted side. Liverpool Women are in meltdown but even if they were to be relegated you can bet a club of that stature is going to ultimately make them among the top, eventually, in seasons to come.

Preview: This long-time pulse-raising local derby has some added flavour and intensity with Jose Mourinho gracing the stage as THFC's new manager.

Yes, The humble one visits the Hammers as manager of Tottenham Hotspur. West Ham's recent Prem form over six matches is awful DLLDLL, much worse than even Spurs.

Guardian: "Tottenham have not won away in the league since January, which is partly why they felt compelled to replace Pochettino with Mourinho this week."

THFC Women in Superleague
Spurs 0:2 Arsenal
Large crowd, absorbing game, wrong result
Girls, it's
Spurs Women 0
Arsenal Women 2
Sun, Nov 17, 2019 @ 7am US/Pacific (Ssn 20019/20)
Net: FA Player. THFC preview

Reactions: Over 38,000 watched the first women's superleague north London derby [a new league record by about 6,000 over the Mancunian derby], and as TheQuake predicted the more experienced women's program of Arsenal proved too much for Tottenham. But the gap is closing, not this time the cricket score defeats of yesteryear in friendlies, FA Cup etc including a ten-niller - yikes!

Spurs now need to bounce back and take some pride and confidence that they are showing that they belong in the top flight even if they're still significantly behind the top sides Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal. Beat the rest and it'll be a solid first season in the WSL.

Easier said than done, as the next WSL fixture is away to the season's surprise package Everton to be played on Sunday Nov 24 [live online at the FA Player as usual], the Toffees having won their derby a few minutes walk across Stanley Park against free-falling Liverpool at around the same time we were losing against Arsenal. That said, it's a winnable game for Spurs women.

Also winnable are the league matches in December against Birmingham, Brighton and Reading. Unfortunately all of those games [except Brighton] are away.

Fun fact [courtesy of the BBC]: Manchester "United attracted the highest average home attendance in the country last season, despite being in the second tier."

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women are more than holding their own, so far, in their first top flight season, as are their fellow promoted lasses at Manchester Utd, both upper mid table.

But Spurs are up against a club, our north London rivals, who took the plunge into properly run competitive professional women's soccer long before the Lilywhites.

It will be so great to watch a meaningful Spurs match during the largely tedious international break and it'll be live on the almost magical FA Player.
Come on you Spurs Women. Make us proud. Forever Spurs.  
Praxion, U-tube

Arsenal are three points ahead of us and they're in second place going into the weekend. Their goal difference advantage is telling, however -- AFC +6, THFC 0.

We are facing one of the giants of the women's game and if we can get even a point out of this it would be a fantastic homecoming on such a big and glorious stage capable of holding over 62,000 supporters.

It will be interesting to see how the gate will be, especially on a men's "Premier League-less" weekend. Whatever the attendances at Spurs v Arsenal and Liverpool v Everton on Sunday, crowds have turned out in way higher numbers for some match-ups than ever before. The Hindu newspaper's sports section reminds us that this season's attendances for the biggest women's super league matches are "a big improvement from last season. When the Gunners lifted the title last year, there were barely 6,000 people there to watch the game." Meanwhile, Arsenal have sold out their official allocation for Sunday's encounter.

Win or lose, Spurs look to be in good shape overall as the young season is unfolding, and astoundingly, any talk of relegation surrounds the men's first team, not the fairer gender. Seems weird to think that, yet it means we've got summat to cheer aboot, lud.

Former graduate of the Arsenal youth system Gemma Davison could be playing in a Lilywhite shirt [Update: on as a very late sub. Welcome back from injury]. She also played for Chelsea and Reading and is one of THFC's most experienced players.

The Spur's Premiership
Lilywhites underwhelm
Check back for more reactions
Sat, Nov 09, 2019.
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Sheffield Utd. 1
Live USA/Pac @7a: NBCSN,Universo; fuBo,Hulu,SlingB, AT&TNow

REACTIONS SO FAR: The only consolation today [Sat] was to watch Leicester City towering above Arsenal's erratic and ineffectual efforts long before the match was over as they gutted the gormless gooners at King Power stadium. Hours earlier back in London, Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was mourning his crumpled GBP270,000 Lamborghini after an accident on the M25 [nobody hurt]. "OMG! I hope he's okay. Can't imagine how he must be feeling. Let's hope he has the financial and emotional ability to overcome this terrible life event," sympathizes EricC.

Returning to the fantastic Foxes - Brendan Rodgers would be a prized asset at either north London club if one of them could lure him away. The guy is a god and it would hurt deeply if he was ever tainted by association with AFC. But a scenario in which we could snag him and meanwhile Jose Mourinho goes to the Emirates would be marriages made in heaven. Please let that happen!

But not this. "Tottenham ready to make GBP50m transfer bid for Man Utd flop Memphis Depay" says one paper's headlines over the weekend. Fleet Street is starting to take the piss.

Another unconvincing performance by a somewhat tired looking Spurs and the overriding thought is that manager Mauricio is not showing sufficient expertise at team selection, including substitutions and their timing, and so we have a group of talented individuals whose sum produces less than its component parts. Until that changes, we've got a potentially grave problem.

Right now, we're lower table fare and Poch appears to be on a "work to rule" approach, as if his heart is not into it [except Euro Champs league and even that's hardly been stellar]. What we're seeing onfield in its present state is simply not viable for a club like Tottenham Hotspur. Work to rule won't work.
Impressive Leicester win 2:0 over Arsenal  
Rival watch

"The standout attacking player by a long way for Spurs, Lo Celso performed as if unburdened by the baggage that other Tottenham players are carrying and his injury problems and those of Ndombele and Sessegnon have delayed how quickly Pochettino has been able to integrate all three into his starting XI," wrote Alisdair Gold,

Next up is a short trip across north-east London to West Ham whose form this season has been even worse than ours and at least we've had a few "ups" as well as downs to savour. Please check back for more reactions as the weekend unfolds into Monday.

PREVIEW: Sheffield United. They're as English as jellied eels, mushy peas & mash, and owned of course by foreign interests, in this case Prince Musa'ad bin Khalid bin Musa'ad Al Saud.

We may be on target for the knockout phase of the Euro Champs league but we are eating it in the Prem and even a win would only put us on the same points as The Blades.

Red is the colour - United is their name. Check back for match reactions as they come in from Saturday thru Monday.

Blades web forum.

The Prem
Poor result for
both managers
but Marco Silva
more likely than
Poch to be
the casualty
Spurs & Toffees in trouble
Forget 4th place, Spurs are flailing and falling
Everton 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
Sun, Nov 03, 2019 (Ssn 2019/20)
Goodison Park, Livepool
TV: NBCSN, Univ. Online: fubo,SlingB,Hulu,AT&Tnow.

Match: A Halloween hangover type of a game that does nobody any good as these two sides, "giants" as the media keeps reminding us, are taking Yeti-like steps towards the relegation zone, never mind 4th place or even a Europa league spot.

Still, two peachy goals, including Dele Alli's mazy run and scorcher that might signal "he's baaaack" - hope so.

Of course the awful injury that led to Son Heung-min being sent off was nightmarish and distressing, especially for Son himself and of course the awufully injured Andre Gomes. Yes Son did commit a foul, but it's not in his nature to deliberately cause that kind of very serious injury, ill-fortune played a big role in this incident as can be seen by the split seconds leading up to the contact and immediately afterwards, so at the time of writing it's not even certain that Son's tackle/foul was the primary cause of the broken bone.

We know, from watching him every week, about his personality and character. However other fans, who are not as with familiar him as THFC regulars, could fly off on a bender and I hope no Everton fans go off the deep end over this. There may be some players who have no qualms about causing that type of injury [I can think of one in particular, who never played for Spurs] but they would be very few, and out of the game as quickly as possible. Son is the polar opposite of an "enforcer" thug.

"If it's any consolation you're playing better than West Ham." -- 105Wonky. No it isn't really of course. To be that bad.... what would be the point? Yet we're headed in that direction. In-form Sheffield United at home, next in the Prem, pop pickers.

Preview: Hotspur America's match preview pod brings US Spurs and Everton perspectives to their sides' current situations as they prepare to do battle at Goodison Park, which World Soccer Talk reminds us is live, conveniently for north American viewers, at 8.30am pacific time, following Crystal Palace's same day home game against Leicester on all the same channels except Telemundo.

Other notable top flight fixtures includes Saturday action as improving Manchester United descend upon Bournemouth, and we also find out if Wolves can "do a Palace" and stymie Arsenal on their patch, hopefully adding to the goonish pandemonium going on down the Seven Sisters road.

Meanwhile our hosts Everton need a win as desperately as we do. They are two points behind us and only two points clear of the drop zone after losing at Brighton. But at home they've won their last two games 2:0 defeating Watford in the league cup and West Ham in the league.

We Are Tottenham TV predicts a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Cartilage free captain preview.

Meanwhile, switching the focus from Merseyside to our new stadium, Lee of Dorset Spurs discusses the home atmosphere, standing, and allocating tickets specifically to people who want to stand and chant.

More soon, please check back.

"Team dinner
will help" --
THFC manager
Mauricio Pochettino
The Prem 2019/20
Pen gives 'Pool win
Arsenal held home to Palace 2:2
Sun, Oct 27, 2019 (Ssn 20019/20) NBC; fuBo, Sling, Hulu, AT&TNow Liverpool 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Preview & reactions with Gym Tonic

Second half: A few minutes left as Lo Celso replaces Eriksen but all that happens is Danny Rose's brilliant first touch is cancelled out by his right footed effort that probably landed in the Irish Sea, perhaps where the imaginary customs backstop line will be located after the Brexit debacle is implemented. $5 to Boris' slush fund to get the ball back.

The Liverpool pressure that started ever since they conceded in the first minute of the match paid off as the Merseyside club pulls level thru Jordan Henderson and then gets a penalty from an Aurier foul.

Spurs also hit the goal frame this half but overall the London club has been in full defensive mode for most of this game.

Half-time reactions: Some of us were still firing up our computers when Harry Kane scored an amazingly early goal and thanks to great Gazza goalkeeping, some good defending, some Liverpool misses they would usually score, and a huge dollop of luck, we're still up that one goal at half time.
Earlier today: Bristol 1 Spurs women 2  
See replay on FA player

Preview: When we played Livepool in the Champions league final on June 1st it was not a happy experience. "What's frustrating is seeing a CL final that was so crap. We could have actually won that. As it unfolded, Liverpool were there for the taking. But we didn't turn up either. Such an odd game, and such an anti climax after both of those semi finals." said Roo on the not606 forum.

Spurs lacked creativity and never got into their stride, struggling mightily to find a supply line to the front men - Kane was almost completely neutralized and lacked match fitness - and lacking their usual individual flair or the ability to find supply lines to the front. Even that moment of individual player magic never materialized, whether from Son, Eriksen, Alli, Verts, Moura, Kane, or anyone else, that has so often won matches for Spurs when all else failed.

It's a shame because Liverpool were also having a mediocre day and if ever there was a time for Spurs to shine this could have been it, but credit to the Merseysiders, they did enough to neuter the London outfit for pretty much the whole game. It wasn't much of a spectacle, but they took home the trophy, not us.

The Spurs fans were in fine voice. They believed. Could the players rise to the support? Turns out not - could not find a way to unlock Liverpool. Liverpool scored near the end from Divock Origi and it sealed our fate.

Both sides a lot below their normal level. Alli with his poor service and Eriksen flunking a goal effort were examples of moments when normally they would have been dangerous and capable of turning around a game.

But Liverpool were also a shadow of their normal selves, only rarely moving forward as incisively and smoothly as we've seen them do so many times this season. Thing is the onus is on us. 'Pool can putter around as long as we stay out of range and they know that.

It was disastrous for Spurs to concede the penalty right off the bat. Harsh decision but Sissoko would be wise to refrain from flapping his arms like a penguin in the box. Tottenham seemed nervous early doors, 'Pool confident, but the Lilywhite army was far from silent and urging Spurs on. On a positive note: "The two semis that Liverpool and Spurs played in were the best in excitement that any football game could produce" in the words of Guardian reader mhelpton.

Another poster wrote: Wouldn't the country/world be a better place if nobody gave a toss who won, but just celebrated a great sporting event. Maybe I'm a dreamer..." But you're not the only one in the words of Liverpool's famous son John Lennon. Bob Bobson responds: "While I kind of like the idea it is wholly impractical unless you are a neutral. Competitive sport has always been partisan. It's nothing new."

Personally, being a long time fan of one of the two teams, I can't begin to describe the level of potential joy and pain in being partisan. I've always kinda admired a serial neutral's ability to appreciate a match on its own merits without attachment, but to me it's like chewing a stick of gum for two hours when the flavor has gone and it's just a rubber blob that's left. It's hard to see the point.

Even if Spurs aren't playing, I'm usually able to pick a side in most footballing encounters. English, British, and many west European clubs come with degrees of either positive or negative baggage - and that added alignment always makes a game much more compelling to watch. But if it's not Spurs, the level of added flavor can never be anywhere near full strength.

Tottenham fan vlogs

Chris cowlin Tottenham supporter

The Darkside

Red & White Kop forum thread

Liverpudlian Maych

European Champions League 2019/20
Spurs need a
result versus
Serb side
Spurs on fire
Kane, Son, Lamela, Spurs all shining
Spurs 5:0 Crvena Zvezda [Final]
Oct 22, 2019
Hilites from B/R Football on u-tube
Chelsea slouch to respond to racist fans abuse report.

Life is good today. One day after the Gooners get garroted in Sheffield, the Spurs we all wanted to come out to play have done exactly that so far, leading Red Star 3:0 in the first half and adding two more so far in the second half, with a brace for Kane and Son.

Lo Celso on for the final few minutes. Kane creates a point blank opportunity for Dier who manages to blast wide. Oops.

Emma Hayes, manager of the Chelsea women's side, praises the home side's performance as having "everything that Spurs have lacked this season - pace, power, intensity, tempo, top players turning up. It was a sublime finish by Harry Kane, he stroked it into the far corner as though there wasn't even a goalkeeper standing there. It's no more than he deserves for that performance."

Goooool - beautiful Ndombele pass to Harry Kane who wows the crowd with perfect ball control and placement for #5. Wot a nite!

2nd half begins and Goooool #4 from Erik Lamela, supplied by Aurier, surely seals the three points and helps to somewhat restore Tottenham's group table goal differential.

Goooool #3 and a brace for Son, haring towards the keeper and one-on-one he doesn't miss.

Goooool #2 as Erik Lamela supplies the pass to Heung-min Son whose half volley leaves the Belgrade keeper no chance.

Goooool as Harry rises majestically to head in a corner kick. 1:0 up.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Gazzaniga; Aurier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies; Ndombele, Sissoko; Lamela, Alli, Son; Kane. Subs: Austin; Winks, Dier, Lo Celso, Foyth, Eriksen, Moura.

The Spur's top flight 2018/19
Dele equalizes
Stuttering Spurs eke out a point
Dele Alli
pops up
to save
sorry Spurs
Sat, Oct 19, 2019
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Watford 1
What's gone wrong at Tottenham?
US online live incl. Fubo. By Rob Francis

Yes it was great to finish on a high note by conjuring up an extremely late goal courtesy of Watford keeper Ben Foster and a poached goal from Alli, but to celebrate a home draw as if it was our Cup Final against bottom of the table Watford, with so few chances, shows how desperate we've become. Don't get me wrong, I celebrated wildly too. But our problems go deeper than just surviving a home game against Watford. For us, with only three shots on target all game, it doesn't bode well and against Liverpool at Anfield it could get.... well, we'll all be watching anyway.

2nd half: Second half. Heung-min Son's introduction livened things up, but in the end it was the "the invisible man" Dele Alli, not the same since his injury, who reappeared right at the end to bundle the ball in for a priceless equalizer that VAR made a royal mess of, trying to sort out if it was a "handball" or not.

When the VAR system makes a definitive decision and then re-examines it you know it's a system teetering on the brink of credibility. In this case it was right, but it didn't take such an unholy song and dance to reach that conclusion, it was clearly visible both live and on the replay. Dear oh dear, why put us thru that? Really.

Half time: Some Spurs fans screaming blue murder at Harry Winks are missing the mark badly and making things worse.

1st half: After the now familiar lacklustre start, Spurs are taking the game to Watford having gone a goal down at home, but the possession and passing, whilst not at fault in themselves, never goes beyond a pedestrian version of that, and rarely creates actual chances. It's all uninspired, ponderous, low level "going thru the motions" stuff that reflects a team that can't or won't get into fourth gear individually or collectively -- never mind the dynamism of a gearless electric vehicle.

Fortunately, the fans are still right behind the Lilywhites - so far - as we all gear up psychologically for what really is, if we lose this, a relegation fight.

Preview: Perhaps the only top flight side in worse freefall than Spurs is bottom of the table Watford.

BBC Football: "Tottenham's Giovani Lo Celso and Ryan Sessegnon are back in full training and could be involved.

Tottenham could equal their longest top-flight home winning run versus a single opponent of 10 victories, set against Blackburn from 1933 to 1966."

With Tottenham "having been announced as the latest subject of an Amazon fly-on-the-wall documentary for next summer, the US broadcaster will be fully expectant of filming a more joyful episode than it has managed of late, with Spurs winning three in their last 11 games in all competitions" writes The Guardian.

Premier League (Ssn 2019/20)
Meltdown continues
Lloris injury mars south coast visit
Sat, October 5, 2019
Brighton & H.A. 3
Tottenham Hotspur 0
US Live: NBCSN, fuBo, Hulu, SlingB, AT&T/Now

The serious arm injury to Hugo Lloris is obviously overshadowing everything else and although he'll return to football it puts into perspective that no matter what the result, real human beings are putting their bodies and their physical [and mental] health on the line in a high pressure profession for the sake of charging people to be entertained by them.

As to the game itself let's let other outlets react to that. Tottenham "have failed to win in their last 10 away games in the Premier League" BBC Football reminds us, "lost 17 matches on the road in all competitions in 2019 - more than any other top-flight side."

The BBC report also mentions the uncertainty created by players wanting to leave and/or nearing the end of their contracts.

One thing we've seen in recent games is stellar performances from opposing players including a lot of up 'n coming talent, in this case 19yr old Aaron Connolly who nabbed a brace for Brighton.

Please check back for more reactions and previews of upcoming matches.

Spurs Women win at Hammers
BBC Football reports that "a crowd of 24,790, the second-largest attendance in Women's Super League history, watched Tottenham beat West Ham 2-0 at London Stadium. Rianna Dean and Lucy Quinn scored to give Spurs their second win in three outings since winning promotion."

Spurs official twitter: "FULL-TIME: Goals from @RiannaDean1 and @LucyQuinn7 hand us a first away win of the season over West Ham at the London Stadium!"

My schedule prevented me from watching it in realtime but I'm catching up with the action on the FA Player and have covered the first half which included the amazing Rianna Dean opening goal. That, ladies fish and gentlemen, is how you head a goal. No-one's gonna argue with that." Nice cross, too.

So, since the opening loss away to Chelsea it's been two league wins for Spurs, overall a really encouraging start actually to the new season when mere survival in the top flight would be celebrated as a successful first term at the top. [writes Rob F.]

Watch Spurs free on the FA Player
It's all free and LIVE by signing up at to access the The FA player showing the live women's super league matches from England all season. Amazing opportunity.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs un-Spursy themselves
Aurier off, Lloris howler, Kane magic
Sat, Sept 28, 2019. BBC audio report
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Southampton 1
FINAL SCORE. Online Live US: NBC Sports Gold

Matchday Second Half: In the end a professional response to guide the game to victory after being a man down from the first half onward. But Saints didn't offer much and few other Prem sides would be so forgiving with a man advantage.

The key was the superb interplay between Son, Eriksen, and Kane to quickly restore Tottenham's lead in the first half after conceding from a bad unforced error and already a man down. It's that burst of talent combined with a professional defense in the face of a red card that proved the difference and the truth is, for all the recriminations and finger pointing after the Colchester wimp-out, the Spurs players showed the right determination and confidence to "get the job done", as you need to do in this type of scenario.

Top shelf 63rd min save by Lloris keeps Spurs ahead for now.

Half time. 1st half attempts on target 3:3.

Matchday First Half: Looked like another nightmare about to envelop Tottenham's efforts to get back on track after losses ar Colchester and Leicester. After going ahead with an Ndombele strike, it all got really Spursy real fast - Aurier dismissed for two yellows and a lazy Lloris howler gifts Danny Ings a free goal.

Then the Tottenham trio strike: Son, Eriksen and Kane combine to save Lloris' ass with a second for Spurs and a brilliant goal. Can we survive with 10 men for an entire half?

Preview: "The likes of Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen are likely to come back into the starting line-up after being rested against Colchester," writes BBC Football, also noting that "Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino remains without injured pair Giovani Lo Celso and Ryan Sessegnon."

Last season Tottenham Hotspur enjoyed an emphatic 3:1 win in the corresponding fixture played on Dec 5, 2018 with Kane, Moura & Son on target.
Nothing is completely broken.  
Mauricio Pochettino

The Guardian identifies a likely Spurs line-up as being: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweirald, Vertonghen, Rose; Sissoko, Winks, Ndombele; Lamela; Kane, Son.

At the back Hugo Lloris made several top-shelf saves and Southampton hit the goal frame multiple times so even in the first phase of the second half the result could have gone either way, but eventually Tottenham hit their stride and kept the home fans happy.

Southampton hadn't won a match in any competition since September 1st and had only won two matches in all competitions up to that part of last season, beating Brighton and Crystal Palace earlier on before things went seriously wrong. Going into the fixture they were in the relegation zone, third from bottom, 21 points less than Tottenham.

Our own manager Mauricio Pochettino is of course closely connected with the Saints and his success there was one major factor in him being poached to successfully steer moden day Spurs to a whole new level.

Saints have had problems scoring so far in this campaign, but unlike Spurs their League Cup performance earlier in the week was a resounding 4:0 success at the most hostile place on earth for Southampton to play - Portsmouth. With Redmond and Ings leading the line they hope to bring that buccaneering spirit inland to the capital on Saturday.

Southampton Saints web forum.

League Cup, Round 3, 2019/20
Spurs hope
for Cup
run stymied
THFC in crisis?
Penalty shoot out sinks Spurs
Colchester United 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
U's v THFC Cowlin preview & fan cam
Tues, Sept 24, 2019, USTV = ESPN+. Highlights

Reactions: Moura and Eriksen fluffed their penalties, Dele's barely went in. By contrast Lamela and Son were consummate professionals slotting in their respective spot kicks, and Gazza punched away a Colchester chipped effort that was so painfully slow it gave him time to recover for a second go at saving, but for all the sometimes slapstick entertainment value the alarm bells were sounding even before the shootout began -- Spurs were so ineffectual and so lacklustre in this game.

That said, we should be on an eternal high for having won the Audi Cup, only recently!

"In a way, everything just feels so...stale. The spark has completely gone." -- C. Kane, not 606

It started as a fun time but as the game wore on it became clear that there is indeed something really wrong in Spursland. What that is, how it came about, and what to do about it is the reason a whole industry thrives on such crises, if that's what it is..... "Seconds out of the ring" as they say in boxing.

2nd Half: Moura and Walker-Peters doing their best to break the deadlock but still no score.

Half time: Spurs barely troubled the Colchester keeper in the first half. The U's did their job of containing the visiting giants but neither side showed any particular zeal to win this game, one on target shot the entire half according to the ESPN+ stats. Thank heavens for Moura, eh, with the highlights consisting of his free kick over and over and over again. Scraping the barrel.

First Half: Massive cheers for Troy Parrott and Lucas Moura as they trot out. Tanganga in there too: Gazzaniga; Walker-Peters, Sanchez, Tanganga, Davies, Dier, Wanyama, Skipp, Dele, Lucas, Parrott.

No score early doors, two different groups of Spurs fans miked up big time, one sounds like the visiting fans section, the other like a local pub singalong. Fun match to watch so far but we need a Spurs goal at some point, with efforts by Parrott and Alli so far but still nil-nil getting deep into the opening half. Decent Moura free kick almost on the penalty box line saved.

Pre-match: It's not every day that League Two's Colchester United get a global media audience but it does happen in this League Cup encounter with the visitors from the nearby capital as Spurs make their new season's domestic cup debut at the Jobserve Community stadium, served up to the American segment of the global viewership on ESPN+.

Writes "Spurs travel to JobServe Community Stadium to take on John McGreal's men, who have already knocked out a Premier League team in Crystal Palace, in the last round of the competition. Pochettino is expected to ring in some changes, with the game against Southampton looming large on Saturday. Spurs are still without Giovani Lo Celso, Ryan Sessegnon and Hugo Lloris."

Football.London expects up 'n coming Spur Troy Parrott to swoop into this game: "Parrott thoroughly impressed Spurs staff over the summer, but has yet to be named among the substitutes for the first team, let alone make his debut for the senior side. However, Spurs fans have noticed that the youngster and his academy teammate Japhet Tanganga were not named in the line up for the Under-23s match against Blackburn Rovers on Monday night - a possible hint that the 17-year-old striker and 20-year-old defender will be involved against Colchester on Tuesday night." plumps for a mostly established senior player line-up as follows: Gazzaniga; Davies, Sanchez, Foyth, Walker-Peters; Wanyama; Dele, Eriksen, Skipp; Moura, Lamela.

Either way, THFC manager Mauricio Pochettino knows he's got to juggle and rotate players because of injuries and a bunch of matches in quick succession. The Southampton prem match this upcoming Saturday has become larger than life as Spurs struggle to assert themselves in the top flight's early season fixtures and the Lilywhites cannot afford to drop precious league points against either Saints at home, Brighton away, or Watford home.

The Spur's Premiership
Happier yesterdays
as Son scores
against Leicester
last season
Madison's magical moment
Hungry Foxes bite Spurs
Sat, Sept 21, 2019 (Ssn 20019/20)
Leicester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
4:30am Pac time USA. US TV = NBCSN. Net = fuBoTV, Hulu, SlingB, AT&T-Now
Highlights for US viewers

First reactions: Amazing that Tottenham Hotspur are struggling so mightily to hold on to leads. A brilliant Harry Kane swing through while lying on the ground gave the Londoners the go ahead goal.

Then came the critical flashpoint moment that completely turned the outcome on its head. Spurs seemed to go two goals up with a second super strike for the visitors, 0:2 was even the official score for a while, when a desperately close VAR decision, which arguably went beyond the remit of VAR's role and into the sub-microscopic world of quantum randomization, denied Serge Aurier a goal that could have sealed it for Spurs.

But ultimately the culprit was the current Spurs propensity to switch off after going ahead and Leicester were in no mood to take it easy, exploiting Tottenham's timorous, tepid touches. By contrast, the Foxes only grew in determination and confidence that resulted in a Ricardo close range blaster [helped by a deflection] from a Vardy center following a brilliant build up from the home side, and then came the Kane eclipsing clincher, an absolute beaut from youngster James Madison, quite the upcoming star these days. Leicester do find 'em.

Match preview: Both sides have amassed 8 points each after their first 5 games however Spurs have a +5 positive goal difference compared with Leicester's +2.

The Foxes are led currently by Brendan Rodgers as team manager, who recently expressed disappointment that his side got nothing out of their match against Manchester Utd, going down to a one goal loss, when they deserved at least a point. Talking of which, BBC's Lawro fancies the result to be a 1:1 draw whilst his Welsh rugby legend and guest Sam Warburton favors Tottenham to edge it 1:2.

Lilywhites forward Son Heung-min is "likely to start after beginning on the bench in midweek," says BBC Football, which is good news for Spurs fans as he seems to like playing and scoring against the East Midlands outfit.

"Spurs have yet to win away this season," The Guardian reminds us, continuing that "it would be the perfect way to respond to the disappointment of giving up a two-goal lead at Olympiakos in midweek".

For Leicester, James Vardy is still the big star and marksman up front and is fit to play. Another player to watch out for if he plays is Leicester midfielder Dennis Praet.

There's more reaction on the way so feel free to check back as we enjoy a weekend of Premier action with Leicester vs Spurs as the very early Saturday morning event for West Coast USA viewers.

Spurs women win WSL home debut
Tottenham Hotspur Women 1, Liverpool Women 0
it's all over, Spurs celebrate their first ever home game in the top tier of the women's game with a 1:0 victory over a Liverpool side reduced to ten players after a red carding. Good way to get started at THFC women's new home venue: The Hive [Barnet FC] in NW London. Good support from the knot of home fans who added some chanting and unified vocal support to the Tottenham cause.

BBC Football applauded Spurs on the first ever top flight goal and added: "An historic first Women's Super League triumph for Tottenham! A Rachel Furness penalty condemns Liverpool to a second defeat to start the season, and they also had Niamh Fahey sent off for a professional foul in the second half."

So Spurs should be moving up the table and those of us who are ex-Pats look forward to the next televised match. We're playing West Ham Utd away next [sorry this article originally said it would be at Rush Green stadium but it was at the London stadium in the end, and a way bigger crowd than could fit into Hammers' training ground!].

Previously: Uh oh, four minutes of added time. First time stressing out about watching the women's team. Dean offside with a great chance to clinch the game with a second goal. Close call.

Moving into last few minutes, Spurs looking for their first ever WSL win and Liverpool one player down following a blatant red card as Spurs raced goalward.

For those watching at the match or live on the FA Player it was a heartening sight to see THFC women clearly the better side and on their way to an historic first ever victory in the top flight. Always great to win the first ever home game, and a 100% home record to boot! But it's not over yet.

So far so good. Why watch Bournemouth vs Everton men's prem game when Spurs women are playing live in glorious technicolor? Answer: why indeed.

Previously: I watched the start of the English women's super league with Man City playing Man Utd Women [writes The Quake's Rob Francis] in front of a record breaking attendance of 31,213. Next day we witnessed live Chelsea vs Spurs Women at Stamford Bridge, newly promoted Spurs fought valiantly against one of the strongest women's sides in the world, and in the super league, but couldn't recover from conceding an early goal to lose 1:0. It's gonna be fight for newly promoted Spurs women, but looks like they're ready to give it everything to hold their place in the top tier. Liverpool the guests on Sunday as Tottenham women debut at their new home, Barnet FC's The Hive in Edgware.

The Spur's Premiership
Lilywhites in total control
Son brace, CPFC own goal, Lamela all in 1st half
September 14, 2019
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Crystal Palace 0 [Final]
Full time. Live. TV = NBCSN; Net: fubo, Hulu, SlingB, AT&T Now
New stadium debut vs Palace [April] Highlights

A resounding victory for the Lilywhites sends them temporarily soaring to 3rd spot in the table. All four goals were scored by Tottenham in the first half and then they were happy to cruise out the rest of the match, stay fit, and focus on a slew of games coming thick and fast.

Just before the break, Son wide to Kane, classic cross from Harry, Erik Lamela slots in #4 for THFC to wrap the first half.

Spurs running away with it mainly due to Son, whose sensational volley from a Serge Aurier cross puts the Lilywhites in a commanding position with less than 25 mins on the clock.

Game starts, Spurs immediately on the front foot. Ten minutes gone and Palace concede their third goal of the new league campaign which was hard to avoid given Son Heung-min's silky skills in front of goal, cutting a reverse shot nearpost to leave the Palace keeper rooted in despair. An own goal from an Aurier shot puts the home side two up.

Preview: Back on April 3rd the visit of Palace to the brand new Tottenham Hotspur stadium elicited a very stirring article from Barney Ronay in the Guardian football section on Tottenham Hotspur's first official senior match at their "astonishing" new stadium.

But now they're back again and Spurs are looking to get into gear and claim a victory after a solid fight against Arsenal to get a draw at their place following a disappointing loss at home to Newcastle. It's all to play for.

The Spur's Premier action Sept 1, 2019 (2019/20)
El Tottenham la Cruzazuleo!
Two up, Spurs still nab a point
Arsenal 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
USA Live TV=NBCSN; Net=fuBo, Sling, AT&T. Eriksen scores. Expressions, NBC hilites.

As a long time Spurs supporter, it never gets less intense, very nerve wracking at times, watching the north London derby. Two up, Arsenal showed they've made some shrewd signings who are already combining well, they bounced back and threatened to overwhelm the Lilywhites, but a late rally by Spurs took some pressure off and we got it over the finish with a point.

In the end a tap-in from Eriksen after the gooner keeper parried a shot from Lamela with Son's feed something to behold, and one of Tottenham's best counters of the game initiated by deep playing Kane, and a penalty by Kane after a foul on Son, was not enough to give the original north London club the victory.

Lo Celso looking good, a natural talent who looks great biz -- one of the bright stars for THFC. Kane also showing some flashes of his old stellar form. Winks, Eriksen, Toby, Son, and Lloris were other players I felt had good games - not saying that they were the only ones.

By contrast, central defender Davison Sanchez had to play a role that doesn't seem natural to him "struggled in the right-back slot and never looked comfortable" in the words of and I have to say my pulse rate went through the roof whenever the goons played out to, or crossed the ball, to their forward left position.

We could have gone three up and taken a victory to the bank, but by the end we'd been under the cosh for so long and somehow held out, it seemed like a point gained and the denial of two for our bitterest rivals. Felt relieved.

Chris Cowlin at the Emirates.

Preview: Usual intense NL derby expected, fans of both sides argue the potential outcome.

Wow, so as Man City and Liverpool barrel onward in their unstoppable two horse bid for the next premier crown, some of our other immediate top four rivals are, like us, teetering against opponents they should be beating. The latest shockers, Chelsea can only get a point at home to promoted Sheffield United, and Manchester United could also only draw -- for them: away to the Saints.

"Tip toe fru the Norf Bank, in yer plimsols, & yer plastic flick-knife, tip toe fru the Norf Bank wiv me....."

"For whatever reason I just don't seem to like Arsenal." -- God.

Premier League match
Late City "goal" denied
Full time. Check back re THFC's great result
Sat, Aug 17, 2019 @ 9.30 LA/SF [Season 2019/20]
Manchester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Etihad stadium, Manchester
USA Live on TV = NBCSN, T/mdo; on Net = Fubo, Hulu, SlingB, PSVu

Second half: Incredible and stressful finale with City seemingly getting the last gasp winner but denied by VAR based on handling of ball [deflected off a City arm to goalscorer] leading up to the MCFC "score". Wow. As it is, Spurs get a hugely valuable draw at the world's richest club and current title holders.

Lucas Moura it is. On as a sub and immediately scores a header outjumping ex-Spur fave Kyle Walker. Spurs level for 2nd time and "We are the Tottenham boys" rings out across alien soil.

First half: City nabbed the lead again after two quality goals, Aguero allowed a free tap-in from Kevin de Bruyne's pinpoint cross. De Bruyne will be THFC's downfall unless they can stop his supply. Erik Lamela's fine equalizer gave Spurs fans confidence but the lead did not last. Regardless of the result, Spurs are showing - so far - that they have the ability to hang with the oil sheik moneybags World XI, but it's not proving an easy task, as expected.

Preview: Both City and Spurs have won their opening league match so someone's gonna lose their 100% win track record. Much as we THFC supporters will be glued and counting on a shock away win, it's no surprise the bookies and pundits are all over the Cityzens to triumph. Check back for more preview soon.

Both City and Spurs have won their opening league match so someone's gonna lose their 100% win track record. Much as we THFC supporters will be glued and counting on a shock away win, it's no surprise the bookies and pundits are all over the Cityzens to triumph. Check back for more preview soon.

Signings etc 2019/20 season
Lo Celso & Ryan are Spurs!
Betis midfielder and Argentine international Giovani Lo Celso has signed for Tottenham Hotspur, for about GBP55m plus add-ons. 19-year-old Fulham left-back and lef-winger Ryan Sessegnon is also a done deal. But the club have ended their interest in Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho."

Lo Celso in action [link repaired].

Meanwhile it seems we got our hopes up too much about Paulo Dybala, he was almost in the bag but "image rights" were a stumbling block. Now the deal has fallen through.

World Cup will boost Spurs Women
Congrats to the club's female team. Just as I was about to start a campaign to change the name from the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies to the Tottenham Hotspur Women the club initiated that long overdue change. So, welcome from the Victorian era of hats with veils and long black dresses over stout black polished walking shoes into the brave new world of women's professional football taking the world by storm with the most successful and watched Women's World Cup ever. THFC Women's fixture list.

Add to that the brilliant job the club, manager, and players have done to get promoted into the top tier starting this new season and it's just a hive of positive, buzzing activity.

So perhaps totally appropriate that the club will be playing home matches at The Hive Stadium [Barnet FC's ground, located within the borough but in Edgware] from the start of this new season, as reported on the club site, along with the Spurs women's . These are exciting times in a dynamic era when, after years of the club seemingly flailing, Lilywhites supporters now get to enjoy so much positive news unfolding on and off the pitch.

By the way, the Spurs women will be playing their home league game against Arsenal at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Also, the opening fixture at Chelsea will be played at Stamford Bridge [televised] and it seems people can get up to 4 free tickets.

The women's team has made a raft of new signings to prepare for their campaign including striker Gemma Davison [pictured above] who was actually born in Barnet and has joined Tottenham Women from Chelsea and Reading. If she'd been playing for England in the WWC, the Lionesses might have progressed to the final, who knows?

Davison may not be a long term investment but her passing, pace, drive, running with the ball, dribbling and commitment has kept her at the peak of the game for years and won her four super league [WSL] titles. She'll bring experience and stability to a side like Tottenham which is obviously new to the top division and needs a few experienced anchors in what will be a highly competitive environment. Staying up is the name of the game for the first season [and then win it thereafter of course].
Women's World Cup
will boost interest
in Spurs Women

Another veteran player wriggling into the squad is Dutch international defender Siri Worm from Everton [who are still "Ladies" -- hold-outs]! However the Lilywhites have also signed younger players such as striker Rosella Ayane [23] from Bristol City WFC.

Talking of the Women's World Cup, the interest in this year's WWC tournament was phenomenal, including record breaking UK TV audiences for England's matches with Scotland and the USA. It looks like all that hype will facilitate a significant step forward in the women's game at several different levels. Just some examples.

A likely boost to the growth of domestic leagues with, for example, improved attendances, more clubs either starting a women's team or devoting more resources to their already existing programs, and increased remuneration for players and a boost to existing campaigns fighting for better pay and conditions. More females taking an interest in the sport and playing it. Growth of the sport as a family recreation which in turn will actually draw more males in, especially those not interested primarily in attending the sport for its "opportunities" of excessive drinking, agro, and "having a pop".

And of course this leads to a higher level of individual and team talent and better World Cups in the future. Also interesting is the idea of creating and promoting a world club tournament that could ultimately be as big as the WW Cup itself, in turn causing the clubs themselves to infuse ever more resources into that wing of their enterprise.

I predict most of us will live to see Tottenham Hotspur women winning the world club championship. Meanwhile, looking forward to the new women's super league season to see how Spurs cope at the very top level.

Tanguy Ndombele (22)
Opponent watch
At the dawn of a new season, how are Spurs doing compared with their main London rivals? Well, there's plenty of time for Arsenal, at least, to swoop for a bright new shiny toy or two to keep the punters moderately interested, but so far, in three sentences or less per club....

ARSENAL: The Swiss Ramble talks about how, a decade or so ago, the Gunners were ahead of all other English clubs (except Man Utd) and could have overtaken even them, but essentailly decided to squirrel their money away in their piggy bank while the other teams spent. So, others overtook them on and off the pitch and now they're behind, and the money they hoarded will only buy them a fraction of what it would have.

CHELSEA: Former CFC player "high IQ" Frank Lampard is back as manager while the Pensioners face a transfer embargo for being very bad people. "For what it's worth, this might actually make Chelsea a lot more likeable for me. Young manager playing exciting football with youth prospects, yes please." - pun bastard, cfc fan

Best transfer in years
With Tottenham Hotspur's swoop for midfielder Tanguy Ndombele [from Lyon who finished 3rd in flying form in French Ligue 1] now a done deal, is he the perfect signing for Spurs? The Independent says yes he is. Sky Sports transfer talk spotlights Ndombele's talents.

After the Ndombele transfer was confirmed on June 30th the rightwing rag Daily Express could not let go, its batshit headline "Man Utd could stun Tottenham over Tanguy Ndombe" is, as their hero Tonald Dump would say, fake news. Their article then goes on to admit that, okay, Spurs pretty much have got him. But hey, more clicks by throwing in Man Utd.

Clarke signs from LUFC
The above marquee signing follows on the heels of winger and forward Jack Clarke from Leeds United, another definite, except he's staying in West Yorkshire - on loan. Oh-kay.... Here's what an LUFC fan thinks of him. In action for Leeds. If Clarke had been available to Brian Clough in his seven week tenure with the Elland Road club perhaps his reign would have lasted longer.

Trippier on the move, Eriksen not?
Tottenham Hotspur right-back Kieran Trippier is close to joining Turin giants Juventus as a replacement for Portuguese international right-back Joao Cancelo, who in turn is expected to move to Manchester City, not downtown to FC Torino as originally rumored.

Meanwhile midfielder Christian Eriksen may be staying at Spurs or moving to Manchester United. Playing for 90 journalist Rucker Haringey writes: "Christian Eriksen may be forced to crawl back to Tottenham" because Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane is obsessed with signing Paul Pogba instead and will accept "nothing less." However it's unlikely that Eriksen will turn down a move elsewhere, likely to Old Trafford, if a deal can be negotiated.

Spurs stalwart, Orient reviver
Still hard to believe former Spur Justin Edinburgh died so young, and still in his prime in terms of becoming an up & coming manager, having just led nearby Leyton Orient to promotion back into the football league.

Itinerary starts with Aston Villa (H)
The Guardian: "Spurs entertain the play-off winners, Aston Villa, on the opening Saturday of the new Premier league season and their first four meetings with big-six rivals are away."

The fixture will be the late match on that opening weekend Saturday which is August 10, 2019, making it a 9.30am kickoff for Tottenham Hotspur's army of followers on the north American west coast including Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, California's central coast, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Aston Villa won promotion into the top flight by winning the playoff final against Derby County in the single biggest $ game of the footballing year. Promotion will earn the Birmingham club over a hundred million pounds, a game worth more than Liverpool beating Spurs to win the Champions league 2019.

It's a great new season fixture list for Spurs in my opinion. I much prefer to face our biggest rivals away first and then have the home tie be the last match on people's minds as to who really is the best [assuming no Cup clashes follow].

On that opening weekend the bigggest non Spurs match-up that will be sucking all the oxygen out of the likes of Sky will be Sunday's encounter at Manchester United where Chelsea are the visitors.

Meanwhile the early Saturday game ensures West Ham a loss as they host title holders Manchester City. Sadly for Spurs the self-same Citeh will enjoy their first home match against the Lilywhites as our first away trip on the following weekend.

Thereafter we should beat the Geordies at home giving us a 2-1 win/loss tally as we enjoin the north London derby at Arsenal for the final league match of August.

September should be a clean sweep for us with Palace and Saints the victims at Tot Hot stadium but a tougher ask will be the Foxes away.

The Spur's Euro Champs
3 back to go thru!
Spurs get
their 3rd
to go thru

THFC set up Euro Champs final vs Liverpool
Ajax [Amsterdam] 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
May 8, 2019 (Ssn 20018/19)
Online/TV: various incl. TNT, fuboTV ECL Semi [Leg2] Hilites

More Reactions: Football Ramble's podcast reaction to the stunning Spurs and Liverpool comebacks in the Champion's league semifinals.

BBC Football's 5 Live reaction to this unbelievable night, topping even the sensational Liverpool comeback the night before: Magic Moura, miracles & the Spurs 'superheroes'. Magnificent.

First Reactions: Ultimately it was the most Spursy thing this club could do. Get shellacked so badly that it seemed like the season was imploding, seemingly dead-N-buried very deep into the second leg of the the Champions League semifinal, and then, just because it would give Spursy an even bigger twist, bounce back, win the semi, and go on to boast a Cup Final place in the Champions league. Of course, the only way they could be even Spursier would be to lose so badly to Everton while Arsenal beat Burnley so convincingly that we lose our 8 goal cushion and our place in next season's Champions league. And then win the Final to get back into it! And then.... well you can't top that. That's it. That's Spursy to the max.

It's gonna take a while for this to sink in. Utterly magnifico! Spurs join Liverpool in both making the Champions League Cup Final and winning two of the most memorable semifinals in the history of the world's most prestigious club competition.

Second Half: Smashing semifinal after a diabolical first half, Lucas Moura instrumental in hoisting Spurs back from almost the dead to get into the Champions league final at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid on June 01 as he gets his hat trick. Inspired 2nd half as Spurs tie up the aggregate to 3:3 and go thru on away goals, after trailing 2 down on the night and three down on agg until the London side turned it around starting with the first of Moura's goals in the 56th minute.

Eriksen made sure to congratulate Ajax on two fine performances in the semifinal legs. No question, until Moura's first goal the Cockerels looked massively second best, seemingly tired and lacklustre.

Already proud of the Lilywhites irrespective of the result. They came back from being played off the park to giving Ajax a serious run for their well spent money.

Lucas Moura is God! Two goals in four minutes. He's Tottenham Hotspur's inspiration in this game no doubt. One of the players that seemed motivated and desperate to perform from the word go. Llorente making a huge difference too, showing the same fanatacism.

Now let's do a Liverpool in the second half, lads. Do it for Bill Nicholson. Do it for your CV. Do it for history!

Half time: In a way it's the chickens coming home to roost where you have a club playing in so many competitions over the season with a threadbare squad and no reinforcements. You can't blame the players for the meltdown, they seem to be mentally and physically shot.

First Half: Sorry Spurs capitulated within six minutes, conceding from a corner, and then another deeper into first half. Spurs can't score goals any more, a slight problem for a football club hoping to be successful. How do we avoid a catastrophe in the final match of the season home to Everton? At this point, we could lose our 8 point goal difference over Arsenal and not make the Champions league. Almost impossible.... yes. But if a team is exhausted and demoralized, do you play a 2nd team [what 2nd team? --Ed.], or is that even more risky?

Three down on aggregate and away from home, what a diabolical disaster. The end of season melt-down is in full swing, and this time there's no Arsenal or Man Utd losses or meltdowns to propel us through in spite of ourselves, as in the Premier league qualification quest for Top 4 Euro champs -- that at least is still "almost" nailed on for us. Famous last words?

As usual recently, Lucas Moura running his azz off and fighting like a demon. Allie still a bit dodgy.

Preview: What an incredible comeback in the Champions league semifinals yesterday [Tues]. The only slight problem is that it was Liverpool not Spurs [at least yet] who achieved it.

But when you look at the 3:0 gap Liverpool overcame against Barcelona it makes our one-nil home deficit not seem so dire, albeit Ajax's away goal advantage seems to hang over us like a Damacles sword.

Pleas check back for this gargantuan midweek fixture. Only hours away and The Spur will be there every step of the way.

The Spur's Premiership
Cherries pick off Spurs
Spurs fall apart at season's most crucial moment
AFCB's game
plan sank
sorry Spurs

Bournemouth 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Sat, March 04, 2019 (Ssn 20018/19) Highlights
NBCSN TV match reaction

Reactions: What an absolute disaster for Spurs who succumbed to Bournemouth's game plan - close 'em down, disrupt, wind 'em up, and counter punch like a streak of you know what. Spurs fell for it hook line and sinker and frankly are not good enough when the pressure is on max.

There's no way to sugar coat that horrible performance - you'd have thought it was Bournemouth fighting for a Champions league place. They showed everything that we need but mysteriously almost completely lack - with our talent that's just bizarre. Qarabag FC watch out, we're coming for U.

By some miracle THFC could theoretically win home to in-form Everton [who, like the Cherries today, have nothing put pride to play for] and still nab a place in the Euro Champs for next season, but it's down to the wire, Son will be missing, and again, it's highly questionable whether Poch and the players can get another win this season. A Spursy end to the season? Won't be the first time. But the trajectory is for a calamitous scenario for the club's first full campaign in the impressive, astounding new stadium.

On the bright side, being relegated to European's second tier competition hasn't put ManUre, Chelsea, or Arsenal out of business, but it hasn't done them a whole lot of good either. For ManUre especially, it's dark days, replaced as the #1 club in Manchester with City now officially a more valuable property. Arsenal can thank Spurs that the same may not have happened in London, although THFC are also now a more valuable property, at the time of writing. Next season, that could change again. Unless...... and now Everton becomes our Cup Final, as I'm sure the jocular scousers in the away end will remind us.

Spurs had two men sent off, Son Heung-min and Foyth, and Sissoko could have sustained an injury.

Preview: This match is the most important of the season and could determine Tottenham Hotspur's fate for a generation. Getting into the European Champions competition for the incredible new stadium's first full season in action is imperative, and this is THFC's last chance when the scenario is still, just about, in their own hands, with a realistic outcome of being achieved.

A draw or a loss simply isn't good enough to count on squeezing through, and then it's almost certainly out of hands. To count on our competitors continuing to screw up is insane. Our final league opponents, Everton, are in form, including easily disposing of Burnley on Friday.

BBC Football's Lawro predicts a 1:2 win for THFC: "I actually think they will do alright against Bournemouth - the Cherries always concede a lot of goals and an open game will suit Spurs."

Guardian football glibly tempts fate: "A win, while it would be very useful, probably will not be necessary with the form of the other teams in the race for those four precious places." Zoe Burgess must be a Chelsea fan. Plus, we need 3rd place, no effing around, it's too important.

Opponent to watch out for: AFCB striker Callum Wilson has notched 14 league goals this season, three shy of Harry Kane. Wilson is a steal for around 3m quid from his hometown club Coventry City, helping the south coast club to gain promotion to the Prem. His high point was a hat trick against West Ham in 2015. He is the first Cherries player to score for England -- in November last year against the USA in a "friendly" at Wembley which England won 3:0.

Spur of the Moment, we hope: Son Heung-Min scored two goals in the home game against Bournemouth and has 12 goals and 6 assists in the Premier League so far this season.

NBC Sports you-tube match preview and a Victor Wanyama goal to get him fired up.

Lee the Dorset Spur's preview.

In the corresponding fixture last season, played in March of 2017, the Lilywhites cruised at a 1:4 triumph. Poch's side was sluggish first half, then ripped and roared back into action in the 2nd half to KO the chipper Cherries.

The Spur's Euro Champs
Ajax tame Spurs
Ajax are
on a roll
De Jong
on fire

Leg 1 Euro Champs SF: Full time
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Ajax Amsterdam 1
Tues, April 30, 2019 (Ssn 20018/19)
Online & TV: 11.45 PacUSA - various incl. TNT & fuboTV

Disastrous start for Spurs conceding within 15 minutes, being absolutely battered from the moment go. Ajax could have been several goals up by the break. After that, despite some second half pressure from the home side who changed their shape to a more diamond-like formation, that was the only goal.

In the end The Lilywhites were lucky to just go to Holland a goal down, so in that sense they dodged a bullet. But it's going to now be a major upset if the London side scores at least two goals without conceding, or one for that matter. The injuries [and suspension] to an already thin squad means the chicken has come home to roost. It's all finally catching up.

Now the question is, can Tottenham get over the line and nab a Euro Champs spot? Top 3 in the Premier league is really needed to guarantee that, but they could also do it with a Top 4 spot unless Arsenal or Chelsea, if failing to make top 4, win the Europa league final and thereby nick the spot that would have gone to the 4th placed team. The stuff of nightmares if that knocks out the Liywhites, but we've had everything in our hands, and still do, so it's still ours to screw up -- or not.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur starting line-up: Lloris, Trippier, Sanchez, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Wanyama, Eriksen, Alli, Lucas Moura, Llorente. [Bench: Gazzaniga, Foyth, Walker-Peters, Davies, Dier, Skipp, Sissoko].

First time since 1962 that Tottenham Hotspur are featuring in the Champs league semifinals, but missing key players including their main strikers with Kane injured and Son suspended.

Ajax are a mind blowing success story proving that an incredibly well run club doesn't need to be a moneybags laundering machine to take on and beat the giants, having put Juventus and Real Madrid to the sword in their amazing EC 2018/19 League run.

In the domestic league, they, along with PSV, have left the other Netherlands clubs in the dust in what is a two horse race to the wire, with Ajax showing slightly the better recent form - which is mostly a string of glorious wins.

Just a few minutes until the first leg of the European Champions League semifinal with Tottenham Hotspur hosting Ajax. Please check back as we react to the match during and after the game, plus some build-up before.

The Spur's Prem
Hammers nail Spurs
THFC's first loss at the new stadium
April 27, 2019. USA live tv/web.
Tottenham Hotspur 0
West Ham Utd 1

Reactions: Reactions on the way as the weekend unfolds. Borderline disastrous for Spurs, now dependent once again on other clubs' results.

What we lack among other things is how to counter attack swiftly and decisively. Take a look at Bournemouth's first goal at Southampton today, their equalizer for 1:1 scored by Dan Gosling, but a stunning team effort, the counter starting around 19:29 into the game. This type of breakaway dynamism is what I crave for Tottenham but is glaringly missing currently. And we'll be facing Bournemouth soon in a match that could decide the Lilywhites' future for a generation.

In a search for something very worthwhile to be positive about: Congratulations to our neighbours down the road, yes, Leyton Orient are promoted back into the football league! They've been through the ringer these recent years but they're officially champions of the National league after winning the title today [with a draw] and up they jolly well go. Now for the hard part - staying in the football league. Actually, come to think of it, getting out of the National league, with so many teams and only one automatic promotion spot, is way harder than avoiding relegation from League Two.

Pre-match: Well the series of poor results from our rivals' for the Top 4 spots recent games continued even beyond those chronicled in the Brighton match reaction below, with new calamitous results for Arsenal, who got bollocked at Wolverhampton, and for the Rags who were swatted aside by the current champions in the Mancunian derby.

In the corresponding fixture last season played in January of 2018 Tottenham Hotspur nicked a late equalizer to save north London blushes with the match ending 1:1.

Two brilliant high energy strikers' drives into the top corners of each goal, first from West Ham [albeit a midfielder - Obiang] and then fourteen minutes later from Hueng-min Son, also a crackerjack video reel golazo, illuminated a scrappy, frenetic derby in rain-soaked north-west London's Wembley stadium.

The Hammers parked the bus and for them it worked: one shot on goal and only 29% possession. West Ham caretaker manager David Moyes' anti-football left Spurs to try to do the entertaining, but we didn't yet have the knack of our London neighbours Chelsea and Arsenal who can usually pull out a squeaked victory against negative visitors when really needed.

But for the East London visitors, unbeaten in three away league matches after this, Moyes had stopped the rot and they seemed set more for mid-table than relegation since his arrival as manager [which they did, but Moyes was not retained to lead the club into the next campaign].

The Spur's Premier
Final: City by only goal
Spurs have it all to do now to nab Top 4 spot
Sat, April 20, 2019 [Season 2018/19]
Manchester City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Etihad stadium, Manchester
Spurs battle for Top 4 spot

An early textbook crossover double headed goal for Manchester City was enough but Tottenham Hotspur had some chances and played well, but City show why, apart from Liverpool, nobody else is even close to them in the league. Phil Foden scored his first Premier league goal receiving, literally, the nod from Sergio Aguero.

One of the TV pundits made a good point that, despite this loss, Tottenham are a solid side now and have developed the professionalism and cohesion to be up for anything against any opposition, but similarly the Cityzens have been at that level for a while and usually even beyond that level.

This leaves City in the driver's seat for the title while, to ensure Top 4, Tottenham probably need to win every game and then count on slip-ups from at least two of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd, preferably all of them, but counting on the others to flop, when in generally very good form, is a dangerous game.

It really is destined to go to the wire as to whether THFC bring Champions league football to the stunning new stadium for a the first full campaign since the magnificent structure's completion. Echoing the pundit's previously mentioned comment, Spurs have what it takes despite the limited squad and the injuries, but even a point today would have been worth its weight in gold with just four games left [five for Arsenal and Man Utd at time of writing].

On another day Heung-min Son could have nabbed at least one of his several chances but credit to City's amazing keeper Ederson who was simply up to everything the London club could throw at him. He, along with his teammates, had something to prove, big time, after the massive Champions league game earlier in the week that saw the Lilywhites ultimately triumph in truly dramatic fashion.

Preview [Beauty of Football]: Arguably as big or maybe even bigger than the City vs Spurs Euro Champs quarter-final simply because there's still a greater chance of getting back into the Euro Champs league next season via placing Top 4 in the Prem than the likelihood of winning the Euro Champs final itself - and that's the big prize, to have the new stadium hosting a full Euro Champs campaign [of course it would be nice to win the world's most coveted club trophy on the way, nobody's denying that, but we're talking chances, optimal odds, here].

It's an ultra early 4.30am kick-off on the west coast of North America but that won't necessarily stop many people watching it live, or maybe start at the beginning of the 2nd half and go back later to the recording of the first half action.

Whether it becomes a viral event like the Tuesday ECL quarter-final is debatable and frankly unlikely, but for both sides the points on Saturday are absolutely critical, Man City are battling Liverpool for the title and Spurs have three clubs breathing down their necks with a Top 4 spot for only 50% of the above mentioned candidates. What had seemed like a foregone conclusion for Spurs at one time, now is very much in play.

A win at the Emirates will put the Lilywhites in a strong position to clinch a Top 4 spot, but a loss will probably leave them needing to win all their remaining matches and their rivals seriously stumbling somewhere along the line. Going into the weekend, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea are almost neck and neck and United are only three points behind Tottenham.

THFC have the superior goal difference but the north London club has the worst form in the last five matches despite wins from both of their last two.

The Spur's Euro Champs
Spurs go VAR in Euro Champs
Glory Glory eve of a lifetime, & more to come in the semi's
Wed., April 17, 2019 [Season 2018/19]
Manchester City 4
Tottenham Hotspur 3
QF 2nd Leg, Final Agg.=4:4*
* Spurs go thru on away goals scored

An incredible watching experience with VAR adding a veritable parallel universe of drama layered on top of the expected, and delivered, tension and excitement. Holy smokes, what a match. City scored first but Son equalized right away, and three minutes later puts the Lilywhites ahead. Breathless start -- just the start -- and then the edge of seat nail-biting had begun in earnest for both sets of fans.

City have world class players and they dominated shots on goal and possession, much of the game featured tidal waves of City attacks rolling towards Lloris' goal. But somehow, some way, THFC stole the night.

"Spurs vs Ajax, the best CL semifinal ever. Well done Spurs!" -- savicevic10 [Leverkusen fan] Guardian reader comments.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur take a one goal lead to Manchester City, whilst yesterday's elimination of Manchester United is still reverberating around England's third city. But the blue-tilting Mancunians will be, in spite of losing to a Heung-min Son goal in the first leg, a lot more confident of bouncing back than the Devils supporters were in Barcelona.

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino assessed the situation accurately in a pre match interview describing the Cityzens as "clear favourite to win the premier league and the champions league." Still, the Lilywhites have a credible chance against arguably the strongest side in the world right now, and very much in form. Yet Poch is strangely more relaxed during the build-up than the normally suave Pep Guardiola, "whose pre-game demeanour", noted a Guardian writer, has been "intense" and "uptight".

Tottenham are of course back at City's place on Saturday for an equally critical encounter as the Londoners vie for a Top 4 place to return to champions league play next season -- just in case they don't win it this time around!

So yes, it's big, monumental days ahead for the Cockerels and we fans will certainly have had enough of Moneybags City by the end of two such emotionally draining encounters. Let's do it, Spurs, let's give it our best shot. The globe is watching, including tens of thousands of Lilywhite faithful all over the watching world.

The Spur's Premier league
Moura that, Lilywhites!
No Spursy-ness to spoil the party
April 13, 2019 [Season 2018/19]
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Huddersfield Town 0
US TV: Pac/USA NBCSN. Online: Fubo, Sling, Playstation
Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Highlights

Moura that, Spurs and we're in the Top 4 to stay! All hail the new stadium - 100% record so far - and now we can add the first hat trick to the great new stadium's sizzling start, courtesy man of the match, Spur of the Moment, Lucas Moura.

Elsewhere it looked like West Ham were at least going to hold, or even beat, Man Utd at Old Trafford but disappointingly a Pogba penalty wins it for one of our rivals for a Top 4 place.

Tottenham started with Lloris in goal; Jan Verts, Davinson Sanchez and Foyth at the back; Davies, Wanyama, Walker-Peters in the middle with playmakers Eriksen and Sissoko linking to strikers Moura and Fernando Llorente.

Spurs probed and passed but Town seemed happy to run down the clock from the get-go with the occasional counter thrown in, but the lively Victor Wanyama seems to be fully fit and up to his old self again, breaking through to score a skillful first, about half way through the first half. Two minutes later Sissoko releases Moura on the right and Lucas blasts it into the Paxton goal. Impressive stuff and the desperately craved breakthrough is well and truly made.

Town made an effort to bounce back but Spurs were marching on to the finish line, and with just a few minutes to go another wonderful team and individual goal with Eriksen supplying a sublime cross that Moura stabbed under control to unleash his second score, this time into the Park Lane net. Heung-min Son's decoy run helped the cross to reach its target and this was an inspired way to go three up.

Lucas nabbed his hat trick, this time a deft thru-ball from the marauding high speed Son to give Moura, in terrific form, another chance to use his right boot to slam his third into the top far corner - great pass, quality strike.

Check back for more reactions as they roll in. Check back for more reactions as they roll in. Check back for more reactions as they roll in.

The Spur's Premiership
Historic Lilywhites win
First senior match @ Tottenham Hotspur stadium won!
April 3, 2019
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Crystal Palace 0
New stadium debut, NBCSN Highlights

More reactions: Very stirring article from Barney Ronay in the Guardian football section on Tottenham Hotspur's first official senior match at their "astonishing" new stadium. Brilliant and uplifting in a world otherwise gone haywire.

Match: Now it's two -- Kane brought down in the box but, from the rebound [before the ref had a chance to decide whether it was a penalty for Tottenham or not] Eriksen swivels his body to connect a left footed thwack of the ball to the net, and there's the massive sigh of relief from the faithful, and the craved two goal cushion.

Recording the match and only getting to look in once in a while and great to see we're one up with a Son goal to break the new home's scoring duck, Arsenal won on Monday and Chelsea are running away with it today so this keeps us firmly in the pack for the Top 4 run in.

Great result and every possibility of Euro champs football at the new stadium next season but of course it's all to play for in the last few games and other than Man Utd's loss to Wolves our rivals for Euro champs football all won.

Back to react as soon as possible with other stuff going on as well. Come on you Spurs.

European Champions League
On the road to Euro glory
Quarter-final home leg could be new stadium opener
B. Dortmund 0:1 Tottenham H. [KO 12n Pac/USA time]
March 05, 2019 [Ssn 2018-19]
TV=Gala. Net=B/R
By Rob Francis. 1st leg match highlights from B/R.

Hugo Lloris dominated the highlight reel, making save after save to prevent the German side from getting back into this tie.

The other highlight was of course the goal. "Harry Kane's deadly artistry fires Spurs past Dortmund and into last eight" said The Guardian. Sissoko's assist that led to Kane's winner was a classy goal. BBC Football: "Latching on to Moussa Sissoko's pass, the England captain clinically lifted the ball past home goalkeeper Roman Burki into the right corner."

Meanwhile, following Tottenham's glorious progression into the next round of the knockout stage, came the news that the Lilywhites are set to host their quarter-final as the showpiece drama for the very first match to be played at the brand new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Amazing how THFC's season has reignited spectacularly after a spell in the doldrums suggested it was prematurely petering out.
The mentality was good and I'm so happy for the players and the fans. It's so important to be in the quarter-final, but you need to show more if you want to be at the next level.  
Mauricio Pochettino

The match-ups will be revealed on March 15 with the actual legs to be played April 9 or 10 and 16 or 17 respectively. This means that the massive ECL QF tie is vying with the home Premier league match with Hudderfield Town, another important game to be sure, as a match that will be remembered as an historic marker for the club long after this season is over.

For me, a business meeting starting earlier than originally planned put the mockers on watching this game live, but the result is what matters and it was good. This second leg victory adds up to an impressive 4-0 aggregate triumph. Impressive. The 2nd leg match highlights.

Next up Southampton on Saturday.

Preview: "Only once have they [Spurs] reached the Champions League quarter-finals," writes Davi Hytner in his Guardian preview piece.

First Leg Flashback: Two terrific volleys and a strong header from a late corner saw Spurs, after a worrying first half, take pretty much total control after the break and the globe could see just what this side is capable of. Magico.

It was early doors second half and, capping a nice build-up to release Jan Vertonghen out wide, the Belgian international sent the cross in for in-form and on fire Son Heung-min to guide it in with his usual talented professionalism.

This led to Son being knobbled shortly thereafter from the same scenario - Verts on the left flank crosses in, but the Dortmund wide-boy nails him. Fortunately he's not seriously injured and can play on. So one up and still early 2nd half, when after a disappointing opening half, THFC have entered their stride and have the critical home lead.

83rd minute: Man of the match Vertonghen volleys home a terrific second and unbelievably crucial goal. If we can take a two-nil lead to Germany we're in dynamite shape. But wait, holy smokes, now a third from an Eriksen corner with Fernando Llorente getting a commanding insistent head on it. Goal #3. Absolutely cracking 2nd half.

The Spur's Premiership
Burnley see off Spurs
What went wrong?
Burnley 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Feb 23, 2019. By Rob Francis
USA Live 4:30a-->LA/SF. Live TV = NBCSN, Universo. Net = Fubo, Sling, PlayStn

Reaction: Ended up watching it on Universo and, whilst grateful to be able to see it in Spanish if not English, this was a massiver disappointment for THFC in any language. Stellar goal from Kane, though. Shame it didn't mean much in the end.

What's worrying is that this was a strong Tottenham line-up, not victim to the decimating injuries that have recently plagued the overworked over-fixtured squad, and we're back from a long break. In theory, this should have been a chance for the real Spurs to shine, even with the hosts in good form after a disastrous previous spell that left them only 3 points from the drop zone.

By the time Ashley Barnes stubbed in the winning goal, Burnley players were lining up to get their name on the scoreboard, such was their confidence that it was not if they would score, but who would get their name on the goal.

So what happened? That's what we're going to focus on as the weekend unfolds.

Is three at the back working for Spurs? Not like it should. Tottenham's current players often seem to be unable to adapt to the opposition and change their style to stay better. So a scrappy but relatively unsophisticated side like Burnley can boss a game without much response from clearly more individually talented visitors.

Another strange effect of Harry's return, despite a great goal and playing well, the lads have been playing differently [and successfully] without him, and at times seemed to be over-reliant on feeding Kane's tall frame up front, but the crosses were off and BFC responded to the predictability of that approach.

Preview: Cartilage Free Captain writes: "Hooray, team news is out! Tottenham Hotspur travel to Turf Moor for their first match in ten days to play Burnley in the Premier League, and the injury list is as small as we've seen it all season.

"First, Mauricio Pochettino said in his pre-match press conference that Harry Kane is indeed back and will be a part of the match day 18, confirming that the striker has returned to fitness from his ankle injury a few weeks ahead of schedule. However, Dele Alli is still not ready, and Danny Rose is also questionable due to illness.

"Everyone else, however, is healthy. It's a bit miraculous."

The Spur's Premiership 2018/19
Llorente heads Spurs victory comeback
Sonsational return of Heung-min
Son Heung-min
returns from
Korean kalamity
to lead
Spurs revival
Wed, January 30, 2019 at 12p USA/Pacific
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Watford 1
FINAL RESULT. Rob Francis reacting
Live US online NBC Sports Gold [Eng lang]; Universo [Span]

Match reaction: Spurs bleak descent seemed to be spiralling ever downward as Watford took the lead and the clock ticked relentlessly onward, the home side trying in vain for so long to get anything back.

But then returning Son Heung-Min, to the adulation of the home supporters, finally changed all that just as things seemed to be slipping completely away.

And then an even bigger moment, the one we all hoped against hope would maybe happen - Fernando Llorente finally earned his Spurs and made his mark on the scorecard. For so long had he struggled to lead the line in place of the injured Harry Kane, and without exaggeration Tottenham's season was in danger of imploding.
Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0. Demolition job puts pressure on Sarri.  
Guardian Football

Joy and belief is back for the Lilywhites because that was a glorious header of a goal that any top striker would be proud of. Euphoria mixed with massive relief surged through the Spurs players, management, coaching staff, and fans alike. It was so good.

Check back for more reactions as the night and rest of the week unfolds.

Preview: One of those rare Spurs appearances in the States on the NBC Sports Gold channel, THFC normally getting the top tier billing level on one of NBC's TV channels and online with one of their sub-lessees [getting too technical at this point and not claiming to follow the complexities of TV and online rights] like fuBo, Sling, and Playstation. But anyway, for today, it's plain and rarely visited Sports Gold online. Whatever it takes.

Three different online subscriptions ultimately required for Stateside cord-cutters to watch all Spurs games - Prem and Cups - and that makes The Spur real fans by signing up for the bloody lot [again I'm not 100% sure but I think even old school satellite or cable diehards will need at least one online subscription in addition to their beamed-in TV package]. Yes, the media companies are milking it. But then again, if I think of what it would cost to be going in person if still in the UK, including some away traveling, it's still extremely inexpensive.

Tottenham will of course be missing some key stars including Harry Kane, but Son Heung-min could be back in time, if he's better at fighting jet lag than I am. It's a heck of a turnaround for him.

Watford had the luxury of resting what seemed to be their entire first team regulars from starting against Newcastle in the FA Cup - they still won - so confidence is higher than ever at the Hertfordshire club who go into Wednesday in ninth place with Spurs in third.

In the corresponding game last season Spurs had a hard time overcoming Watford but managed to score one in each half to get a result when in truth Watford were at least as good - and certainly better in the first half. "Hungry Harry is back" was our headline and it was Kane that scored very early in the 2nd half to add to Alli's first half tally.

Had Watford not squandered all their chances it could have been a different result and Watford dominated the first half. Then things changed dramatically as the 2nd half progressed. Spurs really came to life and were in almost total possession for significant spells, passing the ball from player to player, oozing confidence.

The first half goal had highlighted Alli's lightning quick reactions, allowing him to score with accuracy following a melee as the Watford keeper lost control of his catch and the ball eventually dropped for the England international: it was as good a goal as Kane's later tally after the break. Both well taken.

So this match last Spring was a hugely important win for Spurs with Chelsea so close behind, restoring a five point lead for THFC [just a two point gap was too nerve wracking for the fans].

The Spur's FA Cup
Eagles devour Cockerels
THFC bounced from both Cups within days
Sun, Jan 27, 2018 (Ssn 2018/19)
Crystal Palace 2
Tottenham H. 0 [FINAL RESULT]
Selhurst Park, London BBC preview
US live online: ESPN+ w/ Jonathan Pearce, Clive Allen

Match as it unfolded: Holy cow, Connor Wickham is still alive and well and just scored against Spurs, injured and crocked [Wickham that is] while the match was barely ten minutes gone. Gotta like the inspiration of Palace's Jeff Schlupp to create the shock goal. Congratulations: we just got Schlupped!

So far Wilfred Zaha, back for Palace, hasn't needed to do much as Palace seem to be cruising, but when he gets the ball Spurs are putting up to four players on him!

But a long long way to go before Spurs can be written off. For the Eagles, not bad for a club whose top priority is, overwhelmingly, staying in the top flight. Maybe without the pressure of the league's trench warfare they can express themselves and just enjoy the day, which they are, so far. Spurs haven't even had a shot on target with over half an hour gone.

Tottenham are in trouble with all the injuries. Son is on his way back from his brief international trip, Eriksen is resting, but both should be available for Watford in the even more crucial Prem game midweek.

Meanwhile Palace go two up with a penalty successfully taken by ex-Spur Andros Townsend, who doesn't celebrate after scoring, after Walker-Peters concedes a blatant handball to block a cross in the penalty area.

In the final first half humiliation, Trippier does what he does best - misses another penalty after Foyth got hacked in the box [sounds painful]. Half time.

Hopefully Palace rest some of their players with their focus totally on the Premier league.

Second Half: Spurs seem to be lacking confidence. Llorente had a golden opportunity from a Dier cross but he just couldn't stick it in the way Kane or Son would have.

Props to the away fans with the faithful in full voice despite being two down and a pretty bad performance. A small consolation is that Arsenal and West Ham got knocked out, too.

Gotta hand it to Roy Hodgson, current manager of Crystal Palace, he's been in the biz a long time, but more than a journeyman manager, he gets the best out of players and squads without any fanfare and no matter the circumstances.

As for Spurs, we're supposed to be legendary FA Cup participants but you'd be hard pushed to know it on this display. Oh well -- the quadruple trophy dreams are whittled down to two -- but now London's #1 club can focus on winning the bigger fish of a Prem title and the Euro Champs league, causing London Bridge to be renamed Pochettino's Rise.

The Spur's Premiership
A Nod & a Winks
Late Winks header supplied by super sub "GK"
January 20, 2019
Fulham 1
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Craven Cottage, London. FINAL SCORE
TV = NBCSN. Online: fuBo, Sling, PlayStn.

Second Half
Within moments of the restart a terrific chipped cross from Eriksen gives Alli the headed equalizer. One all, cracking but error filled match. But an injury [hamstring?] to Dele Alli, if serious, is a major blow for the player and the club. We'll see.

In the final seconds of stoppage time a header from Harry Winks crossed in superbly by Dele's 87th minute replacement Georges-Kevin N'koudou ["GK the Nod"] who combined to make the Men of the Match - home grown Spurs youth talent Winks and French youth international N'koudou - snatching a profound win for the north London club. The Cameroonian providing the assist will surely invite France to consider him at senior level and certainly must boost his chances to succeed at football's top level.

What a fantastic climax to a rip roaring capital derby on the banks of the Thames. "Chaos behind the goal as Spurs celebrate with their fans." -- Luke Ready, BBC.

"Wow...those Spurs fans know exactly what that means. They're going absolutely wild," says Jermaine Jenas, adding: "It's a big, big moment in Spurs' season. Everything was negative with regards to the players missing. But they kept plugging away, they kept getting the ball into the box and it was one of their own in Harry Winks that saved the day today."

First Half
With Spurs sharpshooters Kane and Son not available, Fernando Llorente was the man Spurs were looking for to score, and he did. One almost hesitates to mention the minor caveat that it was in the Spurs goal not Fulham's. Minor point but one hopes that this particular wrinkle, by no means insurmountable, is ironed out before the day is done.

Fulham are back in the Premiership but it looks like not for long as they languish second to last in the table going into this weekend's fixtures with the worst goal difference in the Premiership. All is not lost as, for a while now, seven clubs are all within reach of being relegated. But nonetheless it doesn't look good for the west London outfit.

They just signed a name player, Ryan Babel, from Besiktas, and that could give them a boost right off the bat. Another factor that gives FFC a glimmer of hope is that both Tottenham Hotspur's goal machines won't be on the pitch, with Harry Kane injured and Son Hueng-min playing for South Korea in the Asian Cup.

But Spurs are heavily favoured to win this match and need to get all three points to stay in the title race, and also to avenge their home defeat to Man Utd.

Claudio Ranieri is the Fulham manager for this the 50th top flight meeting between the two clubs [which covers the First Divison era and the Premiership]. He can point to Fulham's recent form at Craven Cottage for comfort, losing only one of their last five home league games.

Please check back for more as we build up to the trip across London for Sunday's match.

The Spur's FA Cup
7 Up in the Cup for Spurs
Goalfest includes Llorente hat-trick & Aurier brace
Spurs thrash
Tranmere in
the FA Cup
Fri, Jan 04, 2019 (Ssn 20018/19)
Tranmere Rovers 0
Tottenham Hotspur 7
Prenton Park, Birkenhead. FULL TIME SCORE
Online: ESPN+

Shots on target 2:12. Completed passes by Dele Alli 89%.

SECOND HALF: "Spurs are on their way to Wembley" is the chant from the away block as Dele Alli feeds sub Harry Kane for a fine goal #7 for Spurs in a riotous scoring frenzy for the London side.

It's going crazy with an avalanche of Spurs goals -- Llorente just completed his hat trick with two more Tottenham goals this game, now totalling six for Spurs - Aurier's brace and Son's goal adding up to a shellacking for Tranmere.

THFC midfielder George Marsh makes his senior team debut around the 65th min as Son departs, to a standing ovation, to play internationally for South Korea. Of course he'll be missed by Spurs.

It's #4, they couldn't handle Son Hueng-min's charging style as he barrels forward leaving the home defence in disarray and pumps in another trademark goal.

Aurier bundles goal number three and a brace for him, he was involved in the second goal too, what a player.

Son with a perfect cross for Llorente and it's the second goal and Tottenham two up, taking advantage of loose defending from the hosts.

FIRST HALF: Deep into the opening half a beautiful sliced curler from Serge Aurier's outside right boot, with the possible help of a very slight deflection, left the poor Rovers keeper completely stranded. One moment of sizzling skill dents the Tranmere dream of progressing, but Tottenham have been in control, albeit with few other chances so far, and are successfully choking the home side's efforts to break out and really play.

Preview: Match is about to kick off. Tottenham Hotspur have bigger fish to fry but we are tantalizingly close to a trophy this season with two domestic cups in play, namely today's FA Cup encounter, and also the League Cup is a serious possibility. Of course, the Premiership and the Euro Champs league are also winnable for the Lilywhites and a quadruple would be a nice way to start decorating the new trophy cabinet.

Tranmere are a mid-table side in League Two, the fourth tier of English football, so this is definitely a welcome dash of pizzaz to their season, although they are theoretically in with an outside shot of a promotion run - three points shy of a playoff spot but with 8 other clubs in a better position to go up, and only 4 total places available.

Rovers are located in a decent sized chunk of ex-urb Merseyside, but with Liverpool and Everton close by, and Man Utd and City not much further, there's choices for the locals. With new owners they've clambered back into the football league after a recent second brush with near extinction.

The Spur's Premiership
Cardiff City 0:3 Tottenham Hotspur
"We need to be
prepared for a
big battle and
we're looking
forward to it."

THFC manager
Mauricio Pochettino
Tues, Jan 1, 2018 (Ssn 20018/19)
Cardiff City 0
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Cardiff, Wales. Live USA: 9:30a Pac/USA
TV:NBCSN. Online:fuboTV, SlingB, PlayStnVue

After the Wolves collapse this turned out be a routine professional sweeping away of a side that had no "putaway shots" as tennis players would say.

Harry Kane got one so early against the Bluebirds that some of us hadn't tuned in by then, but what a great assist from Son Hueng-min to Eriksen for the second, and the third was just as consummate - another team and individual effort for a great goal with Sissoko and Kane playing a pivotal role with Harry's first touch setting up Son to score with style, as usual, for 3 nil up.

Preview: This was among other things the club where Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, current interim gaffer at Man Utd, flopped in his debut as a Premier league manager. Back then The Spur noted: "The media has really being hyping all things Cardiff City for some reason: Vincent Tan sells copy and attracts eyeballs, it seems, plus the spectacularly ineffective start to Ollie Gunnar-S's managerial career, eyeing the fake reds [Cardiff under Tan's enforced red colour scheme] as his stepping stone in which he would dazzle the world with his 'out of the gate' success and then takeover the real red devils, Manchester United, but it's all gone pear shaped."

BBC Football notes Tottenham Hotspur's injuries: "Victor Wanyama, Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele, Eric Dier and Erik Lamela are set to miss out again."

Spurs have dominated meetings with Cardiff City and should be favorites to win again, but yet Cardiff won their previous Prem match while Spurs were stunned at home by Wolves. A strong element of unpredictability has entered this season's top flight fixtures just as it seemed to be getting a bit too much like rich clubs beat poorer clubs, thank you and goodnight. Not always like that every time - it still holds true that, even though the majority of outcomes follow the usual norm of form based on investment, there's still no guarantee that the obvious winner is pre-ordained.

Cardiff have had a really hard time scoring against Spurs, but their defence has tightened up and they haven't been giving much away at the back, perhaps suggesting a low scoring result? Yet both teams like to attack and fancy themselves on the break too. In other words, who the hell knows. But if you want a prediction: Spurs to scoop three away points.

The Spur's Euro Champs League (Ssn 2018/19)
Lilywhites go thru!
Spurs/Inter both draw, Kane+Moura combine to save Spurs
December 11, 2018, HILITES
Barcelona 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
US TV: TNT. Online: Fubo, Sling, Playstn

Second Half. STOPPAGE TIME IS OVER and Tottenham Hotspur are into the knockout phase of the Champions league. Brilliant and totally professional way to come back after a shocking early doors concession. This is a team transformed by Mauricio Pochettino over the last few years and they never lost their heads. KWP, who'd made the error to allow Barca the lead, went on to play a confident unruffled game and it was impressive to see that, once again this season, the Lilywhites patiently but purposefully battled back.

As it stood before that moment of magic, Spurs were going out because Inter equalized home to PSV, leaving THFC with a tense 18 mins or so to get at least one from Barca, and then with just 4 minutes of regular time to go, Kane slides into Moura who steamrolls it into goal. Awesome. 1-1.

Brutal start. 1:0 down after 7 mins. Ousmane Dembele a class beyond our defence on that one, Walker-Peters in shock on his Champions league debut. Now we need PSV to beat Inter [PSV 1 nil up with a 13th min goal], or get into this game. Okaaaaay.... come on you peasants [nickname of PSV].
The spirit was fantastic. We deserve it. The fans made such a noise that I knew we had gone through.  
Hugo Lloris, THFC keeper

Preview: The deal is that Spurs must do at least as well [at Barca] as Inter do [at home to lowly PSV]. With all due respect to the well run Dutch club PSV they simply don't pose the same threat, especially being the travellers in Milano Italy, compared with mighty Barcelona playing at their fortress Camp Nou.

That said, Barcelona are already through and while, technically, it's a dead rubber for them, and not a matter of urgency, the Catalonian side's pride, and wanting to give their fans value, will persist, not to mention the loaded talent they can bring out. But that might not extend to Messi making an appearance which would be great for us, much as we like to see his silky skills.

So it's Barcelona vs Tottenham Hotspur in the final game of the Euro Champs group stage. The odds are against us but there's enough possibility to make it a tantalizing prospect, and at one point earlier in the group stage we looked almost dead and buried, but our win over Inter showed the mettle of the current Spurs group of players, and so don't count us out until the fat lady hits that glass breaking top note!

Earlier in the group stage, back in early October, it was a six goal extravaganza but, despite goals from Kane and Lamela, it was really the Lionel Messi show as Barca triumphed 2:4 at Wembley.

Messi is a world class legend and, though he may be slowing down a bit of late, he's still outstanding even in two line-ups this talented. Tottenham played well but the gap in class was as wide as it was between Spurs and Huddersfield the previous weekend.

Euro Champs League (Ssn 2018/19)
Kane pivotal in 2nd half comeback
Great Euro Champs match recovery, Spurs!
BBC match tracker
November 6, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur 2
PSV Eindhoven 1 [FINAL SCORE]
Live: US/TV=Gala. Net=fuboTV.

Second Half: it's 2:1, oh yeah! Very nice second goal. We're in the lead. Is this side professional or what? Serious celebrations worldwide. Tremendous cross from Ben Davies. Kane does enough to guide it goalwards but it's the deflections on the way that leave PSV's keeper stranded. Final whistle and what can you say? Terrific comeback, and we'll find out what you, and the world, says as the post-match reactions unfolds.

It's 1:1. Great ball control by Fernando Llorente, receiving from Harry, who lets the ball drop and with a first time guide tees it back to Kane who makes no mistake with burying it low and deadly. Tasty equalizer and at least we're back in the game and never giving up.

First Half: Almost the end of the 1st half. Spurs dominating but cannot produce an equalizer so far. HALF TIME.

28' in: Just witnessed Eriksen and Alli shooting close-up at the PSV keeper after a nice build-up but the visiting keeper and one of his defenders were quick to react to that brace of near goals. So near yet so far from an equalizer.

3' in: PSV get a very early goal [de Jong @ 2'] from a headed corner. An endemic problem for Tottenham is inability to aggressively defend headers. Read the danger sooner, attack the ball, jump faster, jump higher where necessary, and work those neck muscles. Spurs Euro jaunt.... is hangin' by a thread.

Elsehere or in the future: Looks like Liverpool got their azz handed to them by Red Star Belgrade. For us, it's away to Crystal Palace in the Prem next.

The Spur's Premiership
Thrown to Wolves, Spurs survive
From 3 up, total tenterhooks as the game climaxed
Nov 03, 2018 (Ssn 2018/19)
Wolves 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Molineux, Wolverhampton
US live online: TV: CNBC, Universo. Net: fuboTV, Sling, Playstn. 12.45p PacZone/USA by Rob Francis

Wow. Only Spurs could make being three goals up and cruising turn into such a cliffhanging finale! Another way of looking at is: well, for all the ups and downs, the Lilywhites are notching up points like almost never before.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Tough choice, Lamela perhaps? But Wolves were amazingly good and Hugo Lloris pulled off a number of Pat Jennings level saves that made the difference.

Preview: By beating Wolves at Molineux, Tottenham Hotspur can take another significant step towards securing a Champions league place for next season, a massively necessary way to celebrate moving into a breathtaking new stadium fit for a club that deserves to be part of the world's biggest soccer stage. Actually these very words were cut and pasted from last season's Spurs-Stoke match report but, with a few name changes, seem eerily appropriate for this upcoming Saturday fixture. We're still anticipating, salivating even: a full league season in a brand new home with the Champions League on the menu. How times don't change [as quick as we thought].

Of course the move-in should come sooner, it's hoped, but let's get next season set-up the way it should be, so we can say we did it right, in the end.

Stay tuned for more preview for this match which, on the north American west coast turns into a lunchtime affair with the UK clocks already changed but not yet Stateside.

Newly promoted Wolves, after four long years in the second tier "the Championship", are doing spectacularly well for their first season back, sitting in the top ten after ten matches played going into this weekend's games, and with a neutral goal difference. Spurs are fifth, also 10 games played, with +8 goal diff.

In their prior four Prem matches, Wolves most recently failed to score against either Watford or Brighton in two losses, but previously beat Palace away [which Arsenal couldn't do] and Southampton at home without conceding a goal.

The Spur's League Cup 20018/19
Son & Llorente score for Spurs victory
Son brace sparks North London QF clash
Wed, Oct 31, 2018 FINAL SCORE.
West Ham Utd 1
Tottenham Hotspur 3
USA live online: ESPN+

That's it! A victory. The QF draw pits Spurs vs Arsenal. A rare chance for Arsenal to experience Wembley.... oh wait, they're playing it at the Emirates. Boro get Burton at home, and Chelsea get Bournemouth at home. Leics/So'ton vs Man City/Fulham.

2nd HALF: Second West Ham fan invades the pitch, meanwhile the ref maintains Wanyama blocking a West Ham player in the box is not a penalty. "VAR, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" -- New Jersey Hammer. Son almost bags a hat trick.

Now it's Tottenham's turn to score from a corner -- the invisible man Fernando Llorente right in front of the goal, unmarked, guides it in with improbable ease to surely sink the Spammers.

Uh oh, dodgy keeping from a corner and West Ham are back in it with a goal.

Alli and Son working well together again, allowing the Korean superstar to double his tally.

1st HALF: They've got some very quick players have the Hammers, Antonio being one of them, and in the latter stages of the first half they're causing Spurs some real problems by outrunning the defenders' offside line. They just can't convert. The visitors need to reassert themselves. Rumour has it that Llorente is on the pitch somewhere for Tottenham.

Early doors: Hammers finding opportunities down the right flank. Son Hueng-min scores, about 15 mins in. Great strike and nice feed along the center from Dele Alli. Quite an interesting game so far. Elswhere, Derby have scored four goals already, the downside being that two were into their own goal, otherwise they would be taking Chelsea to the cleaners on their own turf!

Preview: It's started and as usual The Spur is here every step of the way with you, from cradle to grave, your one stop need.

It's on ESPN which is good because unlike fuboTV [or possibly the Comcast/NBC-owned channel feeds that comes thru fuboTV] it's been super reliable, great picture, and just generally better for real-time watching. Fubo has the edge on quickly accessing saved matches, but ESPN has never let me down with buffering, washed out feed, and worst, stopping and skipping. Via fuboTV, such glitches happen during about one in 7 or 8 of games shown via Com/NBC, and inevitably at pivotal moments, without fail.

I thought I'd left Comcast behind many years ago when I dumped cable TV but then they bought NBC and a chunk of the internet, too. But by feeding into fuboTV, fuboTV itself comes across a bit like a Comcast subsidiary, even though it's not, at least not admitted to.

Euro Champs League (Ssn 2018/19)
PSV 2:2 Spurs [Full time]
Last chance saloon for THFC's Euro Champs hopes
Philips Stadion
Oct 24, 2018
PSV Eindhoven vs
Tottenham Hotspur
Live: US/TV=TNT Net=fuboTV, Sling, Playstation

Hey there, Rob Francis, back from tennis, watching on delay. Exciting match so far, Spurs 1:2 up in the 2nd half. In my reality, we're 75 mins in so this could be a lifeline victory for Spurs allowing the club to cling on to its European presence.

"Suddenly, the whole game has changed" are the words of the commentator, straight red card for THFC keeper Hugo Lloris but foul wa not in the area so it's not the end of the world. Quality save from the free kick by subbed in Dutch international keeper Michel Vorm, back in his own country, to save Spurs, for now. A few more saves like that and he could Vorm his way back into the Spurs #1 keeper spot! [Groan! --Ed.]

OMFG -- De Jong flicks it in the net to equalize with Tottenham down to ten men. Bye bye Euro Champs.

So it's all over, baby blue, the Lilywhites with a mountain to climb halfway through the group stage.

Preview: Almost ready for kick-off as Spurs fans in the USA cancel their tennis matches, tell their bosses to take a running jump, steam the breakfast spinache and brocolli, and prepare to roar on Tottenham's slim hope of progressing beyond the group stage.

PSV vs Spurs, it's what Wednesdays were invented for. Check back with The Spur because we're now switched on for the duration. Weather in Eindhoven 5pm local time: a mild 59F [15C], usual NW European clouds, perfect footie weather, and we should beat the incoming moderate rain due in a day or two.

Looking at the Eredivisie league table PSV are five points ahead of the nearest competitor Ajax. They are, in summary, kicking Ajax and Feyenoord's sorry asses. They haven't lost a single league match. Their goal difference is +33. Whoh. Stroll aboard, brother. Who's the manager? Mark Van Bommel. He's The Bom. PSV is a sports club, it's a lot more than just football. But in fitba, it totally rules. That said, the Dutch top division is not very competitive, three big clubs and the rest are just padding, sort of a Portugal north.

Pour the coffee, make the tea, steam the rice, and we're good to go.

Premier League (Ssn 2018/19)
Wonderful, Spurs
Just one goal seals all three points
Singin' the Blues
Sat, Oct 06, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Cardiff City 0
7am Pac/USA TV=NBCSN Net=fuboTV, Sling, Playstation HILITES

Full time. Spurs win.

Early goal from Eric Dier. Joe Ralls red carded around 59mins. THFC's keeper Hugo Lloris showed he's still up for it after recent problems, superbly saving Spurs from several great Cardiff chances to get level.

Pat Nevin on BBC 5 Live: "Look in terms of quality, the right team in Spurs won. If we're talking in terms of spirit and determination, Cardiff should of got a point today but Neil Warnock will be very proud of his players today." Should of? Grammatical howler much beloved by Americans now perpetrated by a Scotsman. Shocking. Still, if Scotland gains independence and remains in the EU, I might become a Scottish citizen so maybe that will become part of my language, too.

Massive possession for Tottenham but finding goals hard to come by, so far failing to score even with a man advantage over the second worst side in the league, although they've had to play us, City, and Arsenal so it's been a tough start.

Nice rendition of the Welsh national anthem from the traveling supporters. Ref blows the pip. It's three points in the bag for "job done" Tottenham.

Preview: It's great that the Bluebirds are actually blue again after the foreign owner's daft and damaging efforts to rebrand them in red as the Welsh Dragons ultimately failed. That same owner just said that his team needs to "shoot more". Maybe they do that in Malaysia, but not in Cardiff, mate.
Mourinho to exit Red Devils for Cardiff?
Wild Speculation

Now they've got another serious problem. They are second to bottom of the table going into this match and, though they've been brave and daring, they've also been consummately outclassed so far this season, the worst a 0:5 home clobbering from visitors Manchester City.

They've tried to take it other teams, so props for that, but what worked in the Championship [2nd tier] is not usually the best approach one level higher playing against world class talent in the opposing side. So they've left themselves vulnerable when losing possession, and that's why many managers other than Neil Warnock would opt for a more "park the bus" philosophy.

They haven't won a league match yet this season, and unless Spurs really are in trouble, enduring a patchy period themselves, the London hosts should gobble up all three points.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Cardiff City is at 7am USA-Pacific time on NBCSN TV channel and Fubo, Sling, and Playstation, and also Spanish language TV and online options. Following on a lot of people will stay online, or on TV switch over to NBC for another must see match: how will Man Utd get on at home to Newcastle in the battle of the fallen giants?

Sunday has a London derby and hopefully Fulham will put a stop against this Arsenal revival nonsense at Craven Cottage, but don't bet on it. Then "the one they're all talking about" [as the cliche goes] features the two best teams in England currently, meeting at Anfield. City's slight superiority may be canceled out by the Reds' home advantage.

Spurs in the League Cup 2018/19
Watford first victims of THFC's Carabao campaign

As the fixtures keep coming in droves, we had a midweek League Cup game against Watford [at Milton Keynes stadium] with Erik Lamela hitting sensational form and what seemed another match winning goal to make it 2:1, but Watford equalized with minutes remaining. Both teams down to 10 men.
Watford 2:2 Spurs [League Cup]. Spurs, superb in the penalty kicks & saves, go thru.  
The Spur

So penalties to decide and THFC didn't miss a single one, with Tottenham's Argentine keeper Paul Gazzaniga in great form for the spot kicks -- Spurs thru to the next round, with Dele Alli clinching the deciding penalty against his old club from his home town.

Very nice to see this on ESPN+ who are really delivering the goods these days to US footie supporters.

The Spur's Euro Champs League 2018/19
Spurs nightmare continues
Total Tottenham meltdown at end
September 18, 2018 (Ssn 2018/19)
Inter Milan 2 [FINAL]
Tottenham Hotspur 1

Post game: Paolo Bandini: "I'm not sure there was any real logic to this one. A sensational individual goal by Icardi, a mood change in a full stadium and a nervous Tottenham team that has problems at set-pieces. Huge win for Inter."

TFTB, not606 forum: "For me it started with us trying to get the second with just a few minutes left. We've got 4 players in their area. It wasn't needed. We just needed to see it through. However, just like against Juve at Wembley, United in the semi-final, Watford a week ago, we didn't have the head or heart to guts it out and see it through. There's no ****ing organisation, no fight or determination. Nobody's leading and they all lose their heads. It's pitiful to watch it happen over and over again. Uphill battle now."

Second half: Oh wow again. We collapsed. It's all over. Spaletti is God! Inter have their first win of the season. Time for lunch. From Spaletti to spaghetti.

Oh wow. Just as Inter seemed gormless, a golasso of major proportions. Holy ****. Five more mins to go. Kane off with Rose on, just a minute of reg time to go.
For the first time since Pochettino took over at Spurs, his side have lost three consecutive games.
The Guardian

Previously.... Since conceding the goal Inter's fans are getting on their players' backs. Great for us, but they are lacking. That said, they just put a nice move together but the finishing was atrocious. How long will their manager Luciano Spaletti last playing like this, even with the nice sun tan?

Oh that was nice. Gooooool! Eriksen [scorer] and Kane combine to rip up the Inter defence and the ball loops skyward from a deflection and drops below the crossbar and over the line. They all count.

Will that infuse the lads with some confidence? Thanks Inter. You're just what we need at the right time.

OK, this could be a win for us. Inter are not that good, in fact, what on earth has happened to them? Rebuilding? I thought they already did that. Inter foul a lot, ref needs to take control, but we've gotta find some form.

Half time: We're seeing two mid table domestic teams with Europa league ambitions having a bash at the Champs league, while it lasts. Both teams have been told to play from the back but aren't very good at it so far.

First half: Great header by Sanchez. Almost scored. Minor problem, aiming at wrong goal. Saved by Vorm. Chant: "We're only Vorming up." To be fair, he had another header more or less on-target moments later at the other end, eventually grabbed by their keeper.

Some crazy amateurish defending by THFC but the hosts can't punish anything.

Great thru pass from Eriksen to Kane who bursts loose, one on one, but can't control the dribble. That's one he would have scored back in the day.

Preview: So far this season Internazionale are struggling in the Italian Serie A with only four points from four games and without a home league win yet, losing over the weekend when lowly Parma visited the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and stunned the blue and black bedecked crowd by scoring the game's only goal.

Back in October 2010 Spurs went to Inter in this competition and had the most diabolical start in the club's European history leaving the London side 3-nil and a man down inside around fifteen minutes.

Only a hat trick from the man of the match Gareth Bale restored some Lilywhite pride, and it finished 4:3.

"Welsh star retrieves Lilywhite pride" was one of The Spur's headlines and that was the main theme of the match. Bale was spectacular. Come back, mate!

In its reaction, The Spur asked: "Before the game, would you have settled for a respectable loss at the San Siro and a crucial Premiership win at Fulham on a day when CFC, Villa and ManUre stumbled to draws, and Liverpool lost" the vast majority of people would have said "Och aye the noo" or something similar if they were not from the Scottish Highlands.

Spurs did surprisingly well in the Euro Champs that year under Harry. Let's see what happens at Inter under Poch. Certainly, it'll be hard to match the seven goal thriller of 8 years ago, but we'll be even more thrilled to get at least a point. But we won't have Gareth Bale to help out, of course.

The Spur's Premiership 2018/19
Son doesn't
have to
leave Spurs
for full term
military service

Hornets sting Spurs who lose perfect record
Watford march on to Old Trafford with 100% points tally
Watford fans gather at Vicarage Rd
NBC Sports Gold. NBC hilites
Watford 2 [FINAL]
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Reacting to US coverage is Rob Francis

THFC lose their 100% run after being a goal up and bossing most of the first half. The Hertfordshire hosts conceded an own goal but a brace of top shelf headers [that Troy Deaney is immense in stature and in commitment] ensured a headline grabbing victory for the home side that leaves them rubbing shoulders with Liverpool and Chelsea for premier supremacy at this still early stage of the campaign.

Sat news: Son Hueng-min's soccer career saved
On a contrastingly welcome dollop of smashing news we learned that yesterday [Sat, Sept 1] South Korean super Spur Son Hueng-min can continue practicing as a world class professional footballer, an integral part of the lovable Lilywhites these days, rather than pound the freezing North/South Korean border with a pair of binoculars and a machine gun. So despite the alarming loss at Vicarage Road, the mood is still upbeat overall. Son did it by virtue of S. Korea winning the Asian Games when they beat Japan in the final, and you can see it means a lot to him. Great guy and top pro. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Spurs fans take the Emirates for an under-23 match. Goner security look like a right miserable lot. "Shit ground no fans" as the chant goes.

WATFORD PREVIEW: The Hornets are no ordinary side these days winning all four of their matches this season, three in the Premier league where they've scored seven goals and only conceded two, and a comfortable League Cup victory at Reading midweek.

That said Spurs are the first of the English giants they've faced so far, and after us the Horns will be trogging up to Old Trafford, so the easy ones may be over! Still, they beat Brighton in their opening game and the Seagulls beat Man Utd, so..... 'tis funny ol' game, int 'it ludd.

BBC Football: "Watford boss Javi Gracia will restore his first choice XI after changing his entire team for the Carabao Cup win over Reading in midweek. Gerard Deulofeu could be on the bench following his return from injury, but Tom Cleverley remains out.

"Tottenham are without Hugo Lloris due to a thigh injury and Moussa Sissoko with a hamstring problem. Son Heung-min is absent on international duty while Erik Lamela faces a late fitness test."

Guardian Football: Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino has cautioned his players not to get too big headed after the media frenzy over the 0:3 win at Manchester United in the league last Monday. "Pochettino said there was a difference between the perception Tottenham were flying after three wins from three Premier League matches and the reality they could just as easily have lost to United after a poor first-half performance."

The match kicks off Sunday morning at 8am west coast USA time so check back with the super soaraway Spur constantly. Both sides are aiming to maintain their 100% records of triumphant wins this season, so something's gotta give somewhere.

A draw still means unbeaten of course but let's be real, to lose our winning streak for this campaign at Watford, very good side though they are, would be majorly disappointing.

Please check back for more match build-up and enjoy your Sunday no matter what time it starts in your regional zone. For us, it's a nice leisurely breakfast experience, a great way to get going before hitting the tennis courts on the coast in the afternoon. Tada for now.

The Spur's Premiership 20018/19
Kane breaks August duck
Brighton beat our next opponents Man U.
August 18, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Fulham 1
Wembley nat. stadium, London. [FINAL SCORE]
Match hilites, Online: Fubo, etc; TV: NBCSN

Brighton stunned Manchester United, our next opponents, on Sunday, and Mourinho's team looked wobbly and uninspired -- morale seems low there right now. Admittedly, ours will be an away match, not the atmospheric and partisan den that is the Seagulls' home, but we are on a roll with the talent and results to make this an eminently winnable proposition next Monday at Old T.

And for poor old Arsenal, Sarri seems to be the hardest word as the new Chelsea manager engineered the second defeat for the Gooners in two matches and no points on the board for Arsenal's struggling new manager Emery.

SECOND HALF: Complete change from the first half. FFC came out guns blazing, dominating possession. Early doors: Fulham's Alex Mitrovic forces an early save from Hugo Lloris, and shortly thereafter equalizes.

It takes a sensational free kick from Kieran Trippier to give Spurs the lead again, and then, the big moment when Harry Kane scores a goal in August! Win for Spurs. Check back as the reactions pour in over the weekend.

FIRST HALF: Brazilian attacking midfielder Lucas Moura had a stellar preseason and it's translated successfully into the campaign itself, this time with an impressive first-time freestyle strike at the end of the first half, curling in off the post, that broke the deadlock and gave Tottenham Hotspur a golden breakthrough to show, once again, that the somewhat atmosphere starved cavern of Wembley need not distress such a talented and well coached outfit.

Moura is on form at the minute, and had several previous chances.

Pre-match: BBC Five Live's Big weekend preview pod features ex-Spur Jermaine Jenas with the first segment being our match against Fulham plus a general discussion of the state of Tottenham Hotspur going into our first "home" game.

So back to Wembley it is, as THFC's "real" home stadium awaits completion, and the hope is to continue the surprising success that the club enjoyed at their temporary home last season, even as many believed they'd struggle there, as previous European level matches suggested could be the case.

But the Wembley experience was fine as it turned out and of course the Lilywhites are favorites to beat newly promoted Fulham, a side who suffered a reality check home to Palace in their opener.

Fulhamish, not a Fulham site for Amish supporters by the way, but an up 'n coming addition to the YouTube world and seeking their first 1,000 subscribers, features a fan of both sides previewing the game.

Worried for Fulham
Meanwhile Lawro of BBC Football is worried that "Fulham is easy on the eye and play nice football, but where are their goals going to come from? It is going to be very interesting to see how they get on in the next few weeks." He predicts a two-nil win for Tottenham.

Spurs will test Fulham
The Guardian preview believes that despite not being particularly on their game at Newcastle "Mauricio Pochettino's team should still be able to test the solidity of Fulham's central defensive partnership, which may not be strong even when Callum Chambers and Maxime Le Marchand are fully settled in."

Pressure on defiant Poch
Meanwhile a Guardian article linked by Yahoo Sports discusses the daunting task Tottenham's whizz kid manager Pochettino faces this upcoming season, with Spurs on the cusp of big things yet with so much that could go wrong, no new signings, and a new stadium not yet ready to host home games.

World Cup morphs into English football season

The World Cup 2018 is over, and among all the terrific stuff we also witnessed a clutch of world class goals. And now the English football season is already upon us, and the question everyone is asking is: will Spurs buy any star players? And should they? They've done amazingly well under Poch by gelling the existing talent. But that doesn't satiate the addiction to new shiny toys.

World Cup farewell notes

Well, the World Cup is over and I'm joining the majority reaction here in agreeing that it was one of the most interesting and worthwhile ever. I'm a club man, not much of a national team type of guy, so for me it's something to watch between club seasons, but I actually got drawn into this one and remained spellbound until almost the very end.

It would have been until the very end but I watched the final at a friend's house with other tennis players and neighbors so the socializing and anti-Trump talk put the actual game itself a bit on the back burner -- right next to the sizzling hash browns [awesome by the way]. Seemed like a decent match and just to be clear: had one of the teams I really cared about been in the final I would have told everyone else to bloody well shut up and watch [or switched the volume up to eleven].

Still, we [Tottenham Hotspur] had Hugo Lloris representing us in the final and although he almost blew it, overall it seemed he was doing a good job and since France won, well, any indiscretion he may have committed was easily overlooked and completely forgiven. He helped win the friggin' World Cup for god's sake.

Spurs were representin' mainly for Belgium and England and so it was heartening to see them both making the semifinal stage.

It's a shame that we now go one from one corrupt bid-winning host Russia to another highly inappropriate location, Quatar, but making up for that is the following host of this amazing sporting spectacle is a combined North American bid -- "football's coming home" -- to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Get in there!

On a final note, great to learn that Germany is holding onto its national coach [manager Joachim Low] despite their disappointing overall underperformance in Russia. Even then, we saw glimpses of what their side can do and they're a work in progress. Like France [though to a slightly lesser degree] they've got talented young players coming through the ranks and to do what England and many other countries would have done and fire the gaffer in a knee-jerk reaction would have been a big mistake.

Germany calculate wisely and look to the future potential of those already being assembled, which is partly why they are a long-term powerhouse in almost everything they do, including football. When needed, they stay the course.

Spurs legend Alan Gilzean dies

Tottenham Hotspur and Dundee FC legend Alan Gilzean, inspiring the welcoming match-day Park Lane chant "Gilzean, Gilzean, Gilzean, Gilzean, Born is the King of White Hart Lane", has died. An inspirational player who, along with many others like Jimmy Greaves, Pat Jennings, Dave Mackay, Cliff Jones, Mike England, Alan Mullery, Cyril Knowles, Jimmy Robertson, to name just some, caused me to find myself, without having to make any conscious decision, a lifelong fan of the Lilywhites of north London.

Watching Gilzean's exceptional individual talents along with his selfless non-egotistical style including a breath-taking attacking partnership with Jimmy Greaves caused me to spend way too much time on the school playground pretending to be one of them.

Alas, though I did score or set-up a few that he might have complimented me on, I could only dream of being as talented as him. He made football come alive for me, and by all accounts was an exceptionally nice guy. Happy travels to Alan in the Pureland and next life.